Best CBD Oil for Sleep

Tired of turning and tossing around in the bed at night? Want to sleep peacefully so that you'd get up bright and early? Don't want to take chemical medicines to induce sleep? Well, you have an organic, natural, and safe way to get a full night's sleep with the help of the Best CBD Oil for sleep.

As we continue to explore and perform experiments regarding CBD, we tend to find out numerous benefits relating to the treatment of chronic illnesses, and this surprisingly beneficial element of helping people fall asleep. 

Some recent studies have proven that continuous intake of CBD has shown miraculous effects in the treatment of root causes of sleeplessness. Here in this article, you will learn several facts you need to know before purchasing and using CBD as a potential treatment for your insomnia and other psychological disorders as well. 

Without further ado, let's get started!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Provides 25 mg CBD concentrate per 1 ml
  • Peppermint flavored 
  • Full-spectrum 
  • Tested by an independent lab
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Takespruce is one of the most revered brands of CBD oil in the market nowadays. There are multiple reasons for the popularity of Spruce, which contributes to its success as well. First of all, this 750 mg CBD oil is made with all-natural and only organic ingredients. 

Unlike other brands, the oil base used in this CBD oil is derived from hemp seed oil as well, which contributes further to the concentration, thus increasing the bioavailability of CBD. Moreover, the raw materials for this CBD oil have been entirely grown in the United States as it is a family-owned business.

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    The 10 Best CBD Oil Comparison Chart

    The 10 Best CBD Oil Out There

    In this section, we review the Top 10 Best CBD Oil.

    15% Discount and Free Shipping when you use the coupon code MEMORY.

    Takespruce is one of the most revered brands of CBD oil in the market nowadays. There are multiple reasons for the popularity of Spruce, which contributes to its success as well. First of all, this 750 mg CBD oil is made with all-natural and only organic ingredients. 

    Unlike other brands, the oil base used in this CBD oil is derived from hemp seed oil as well, which contributes further to the concentration, thus increasing the bioavailability of CBD. Moreover, the raw materials for this CBD oil have been entirely grown in the United States as it is a family-owned business. 

    The raw ingredients such as hemp plant, its seeds, and the leaves are of the highest quality as ensured by a third party lab. On top of that, there is almost zero percent risk of ingesting any harmful pesticides because the people at Spruce follow the best agricultural practices as detailed by the FDA. 

    All of the CBD oils made by Spruce are full-spectrum, which means that they contain 0.3 percent of THC as well as other cannabinoid elements. This is done so because the cannabinoid family works best in conjunction with each other, and a full spectrum CBD oil provides maximum beneficial effects. 

    Even though the potency of this Spruce oil is only set to 750 mg, which provides 25 mg of CBD concentrate per one ml to your body, it is the best option to start your therapeutic journey with CBD and finally take control of your body. 

    As long as sleeping problems are concerned, 750 mg potency of CBD oil does have the strength and bioavailability to solve your issues of insomnia as well as stress that may be causing the sleeplessness in the first place.


    • Provides 25 mg CBD concentrate per 1 ml
    • Peppermint flavored 
    • Full-spectrum 
    • Tested by an independent lab
    • Completely organic 
    • Grown in the United States


    • Shows up on drug tests

    15% Discount and Free Shipping when you use the coupon code MEMORY.

    Takespruce 4800 mg oil is one of the highest potency oils available in the market. It provides 80 mg of CBD concentrate on your body while consuming just one dose of 1 ml of this oil. Since the strength is higher in this oil, the bioavailability is also significantly increased.

    The company claims that its products are devoid of any pesticides or harmful substances as their entire process of production is extremely sanitary, and they follow optimum agricultural practices as well. 

    The hemp used in the extraction of CBD is grown locally and organically so that there is no risk of contamination in the oil. The rest of the ingredients, such as the oil base is also derived from the hemp seeds making it a pure hemp plant-based product. 

    This particular potency oil does not contain any sweeteners or artificial flavors because it is impossible to achieve such a high concentration of CBD in just a 30 ml bottle in the presence of any other products. So, be prepared to taste the actual flavor of CBD in this CBD oil. 

