Best Natural Brain Supplements

Want to enhance your cognitive abilities naturally? Do so with the help of the best natural brain supplements 2024! From the term brain supplements, you might derive the meaning that it must provide adequate nutrition to our brain cells to enhance functionality.

Well, that definition is somewhat correct but a small addition to it makes it the perfect definition for the description of brain supplements. There are certain natural elements, mostly vitamins, and minerals, that have been proven particularly helpful in the nerve conductivity of our brain cells. 

The best natural brain supplements are aimed at producing nutraceuticals with the best possible composition of natural elements that can provide our brain adequate nutrition and enhance its functionality all while staying innate. 

Here we have a list of the best natural brain supplements in the market in 2024. Choose the one that suits you the most and if the product reviews do not clear up your head then move to our buying guide as every aspect of these natural brain supplements is explained there.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Nootropic
  • Natural
  • Enhances focus
  • Prebiotic Nutricaps

Coffee and other forms of drinks delivering caffeine to our system have become an integral part of our lives for we need the necessary stimulation and energy boost provided by caffeine to live a productive day. 

Coffee provides other chemicals to our brain as well that have an inhibitory action on our nervous system. These brain supplements by the performance lab have eliminated that problem and many more issues related to caffeine are resolved via perfectly calibrated composition of vitamins and minerals in addition to the limited amount of caffeine.

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    Best Natural Brain Supplements 2024 - Comparison Table

    10 Best Natural Brain Supplements 2024 - Product Reviews

    In this section, we review the Top 10 Natural Brain Supplements 2024.

    Coffee and other forms of drinks delivering caffeine to our system have become an integral part of our lives for we need the necessary stimulation and energy boost provided by caffeine to live a productive day. 

    Coffee provides other chemicals to our brain as well that have an inhibitory action on our nervous system. These brain supplements by the performance lab have eliminated that problem and many more issues related to caffeine are resolved via perfectly calibrated composition of vitamins and minerals in addition to the limited amount of caffeine.

    Each capsule of Stim by the performance lab contains 50 mg of caffeine, 250 mg L-tyrosine, 100 mcg L-theanine. These other chemicals are added to the mix because of their ability to block caffeine’s ability to overstimulate the nervous system. 

    At the same time, they provide mood-elevating and focus orienting benefits in addition to blocking negative side-effects of caffeine providing the perfect dose of the chemical mixture so our brain doesn’t get out of focus and confused between tasks. 

    Moreover, the Caffeine + capsules provide a healthy dose of certain B vitamins including B2, B6, B9, and B12. A few of these B vitamins are involved in either conversion process or used as a base material to be converted into neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. 

    So, they replenish the number of neurochemicals required by our body for normal functionality apart from replenishing the ever needed B vitamins that caffeine tends to excrete from the system. In short, it is the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, caffeine, and supporting chemicals that provide enhanced benefits of each of the elements while blocking any negative or depressing effect on the nervous system.  

    The recommended dose includes from 1 to 5 capsules in a day with a maximum intake of 250 mg of caffeine with 5 capsules.


    • Prebiotic Nutricaps
    • Vegan Friendly
    • Soy, gluten, and allergy-free
    • Free of synthetic additives 
    • Contains caffeine and B vitamins


    • High doses can lead to nervous over-stimulation

    Usually, we rely on caffeinated beverages or synthetic nootropics to provide us the necessary energy boost as well as a healthy dose of neurochemicals that may help us lead a productive day. But research has shown that all the mind function enhancing benefits can be achieved without relying on synthetic pharmacological drugs and even without a strong dose of caffeine.

    To make the entire process of mental stimulation, prevention of exhaustion and recovery from nervous exertion performance lab has introduced their nutraceutical dietary supplements called Mind. 

    These supplements include certain chemicals that act on the same receptors as caffeine to provide the same benefits without the overhaul of overstimulation and mental exhaustion associated with caffeine and other synthetic stimulants. 

    Citicoline is one of the main elements of the Mind supplement by the performance lab. The main purpose of this element is to raise the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is associated with memory and focus enhancing both of the factors. 

    To reduce mental exhaustion, this element helps in phospholipid recovery in compliance with another chemical found in these supplements called phosphatidylserine. Phospholipids make up for the cell membrane of the brain cells.

