Best Natural Supplements for ADHD

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A person who has ADHD is not easy to cope with as you cannot rely on them to do any task correctly. The shorter attention span, constant fidgeting, and emotional turmoil are just a few of the symptoms that can majorly hinder a person's quality of life. Sadly, there is nothing we can do to cure it; our only solution is to manage the severity of the symptoms and the disease.

But let's not lose hope as there are a lot of options that can manage the disease so well that they help them function normally in day to day life. Generally, the symptoms are more severe in children than in adults, but some adults also face impulsiveness as a symptom to a higher degree.

The causes of this disease are either genetic or prenatal exposure to drugs, so it is impossible to stop it from transferring into a child. As it cannot be cured as well, the only option left to increase the probability of a healthy life is to control the more severe and early childhood symptoms because, in most adults, these aspects seem to fade away slowly with time.

Let’s take a look at the reviews of the top 10 best natural supplements for ADHD.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Clarity Kids
  • Calm kids in just 45 chewable bites
  • Helps alleviate the ADHD symptoms without harmful side effects
  • A natural magnesium chewable
  • Calm chewable supplements that you can trust for your kids
  • Great price

Are you searching for a supplement for your kid of age four and older? Then, you are in the right place. Clarity Kids is 100% naturally made and is explicitly for the individuals who are on professionally prescribed prescriptions. 

The ingredients present in this supplement for calming the kids are Passion Flower Powder, Magnesium, and L-theanine (an ordinarily happening Amino Acid, which assists with advancing relaxation without laziness), and Chamomile Powder.

The 10 Best Natural Supplements for ADHD Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Natural Supplements for ADHD Out There

In this section, we review the Top 10 Natural Supplements for ADHD available for kids.

Clarity Kids

Are you searching for a supplement for your kid of age four and older? Then, you are in the right place. Clarity Kids is 100% naturally made and is explicitly for the individuals who are on professionally prescribed prescriptions. 

The ingredients present in this supplement for calming the kids are Passion Flower Powder, Magnesium, and L-theanine (an ordinarily happening Amino Acid, which assists with advancing relaxation without laziness), and Chamomile Powder. 

It gives children the benefit of decreased hyperactivity with pediatrician support, children focused enhancements or supplements. These calm pills for kids are chewable and let your kid concentrate during the hectic daily routine and stay asleep for the entire evening. Each chewable is loaded with valuable, precise ingredients that help children all over to get calm.


  • Calm kids in just 45 chewable bites
  • Helps alleviate the ADHD symptoms without harmful side effects
  • A natural magnesium chewable
  • Calm chewable supplements that you can trust for your kids
  • Great price


  • Doesn't suit everyone's taste
Creekside Natural Therapeutics

Do you seek alternative, natural, effective supplements that can keep your kids calm and lessen the anxiety?  Is your child incapable of untangling his thoughts and is a victim of stress? Then, you are in the right place. This product is specifically for children suffering from ADHD.

Creekside Natural Therapeutics Anxiety Comfort is made at a lab that follows all G.M.P. benchmarks in the U.S.A. It is brought to you by Dr. Natalie: a Board-Certified Pediatrician with an accentuation on Integrative Medicine. This product helps the concentration and mental clarity of your kid. It releases anxiety and tension too.

Anxiety in children is alarming nowadays. Creekside Natural Therapeutics is a supplement given to kids to ease the side effects of tension or anxiety in kids. Creekside Natural Therapeutics Anxiety Comfort is a natural supplement that can be used by kids who are as young as two years old. This exceptional supplement contains P5P, Vitamin D, zinc, L-Theanine, Passionflower, and L5-HTP.


  • Promotes a Sense of Calm
  • Soothes mental stress
  • Zero sugar
  • Physician formulated
  • Made in the U.S.A. with non-GMO ingredients


  • Expensive
Zahler KidsActive

Looking for a supplement that is not only a diet supplement but also focuses on concentration and brain activity? Then, Zahler KidsActive is the product for you.

Zahler KidsActive gives kids a mix of primary nutrients and minerals in a tasty form. It is completely natural and helps with concentration, focus, and mental health in children. The ingredients being used to make it have a soothing effect, and stabilize the mood and calm the thoughts of kids. 

It is produced and packaged in a N.S.F., G.M.P., and NNFA certified lab. Zahler KidsActive isn't just for ADHD. All children can benefit from this amazing supplement and improve their cognitive abilities. It helps your kid achieve a lot with kids' dynamic formula.

Giving this supplement will boost the energy of your kid and help him focus and concentrate in school and other day to day activities. So, give your youngsters the edge they deserve with this supplement.


  • All-natural
  • Mood stabilizer
  • Improves the focus of your kid
  • It keeps your kid hydrated and energetic
  • It is Sugar-free


  • Some don't find it tasty
Brain Support

Searching for a uniquely made product to decrease weariness and keep your brain sharp? Then, this product is for you. It is Natural Nootropic with Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, & L-Tyrosine. It is made in the U.S.A., and it helps to feel the vitality, energy, and concentration improvement from the first try. Using it, you will have better exceptional clarity for your day to day tasks. 

This brain supplement gives noteworthy memory-improving results. A couple of drops every morning will increase your focus and concentration.