    Moreover, even though it is a full spectrum of CBD oil, it does not cause any type of intoxication. Even though the strength of CBD is drastically higher in this version of CBD oil, the percentage of THC remains at a strict 0.3 percent so as not to cause the high psychoactive condition. 

    But it will show up on a drug test, so always beware.


    • Provides 80 mg CBD per 1 ml dose
    • Devoid of any pesticides 
    • Legal in all of the states of the US
    • Derived from organically grown hemp
    • Does not cause intoxication
    • Lab-grade CBD


    • Expensive 
    • No sweetener or flavor added

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    This particular bottle of CBD is the sample size offered by Spruce. The bottle only contains a total of 5 ml CBD oil, which results in 5 full droppers of 1 ml. But the strength of CBD is the same as a 2400 mg bottle. It provides 80 mg of CBD per 1 ml dose. 

    This version of the product was made for people who want to test the therapeutic benefits of CBD before committing to it full time. This is the reason it is priced so low and contains such a small quantity of CBD oil.  

    Nevertheless, the size of the bottle and the quality of the product remains the same. It functions just the same as other CBD oils by Spruce. Anyone who has just started to experience fatigue and sleeplessness can use this CBD oil to make sure that it works for them. 

    Due to the high strength of the CBD in this oil, there are no artificial flavors sweeteners to enhance the flavor, so be prepared to taste the bitterness of the CBD while trying this oil. The rest of the ingredients are organic and vegan, so people with dietary restrictions can use it for the treatment of their disorderly sleep.


    • High strength 
    • Vegan & Gluten-free
    • No artificial flavors 
    • Does not contain any harmful substances 
    • Excellent for medicinal purposes


    • Marijuana test will come out positive after consumption

    15% Discount and Free Shipping when you use the coupon code MEMORY.

    TakeSpruce 2400 mg is the maximum potency that can be obtained from the hemp plant for concentrated lab-grade CBD oil. The 2400 mg CBD oil contains 30 ml in one bottle and provides 80 mg CBD to the body on the consumption of a 1 ml dose of the oil. 

    All other potency's higher than 2400 mg only increase the quantity of the entire product; the content of CBD remains at this stage only. The beneficial effects of CBD and its associated elements are at a maximum at this level of strength. 

    The quality of this CBD oil is unmatched as the ingredients are completely organic, vegan, and gluten-free. The spruce manufacturers follow the most expensive and safe method of extraction for the CBD oil, which is the CO2 extraction method to ensure pure and concentrated CBD without any infiltrations. 

    Just like other CBD oils from TakeSpruce, this one is a full spectrum as well, which means that it contains all the other cannabinoid elements, including 0.3 percent THC. Because of the presence of THC, your drug test may indicate the use of marijuana, so it is advised not to use it when a drug test is due.


    • 80 mg CBD per 1 ml dose
    • Oil is extracted from hemp seeds
    • 0.3 percent THC 
    • Excellent and advanced extraction process ensures zero adulteration
    • Third-party lab tested


    • May interact with other medication

    TrytheCBD has introduced a wide range of CBD oils with many variances. First of all, there are different strengths of CBD oil available from 200 mg to 5000 mg for customers to choose from whatever they feel suitable from themselves. 

    Secondly, they offer two types of CBD oil, the first being the infamous full spectrum that contains THC as well as other elements of the cannabinoid family. The other option is the CBD isolate, which has only cannabidiol and none other cannabinoid elements. 

    The latter of the two options does not appear on a drug test; however, the former does due to the presence of minimal amounts of THC. Still, none of these two options of CBD oil produce an intoxicating effect or the psychoactive high associated with marijuana. 

    Just like all other trustworthy brands, all the batches of TrytheCBD oil are tested by an independent lab to ensure the utmost quality product for their consumers. To the top of their product, they offer a QR code that takes their consumer to the site of the lab where that respective batch was tested and let them access the results for themselves. 

    TrytheCBD Oil is inexpensive yet is produced with the highest quality ingredients and follows the most advanced and expensive extraction method for its products. Due to such high quality of the product, and such vast variations, it fits the needs of a vast majority of people suffering from issues of sleep.