    Therefore, they hold vital value when the brain is in exertion and they require immediate replenishment for recovery from mental exhaustion and for the normal functionality of the brain cells. 

    Moreover, the phosphatidylserine is known to have a direct connection in raising the levels of neurochemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Lastly, these chemicals in conjunction are proven to rebuild the broken neural connections enhancing memory and boosting brain energy by 13.6 percent. 

    This brain supplement by the performance lab holds the best non-caffeinated composition of chemicals to relieve mental exhaustion and provide the necessary boost of energy. The recommended amount for daily intake is two capsules per day ideally taken at the start and end of the day with a fat source.


    • Soy, allergens, gluten, and caffeine-free
    • No synthetic additives 
    • Easy to swallow 
    • Enhances brain functionality by 13.6 percent. 
    • Vegan capsules


    • Unestablished daily value hints incomplete research

    Mind lab pro has created a nootropic dietary supplement as never seen before. This nutraceutical is a universal nootropic which means that it can cater to all needs and requirements of your brain. 

    The supplement however contains high potency and clinical range doses of certain chemicals it also features nature-identical vitamins and minerals. Citicoline is the main nootropic ingredient of this supplement as it is known to affect 11 neural pathways, working on neural regeneration to energy boost to memory enhancement in an individual. 

    The second major element of this supplement is phosphatidylserine which is a known chemical form of phospholipids used in the regeneration and repair of neural brain cell walls. The third main element of this supplement is the Lion mane mushroom.

    It is a natural nootropic known to enhance brain health, cognitive process, and memory. The 4th element involved in the composition of the Mind lab pro’s brain supplements is bacopa monnieri, which is a herb known to raise the cerebral blood flow providing the brain with adequate nutrition and oxygen from the body. 

    Other elements in the composition of this supplement include L-tyrosine, L theanine, Vitamin B6, B9, and B12, rhodiola rosea, and maritime pine bark extract. In short, it is the perfect blend of chemicals and suits people of all ages as it contains the ability to solve all neural pathway problems enhancing energy boost, memory retention, and even neural regeneration.


    • Universal Nootropic
    • High potency 
    • Third-party tested
    • Allergen, caffeine, gluten, soy, and synthetic additive-free


    • Clinical range dose

    Most of the time, brain supplements contain synthetic elements that are highly potent and specific in functionality. However, this case is the true opposite of the common conception of the nervous system enhancers. 

    The Genius brand has created a truly naturally sourced brain supplement that might even help with the boost of bodily functions other than the brain. The genius mushrooms is a brain supplement that contains three magic mushrooms found in nature to be known as nervous stimulants. 

    The first one out of the mix is called lion's mane; it is perhaps the most beneficial out of all in terms of nervous clarity. It is known to boost cognitive function and provide a sense of clarity fastening the decision-making process by keeping you focused on the task at hand.

    The second element is the reishi mushroom, it has been to have a myriad of benefits for human beings. It is especially important for the immune system, and in that way alone it tends to be beneficial for all organs providing longevity, relieving brain fog, de-stressing the brain and all other organs. 

    The last element is called cordyceps which is another mushroom found in nature. It is a natural smooth muscle relaxer and so it loosens the lung providing increased oxygen to all the tissues including the brain. It also reinforces the heart tissues and so helps to retain the overall health and well being of a person.


    • Caffeine-free
    • Based on mycological species only 
    • No synthetic elements included
    • Third-party tested


    • May contain allergens

    Neuriva is an all-natural source of brainpower, essentially is a bunch of pills in a bottle but its functionality is so much more enhancing than other all-natural sources of brain supplements present in the market. 

    The main elements on the composition table are all natural including the brain-derived neurotrophic factor which in most healthy and hearty adults is found biologically. Due to stressful lives, we need to replenish most of our neurochemicals more often than our bodies can generate them. 

    This brain supplement contains BDNF derived from a coffee cherry, and while the goal is to decaffeinate the entire mix and only extract the neurofactor the end product is still sometimes laced with trace amounts of coffee. 

    Apart from that, this supplement contains the necessary B vitamins required for the conversion processes of certain neurochemicals including dopamine and serotonin. Overall, it boosts the main six cognitive functions of the brain including memory, concentration, accuracy, and learning.