    • Potency range from 200 mg to 5000 mg 
    • CBD isolate and Full-spectrum options 
    • Third-party tested
    • Inexpensive 
    • Extracted by Co2 method


    • Suspended in MCT oil 
    • Full-spectrum CBD oil shows up on drug tests

    Healthworx has come up with a wide array of CBD infused oils that have individualistic properties created to solve very particular problems. There are several different strengths available for CBD oils as well to suit every individual perfectly.

    The base for healthworx CBD oil is fractionated coconut oil, unlike other brands that use hemp seed oil. Of course, this variation has its benefits as well as adds the wholesome elements of the coconut oil to the mix. 

    The quality of healthworx CBD oil is ensured by a third-party lab test, which is also featured on their website as well. Moreover, the hemp plant is grown in the US without pesticides and a completely GMO-free environment. 

    They offer three spectrums; the full spectrum, as we know, includes the entire range of cannabinoid elements. In comparison, the THC free spectrum includes all the cannabinoid family except THC. And another unique option, terpene enhanced CBD oil, which is known for its magnifying effects on the beneficial aspects of CBD.  

    Due to such a wide variety of options in terms of individual properties, mood enhancers, potency, spectrum, it is preferred by people who want their product tailored just according to their needs.


    • Added benefits of coconut oil 
    • Third-party tested 
    • Non-GMO and Pesticide free
    • Wide range of CBD strengths


    • Fractionated coconut oil is used as the base

    Calm by wellness has created very specific variations in their CBD oil to fix issues such as sleep, pain, nausea, etc. One bottle of Calm by wellness CBD oil specifically made to relieve insomnia contains 30 ml oil with 500 mg CBD concentration. 

    One ml equals one dose of CBD oil and provides 17 mg of CBD concentrate on the body. Some additional essential oils that are added to CBD oils manufactured by Calm by Wellness are lavender, lemongrass, chamomile, jasmine, Ho wood, pine, and hops. 

    These essential oils are added for their specific benefits such as relaxing nerves, mood uplifting, calming effect, sedating effect, and nourishing properties. This is not just an upgrade, but it also limits the strength of the CBD in the oil. 

    Moreover, entire products used in the manufacturing process of these oils are organic and ensure a pesticide-free hemp extract. Tests conducted by a third-party lab ensure the quality, and the results are featured on the website to be accessed by everyone. 

    To obtain maximum relaxing benefits of this CBD oil, you need to take it 20 minutes before you sleep. The process is pretty standard and involves dropping one ml of CBD oil under your tongue to achieve maximum bioavailability of CBD and beneficial effects of essential oils as well.


    • Provides 17 mg CBD per dose 
    • 30 ml bottle contains 500 mg CBD
    • Third-party tested
    • Additional Essential oils 
    • Prepared from organic ingredients


    • Very low strength CBD

    Best CBD Oil for Sleep - Buying Guide

    Any person that resorts to natural remedies has already exhausted all allopathic treatments for their chronic diseases. But using CBD as a form of natural treatment as opposed to pharmaceutical intervention for disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression should be done under careful vigilance. 

    We scoured the internet to come up with the following factors that contribute to the functionality and sometimes enhance the practicability of CBD. These are the factors that you must look out for before purchasing any product related to CBD to ensure safety and optimum results. 

    CBD Oil – How does it work to induce Sleep

    Cannabidiol is the major element that plays the role of providing medicinal benefits in the entire cannabinoid family. It does so by creating a balance between hormones, receptors, and minerals that play an inherent part in nerve conduction and perception of emotions. 

    Mainly, CBD connects with the endocannabinoid system to alleviate psychological issues such as a disturbed sleep-wake cycle. Firstly, it is vital to understand what constitutes a sleep-wake cycle and what are the factors that can cause a disturbance in this very mechanism that induces sleepiness. 

    Our body has circadian rhythms that account for our biological instinct to rest and be active according to our perception of the time. It majorly depends upon reflection of daylight. Naturally, a human body is designed to rest for eight hours and be active for the rest of the subsequent sixteen hours. 

    During the former eight hours of rest, a person also goes through a phase of REM sleep, which essentially is responsible for alleviating all metabolic processes of the day's work and truly accounts for the rest and recharge process. 

    Any problem that hampers with the circadian rhythms or creates a disturbance in the REM sleep can cause insomnia and other medical disorders. Thus, the cure for insomnia lies in the treatment of the root cause of this problem. 

    Instinctively whenever the natural balance of our body is disturbed due to any problem, sleeplessness and tiredness appear as a symptom. So, the treatment of the root cause eliminates insomnia as well. 

    The main issues that can increase the probability of a disturbed sleep-wake cycle are psychiatric problems such as anxiety and depression or chronic illnesses that inflict pain in the body. CBD changes the perception of pain by reacting with the endocannabinoid system of our brain, instinctively blocking irrelevant pain signals from chronic illnesses. 

    Secondly, there are studies published by well-known institutions that prove the direct relationship of CBD with the treatment of psychological problems. Thus, by removing the root cause of insomnia and things that create a disturbance in the sleep-wake cycle, it effectively cures the problem without inflicting any aggressive side-effects on the human body.

    In technical terms, the endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating mood, emotions, and circadian rhythms. More specifically, there are certain receptors called CB1 and CB2, which, when left unattended by lack of hormones or neurotransmitters, lead to a disturbance in the normal functionality. 

    CBD has a similar chemical makeup to the neurotransmitters that attach to these two receptors so it can imitate those chemicals in their absence, thus giving the perception that all the needs of the system are fulfilled. These two receptors not only effectively manage to restore a regular sleep-wake cycle but also reduce pain and inflammation. On top of all, it is reported that they happen to reduce anxiety as well. 

    Even though not much is known about this element, as long as the studies and experiments are concerned, researchers have found nothing but positive effects on the human endocannabinoid system. 

    Factors to consider when buying the Best CBD Oil for Sleep

    • Tetrahydrocannabinol Percentage 

    Before some researchers stumbled upon the beneficial effects of CBD, the entire cannabinoid family was considered to be intoxicating and psychoactive. After a bit of research, it was concluded that only THC is the intoxicating element in the entire cannabinoid family. It is safe to say that no one wants to be intoxicated while trying to recover from an illness. 

    But a THC, despite its psychoactive components, can be of help in the treatment. A small percentage of THC, along with other elements of the cannabinoid family, are present in some THC oils. The level of THC that does not impose the psychoactive high in humans is 0.3 percent or less. So this the number you should ensure to be true before purchasing any CBD oil. 

    • Method of Intake 

    The method of intake holds key importance in the functionality and bioavailability of CBD related products. The most effective method to introduce CBD to your system is through CBD oil. The process of intake of CBD oil is not an extensive one but needs to be followed carefully. 

    Most CBD oils come in tincture form, and the little bottle accompanies a dropper. The dropper has the capacity of a full one ml of oil. According to the dose prescribed to you by your physician, fill up the dropper with CBD oil. 

    The next step involves emptying the dropper full of CBD oil under your tongue. The significance of this step is that the sublingual glands can absorb most of the nutrients, including the CBD, from the oil effectively and introduce it to the circulatory system faster than any other method of intake.

    After pouring CBD oil under your tongue, hold onto it for one full minute. After that, you have to consume whatever is left of the oil. Once the rest of the oil reaches your digestive tract, after the preliminary degradation, the rest of the CBD from the oil is also absorbed by the villi of the intestines. 

    Following this method of intake allows up to 99 percent of CBD from the oil to be absorbed into the system. Most of the consumers only face one problem regarding consuming CBD oil in this way, which mostly concerns their taste buds. 

    To which we advise purchasing CBD oil enhanced by sweet flavors. 

    • Bioavailability 

    Bioavailability of any products informs us of the amount of the essential product that enters our bloodstream as opposed to the rest of the products that are destroyed during absorption. The higher amount of CBD concentrate reaches the bloodstream, the more effective it will work on the system. 

    Two key aspects come into play in the determination of bioavailability of CBD: one is the method of intake, and the other is pharmacokinetics, which defines our body's natural procedure of processing any drug.