    • Decaffeinated 
    • Gluten-free
    • Vegan friendly 
    • Contains B vitamins as well


    • Contains trace amount of caffeine

    Most of the time the brain supplements target memory, focus, and speed of nerve conduction to perform as a nootropic. This supplement is focused all on neural network regeneration as the main two of its ingredients are sources of phospholipids in our body. 

    The first source is GPC also known as glycerophosphocholine and the second one is phosphatidylserine. Both of the chemicals provide phospholipids to our body which are responsible for building cell walls of all the cells in our body including neurons. 

    By providing a basic rehabilitative process of the body it maintains the neural cells at the optimum condition and does not allow stress or aging to get the best of them.


    • Vegan ingredients 
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten-free
    • Contains GPC


    • No vitamins in the mix

    The genius brand is at it again as they might have beaten up their product with this newly presented nootropic. Unlike all other brain supplements this one is not in the shape of a pill, it is a powder and that too disguised in a fruity flavor of watermelon. 

    This factor alone removes the pharyngeal reflex problem faced by many individuals while swallowing the pills.  In terms of chemical elements, it contains glyceryl phosphorylcholine, phosphatidylserine, neurofactor, and dynamine. 

    All of these elements are targeted towards the brain and focused on enhancing cognitive functionality while keeping the brain at an equilibrium.


    • Flavored 
    • In the form of powder
    • Third-party lab tested 
    • Natural ingredients


    • Might not be a nutraceutical
    • Contains caffeine

    Imbalanced diet and daily routine stress can lead to deteriorating brain health and other problems. That’s why we have brought you Future Kind’s Vegan Multivitamin. Owing to their high demand, natural plant-based supplements are easily available. 

    However, they do not furnish all necessary nutrients especially Vitamin B12. We have brought this product as the ultimate mixture of essential vitamins like B12, Omega-3, and D3. You won’t find such a mix in any ordinary supplements. 

    Many users have had a positive experience using this product, with energy boosts evident after only a week’s usage. An improved mental clarity with the addition of an enhanced mood was noticed by the users. 

    You will also like the refreshing citrus flavor of the product. The Omega-3 is reliably sourced and delivers the best quality of EPA/DHA to the brain helping in boosting the overall cognitive functioning. The best thing about Future Kind is that all of its products are verified safe to use by third-party labs.

    All constituents are free from synthetic additions and are non-GMO. You will face no side effects whatsoever after using this product and feel confident about its efficacy.


    • Energy booster
    • Improves immunity
    • Mood enhancer
    • Vegan and reliable
    • Eco-friendly packaging


    • Some may dislike the citrus flavor.

    These capsules by Nordic naturals are called DHA Xtra because they contain Docohexaenoic acid which is a very potent form of naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acid. This element is exclusively found in fishes and fish oils only. 

    However rare it may be, it is very essential for the normal functionality of our brain and body as it is a vital part of the rejuvenation process of our neural networks. At the same time, this oil is necessary for keeping our cholesterol levels under control thus protecting our cardiovascular system. 

    It is one of the necessary elements that we should incorporate into our daily diet.


    • Third-party lab tested 
    • Contains antioxidants 
    • Strawberry flavored


    • Just a fish oil capsule

    This one is the most unique out of all supplements as it contains huperzine-A which is a naturally occurring nervous stimulant known to enhance memory retention. Moreover, it contains a list of chemical compounds aimed at enhancing your cognitive functionality as well as the speed of nerve conduction. 

    It is also known to relieve mental exhaustion for people using their brains tenuously. Lastly, the main function of this nootropic brain supplement is to increase attentiveness so one may be able to acquire focus and work on the task at hand as diligently as possible.


    • Dairy, soy, allergen-free
    • The only nootropic containing Huperzine-A
    • Potent nervous stimulant 
    • Contains many vitamins


    • Requires weeks for effects to fully appear

    Best Natural Brain Supplements 2024 – Buying Guide

    There are many factors about brain supplements that need to be carefully evaluated before starting to take them. Here we have explained in a detailed manner about every possible aspect concerned with brain supplements and their functionality. 