    Firstly, let's discuss the best route of administration of CBD oil so that it may become readily and highly available to the human system. There are two ways you can consume CBD oil. One of which is to directly consume oil and let the gastrointestinal tract do its job and absorb the essence of the product. 

    Due to the fat-soluble nature of CBD, it is highly likely that lipases will destroy almost half of the CBD essence from the product before even starting to get absorbed in your intestine. Moreover, in this conventional method, after absorption by villi of intestines, CBD will be introduced to the liver.

    This will eliminate most of the products from the body before allowing it to enter our bloodstream, and we will only be left with a small percentage of CBD to create an effect on our endocannabinoid system. 

    On the contrary, the second method, which has also been discussed earlier under the heading of the method of CBD intake, is the best one so far. It is to allow the CBD oil to rest under your tongue for sixty seconds.

    The blood vessels and thin membranes allow a direct transfer of CBD into the bloodstream. This method has been proven to be the best in terms of increasing the bioavailability of CBD oil. 

    • The half-life of the CBD Oil

    The pharmacokinetics part of the previous heading comes into play when the question arises about how long the CBD will survive in a human biological system. Pharmacokinetics describes the movement of certain chemicals in the body.

    Inherently it also defines the fate of that chemical and how long it may last in the body. In simple words, pharmacokinetics accounts for the sum of elimination of CBD and the rate of absorption of CBD. 

    A major concern regarding the use of CBD is the appearance of intoxicating elements in a drug test in the aftermath of medicinal CBD intake. And for that, it is vital to know that other drugs taken in compliance with CBD also matter in deciding the amount of time the body will take to eliminate CBD. 

    The elimination of CBD and its half-life also depend on the natural rate of metabolism. Usually, in some studies, it was observed that CBD taken in the form of CBD oil only lasted 10 to 24 hours in the body. In other cases, the half-life was much longer than a day or two; it extended to an entire week. 

    After extensive research, it was concluded that no matter the method of intake and rate of metabolism, it was certain that CBD does not survive in the system longer than one week. 

    • Third-Party Testing 

    When a product label mentions that a third party has tested it, it means that an independent organization has been employed to test the entirety of the product. If the product is cleared from the third-party lab, it means that all of its claims are true. 

    The list of ingredients, the composition, any additives, or signs of adulteration all of these things are checked, and the product is only passed if it fits the standard set by regulatory authorities. It is vital only to purchase products that have been tested by an independent lab to ensure that you obtain the best quality product made with the highest quality ingredients.

    • Composition of Cannabinoids (Spectrum)

    There are many different types of CBD infused oils present in the market. In terms of the difference in composition, there are three main types called spectrums. Each spectrum specifies a different set of cannabinoid elements present in the mix of CBD oil. 

    • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

    The most effective one and highly regarded as well, is the full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all of the 113 elements, including THC in the CBD oil. The reason is that these elements enhance the effects of CBD and, at the same time, within safe limits, produce beneficial effects of their own in the body. 

    In the full-spectrum CBD oil, the concentration of THC is kept at a safe and legal level as defined by the FDA so as not to produce an intoxicating effect in the body.

    • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

    The broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all of the members of the cannabinoid family except THC. It is best for people who want to avoid any or all intoxicating elements and for people who fear the indication of THC in their drug reports.

    It stands at the second most viable option in terms of functionality in CBD oils. 

    • CBD Isolate

    The last one is called the CBD isolate, and as the name suggests, it only contains cannabidiol from the entire cannabinoid family. But this does not mean that it cannot contain other additives such as minerals and vitamins to enhance its bioavailability and functionality. 

    This type of CBD oil may be the least preferable by professionals, but it works well for people who may show some adverse reactions to other cannabinoid elements. At last, the decision is utterly your own to purchase whichever spectrum suits you the best, but we must inform our readers that the full-spectrum CBD oil is the one that has shown the best results in double-blind studies. 

    • Additives (Flavors, Scents, Multivitamins)

    The addition of elements to enhance the quality of the overall product has become an integral part of the food and drug industry. Due to the method of intake of CBD oil, it has brief contact with our taste buds as well. 