    After reading this buying guide you will be sure you will be able to make an informed decision on starting brain supplements. 

    • Nootropics

    Nootropic is a class of drugs in pharmacology used to enhance brain functionality by meddling with chemical release and neurotransmitter reuptake by the receptors. Many pharmaceutically derived and synthetically produced elements make up most of the nootropics. 

    But we are discussing here a different class of nootropics only concerned with nutraceuticals. These nootropics only contain naturally derived elements that can impose a positive effect on the brain. The main purpose of these nootropics by the performance lab is to recover your depleted resources of vitamins and minerals that ultimately convert into neurotransmitters and chemicals for the brain. 

    Caffeine with the addition of the L-theanine is a major nootropic element that causes an enhancing effect on brain functionality and alpha waves of the brain. But more on the composition of all-natural brain supplements and their unique effects on the brain later in the article. 

    • Nutraceutical 

    These days we see many dietary supplements that have been derived chemically from natural substances and their relative concentrations are increased to an extent where they can alter the physiological state of human beings. 

    Nutraceutical is the term delicately joining nutrition and pharmacology and these dietary supplements that can produce a physiological response or alter a physiological state come under the term of nutraceuticals. 

    The question stands whether these brain supplements are nutraceuticals or not. The answer to this question lies in the composition of the brain supplements and the relative concentration of those elements as well. 

    The concentration of certain elements is essential to note because after a certain point they can produce adverse effects in the body either inhibitory or stimulatory but at that point, they are no longer regarded as nutraceutical drugs but as pharmaceutical drugs due to their synthetic nature.

    Whereas the composition matters because as long as the supplements are derived from natural elements and only contain natural vitamins and minerals they can be regarded as nutraceuticals. As soon as a synthetic chemical is added to the mix the drug is no longer regarded as a nutraceutical but a pharmaceutical. 

    However, these brain supplements by the performance lab only contain natural elements in their composition and their concentration also lies within natural limits so they can easily be classified as nutraceuticals and they do pass as dietary supplements. 

    The reason it is important to classify them properly into these categories is because of the effects they may produce in the body. A pharmaceutical drug holds the properties to induce adverse effects in the body due to its synthetic nature. 

    However, a nutraceutical is a harmless dietary supplement that only reinforces the number of essential elements in the body and does not pose any adverse effects as long as a healthy human being is consuming them. 

    • Vitamins 

    There are many vitamins required by our body for normal function but our poor dietary habits often deny us the luxury of obtaining these elements the correct way. But no worries, there is another perfectly fine method of replenishing the needs of vitamins and that is with the help of dietary supplements. 

    It is not an unknown fact that carbohydrates are food for our brain but our brain to perform its natural functions it needs necessary chemicals in the form of neurotransmitters. Most neurotransmitters require vitamins for conversion while other neurotransmitters are direct derivatives of some vitamins. 

    The most important class of vitamins directly related to brain functionality is B vitamins. There are eight b vitamins and all of them are water-soluble which means that they cannot be stored in our body and need to be replenished daily in adequate amounts as any excess amount can easily be excreted from the body in the form of urine. 

    B vitamins hold immense importance for normal brain functionality because vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is the base material and a substrate required to form dopamine- a neurotransmitter essential for the feeling of happiness, contentment and responsible for surges of energy. 

    Moreover, folic acid niacin and cobalamin are all directly related to the synthesis of serotonin- another essential neurochemical responsible for memory and feeling of happiness. Lastly, the deficiency of pyridoxine and cobalamin have been directly associated with general depression and lower work productivity. Due to all of these reasons we require brain supplements with vitamin B as a main component of the composition. 

    • Caffeine

    Caffeine is a very integral part of the day to day life for most of our working class. Even in students, a regular intake of large amounts of caffeine is reported as a means for enhancing functionality and for a boost of energy. 

    The reason behind the sudden boost of energy that you feel after intake of coffee or tea is because caffeine enhances the rate of metabolism in the brain which provides abrupt energy release. But there are negative effects associated with caffeine as well, the first of them being the associated addictive component with caffeine due to its relative activation of narcotic receptors of the brain. 