    An oil subsumed by CBD cannot taste like candy, and for some people, the taste becomes unbearable. Thus, some companies like to add flavors to their CBD oils to ease the process of consuming CBD oil. 

    In addition to flavors, scents are also added to alleviate the experience of consuming CBD oil from an unpleasant syrup-like to a pleasant candy-like experience. In some instances, we have also come across CBD oils, which have been fortified by minerals and vitamins. 

    These elements are added for two reasons, one is for marketing purposes and the other to enhance the bioavailability of CBD. Either way, the presence of safe minerals and vitamins does not harm anybody, so they shouldn't be an aspect to be alarming. 

    What you should be alarmed about is the presence of contaminants in the CBD oil. Due to the nature of the product, there are many levels on which certain contaminants can become part of the product. 

    Some of the common contaminants to look out for are melamine, remnant fertilizers, heavy metals, and contaminants. 

    The legality of CBD Oil

    Not so long ago, the consumption of any element from the cannabinoid family was banned in the United States of America. After the lucky incidence where some researchers found the miraculous benefits of CBD, the consumption of cannabinoids for medicinal benefits became not only legal but also common.  

    Still, there are some restrictions and strict guidelines that need to be followed to pass a product fit for consumption. The main element that was scrutinized due to its intoxicating and psychoactive effects is THC, and so the legality of CBD products is based on the percentage of THC present in the product. 

    The safe amount of CBD for humans, which does not impose a high psychoactive condition, is 0.3 percent; thus, that is the percentage that should never be exceeded. Any CBD related product that contains less than or equal to 0.3 percent THC in its composition is legal for human consumption in all of the states of the US.


    How to find the right type of CBD oil for me?

    Many factors come into play while deciding to purchase a CBD oil, most of which concern the problem you want to be fixed and the chemical concentration of CBD oil. If you have a progressive illness and have tried lighter CBD elements before, then it is best to try higher potency of CBD oil concentrates. 

    However, if you are starting to use CBD oil as a treatment, then it is best to start slow and preferably from a lower potency such as 750 mg.

    Does CBD oil expire? And does it become dangerous after expiration?

    Yes! CBD oil does expire. Most manufacturers have inscribed the expiration date of their product on the label along with other information. Usually, a CBD oil tincture only lasts from 1-2 years, and after that, just like other products after it goes bad, it can become harmful and dangerous for consumption.

    Can I take CBD oil for the treatment of progressive chronic disorders?

    Due to limited information being present about CBD, it will not be in the right spirits for us to advise the usage of CBD as a sole treatment of some of the chronic illnesses. However, this does not mean that CBD will not be of good use in chronic disorders.

    It is just advised to make an informed decision with the help of a physician before taking CBD as a method to reduce symptoms of chronic illnesses.

    How long should I continue to take CBD?

    Since CBD does not cause any significant side-effects, long term usage of such products is not harmful to the human body. But the entire point of using CBD as a medicinal product is to slowly but effectively get cured and instinctively be free from the illness. 

    So, it is advised that once you start to observe a general inclination towards perfect health, you must start lowering the dose until you can cope up without CBD completely.

    Best CBD Oil for Sleep - Final Word

    Sleep is an essential part of the day; it helps humans to prepare for the horrors of the day, and it also clears up all the metabolites of the day. Suppose anything was to disturb the natural cycle that allows us to rest, thus allowing us to function at our level best on the next day. 

    In today's world, due to technological inflictions, work demands, artificial light, the natural circadian rhythms of man are disturbed beyond repair, CBD is one of the products that can restore balance to our sleep-wake cycle. 

    Moreover, CBD also has the power to tackle insomnia caused by relative psychological problems such as stress, depression, and anxiety. In conclusion, CBD is one of the rarest natural products that have positive effects on the human system without imposing any bad side-effects, so it is always worth giving a shot. 

    Using CBD oil is the most elegant solution to solve sleep problems that do not pose horrific side effects as well.

    Take a look at the reviews of the Best CBD Oil for sleep above and buy one that you think will help you sleep peacefully and soundly!

    Happy sleeping, people!