    Secondly, it induces brain hypoperfusion due to a reduced blood flow rate to the cerebrum which results in brain fog and long-term effects causing memory loss. But if caffeine is a couple with elements that can either reduce or inhibit the negative effects it turns into the perfect supplement material for enhancing brain functionality. 

    Luckily, Performance Lab has come up with a solution, if caffeine is consumed with L-theanine, the latter element completely blocks any negative effect on blood flow to the brain making it the perfect brain supplement. In a brain supplement containing caffeine do look for L-theanine or other such elements that can inhibit the negative effects of caffeine. 

    • Allergen-free

    Many people of today’s world suffer from one or the other form of allergy whether it may be to soy, or wheat, or even gluten. So, for a dietary supplement to be used and consumed by a variety of people the dietary supplements must be free of allergens. 

    The supplements provided by the performance lab are free from a variety of allergens including soy and gluten. Moreover, the source of the elements must be grown organically for the element to not have strains of synthetic chemicals. 

    The supplements produced by the performance lab are completely GMO-free. The reason these supplements by Performance Lab are rated the best is that they are completely allergen-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, non-irradiated, free from synthetic additives, vegan friendly, and GMP certified. 

    Since all of these facts are checked by a third-party lab, these supplements are completely safe to consume for all healthy human beings.

    • Capsule size 

    Humans have a natural phenomenon called the gag-reflex or pharyngeal reflex. It happens when an object touches the back of the throat or tongue, the roof of the mouth, or the area around the tonsils. To prevent choking the pharyngeal muscles contract and essentially force the object out of the mouth.

    If the size of a capsule is so huge that it touches any of the aforementioned anatomic areas the throat will essentially reject the object and won't allow it to pass through rendering the pill useless. This is the reason it is important to keep the capsule at a certain size limit and the smaller the better as it helps to swallow the capsule and hence provides the valuable contents of the pill to the body.

    And if the size is not appropriate, the patient will not be able to swallow, rendering the supplement of no use at all. Luckily, the supplements created by the performance lab are packed in a size zero capsule making them safe to consume as they do not stimulate the gag reflex.


    How often is it safe to consume a nootropic/ brain supplement?

    There are many kinds of nootropics and brain supplements present in the market and as their composition varies greatly so does the effect on a healthy human being. It is best to communicate your reason for intake with a licensed medical professional and at the same time ask them if you should take the supplement daily or not. 

    Usually, people take the supplement anytime they feel exhausted and cannot find enough energy to complete the task at hand. It can be once or twice a day but try not to take it more than twice a day.

    Is it possible to become addicted to nootropic brain supplements?

    Nootropic brain supplements contain, in addition to vitamins and minerals, a generous amount of caffeine. In our body, on a chemical level, caffeine stimulates the centers of the brain that are activated after the use of narcotics. 

    So, it is pretty easy to become addicted to certain brain supplements. However, it is not the case for brain supplements created by Performance Lab as they use perfectly orchestrated concentrations of natural elements that cannot render you hopelessly addicted. 

    Still, it is important to notice your intake frequency of any or all dietary supplements even if they are completely organic.

    Is it safe to consume brain supplements if a person has a chronic pre-existing medical condition?

    Brain supplements act by enhancing the alpha waves of the brain by stimulating the nerve conduction and raising its speed. There are many pathological conditions where you must refrain from any nutraceuticals or pharmaceutical drugs that may interfere with the normal functionality of the brain cells.

    Do brain supplements act as a coffee alternative?

    Coffee contains many chemically active elements that can interfere with the chemical composition of our brain and impose an effect. While brain supplements do contain a generous amount of caffeine they purposefully exclude other elements extracted from coffee that may impose a negative effect on the brain. 

    So, in a way they act as a coffee alternative but in a better manner for your health.

    Best Natural Brain Supplements – Final Word

    Usually, we are supposed to provide our body with these elements via diet but in today’s world achieving that sort of nutrient-dense diet is close to impossible. While we work and exhaust our brain cells with an increasing level of challenges every day our brain cells yearn for these chemicals in an increased amount. 

    So, to provide a shortcut for optimum brain health and to enhance brain functionality these nutraceuticals are created. nutraceuticals are dietary supplements that have been concentrated and composed using pharmacological methods. 

    Choose one of the best natural brain supplements that we have reviewed and excel in whatever you do!