  • Unique and formulation
  • Helps mental focus
  • High quality
  • Professional brain booster
  • Mental Health & Concentration Boost
  • Better Absorption Than Brain Pills


  • Harsh Taste
SleepBerry Liquid Melatonin for Kids

Are you worried that your kid doesn't sleep well? Then, sleep berry liquid melatonin for kids is what can help you and your kid. The children's Sleep Berry melatonin tranquilizer is helping a vast number of little munchkins rest better. 

There are only four ingredients which help your kid to get peaceful sleep and increase their mental health. It's just one magical bottle to assist your kid's sleep and keep them healthy when they are awake so that you can save time, sanity, and money. 

The main ingredient which is used to prepare this product is Melatonin. It is found in foods like fruits, rice, and grapes that help to start a stable rest cycle, so your little one falls asleep better. Vitamin D, Thiamine, and Elderberry (powerful antioxidants) increase the immune system of your kid and let them sleep well.


  • Great Customer Service
  • Helps your kid sleep better
  • Lessens your worries about you kid
  • Improve the immune system of the kid


  • Expensive
My Spectrum Heroes Kid's Multivitamin Supplement

If you are searching for the supplements that provide focus, calmness,  help with memory formation, and provide neural support to your children, then this product is a miracle that helps you with all of these.

This supplement for kids is full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and bioactive compounds, which prevents deficiencies in the kids. This kids' multivitamin supplement comes in powdery form and has neutral flavor. You can promptly blend it in with water, juice, or anything else. 

Studies show that the supplements can help improve non-verbal I.Q., communication, and social abilities in kids with neurocognitive difficulties. Inadequacy in nutrients and minerals can cause shortcomings and weaknesses. This supplement contains CoQ10 and Acetyl L-Carnitine, which can increase the energy levels.


  • Comprehensive nutrition
  • Promote neurocognitive health
  • Boost energy production
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Helps with focus, concentration, and memory
  • Good for picky eaters as it is in powder form


  • Expensive
Genexa Calm Keeper for Children

Does your kid get anxious because of school or strict routine? Give this product a try, and we promise you will not be disappointed. Genexa Calm Keeper is a natural and non-GMO supplement that helps kids of ages 3 and above feel better and focused. 

Calm Keeper is homeopathic. It decreases stress-related side effects like fretfulness and peevishness while helping kids develop a positive and engaging behavior. This supplement is free from artificial colors, flavors, additives, and from common allergens, i.e., lactose and gluten.

It helps kids with feeling great, without a care in the world. It helps ease tension and apprehension, and helps them to feel less exhausted. It is a natural and safe homeopathic product which offers help to your kids suffering from ADHD.  The natural, vanilla lavender chewable tablets taste extraordinary and are very easy to take even if your kid is in a hurry.


  • Certified organic and non-GMO
  • Physician formulated
  • Safe and natural
  • Easy to use
  • Homeopathic (cleaner ingredients)
  • No common allergens
  • Calming & relaxation aid for children


  • Short term solution to keep kids calm
Triple Calm Magnesium

Feeling anxious and stressed? Frail? Touchy? Restless? Pushed? Do you have heart tremors? Leg Cramps? Muscle Twitches? Fretful legs? Did you realize that low degrees of Magnesium can make you feel like this? You can take Triple calm magnesium to help you feel better.

This is an anti-Stress magnesium supplement that helps you relax. Triple Calm mixes the best types of chelated Magnesium for ideal absorption. This magnesium mix is easy on your stomach. It is an extraordinary supplement that helps you come back to life.

It is Vegan friendly, NON-GMO, and Gluten-Free. This product helps you in battling pressure and tension, discovering a feeling of smoothness and tranquility. You should take two doses in one day. Drink water often while using this medicine and try to take it with meals.


  • It offers cardiovascular assistance
  • It helps with muscle and nerve function
  • Gives relaxation and provide calmness
  • Helps control stress and tension


  • Expensive
Magnesium L-Threonate Capsules

Haven't taken proper sleep for a long time because your brain refuses to slow down? Then, this is the product for you. It is a sleep help supplement for ADHD patients. 

Magnesium L-Threonate is among the most absorbable types of Magnesium Pills. It is used to help with memory retention, sleep health, and for common mental capacity (particularly as one age). This Magnesium supplement is made in the U.S.A.

It is NON-GMO and is Gluten-free. Magtein's impact on the short-term, long-term, and working memory have been studied in various clinical trials. Researchers have found that Magnesium L-Threonate increases short and long term memory in kids.


  • High Absorption Supplement
  • Enhances sleep quality 
  • Pure and safe
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Helps in tackling anxiety


  • Expensive
Percepta Natural-Plant Based Memory Support

The people who are looking for natural products which can increase their focus, attention, and memory, will find this product highly useful. Dr. Alan Snow and Dr. Rudolph Tanzi are two of the world's most famous brain scientists who created this supplement. 

It is based on a foundation of science, skill, and on the genuine reason for common age-related memory loss. Memorie (a particular oolong tea remove) is used to make this supplement which is taken from the mountains of China.


  • Improves focus
  • Relief for 'Post Concussion Syndrome' symptoms
  • Helps memory 
  • Efficient


  • Expensive

Buying Guide

With a disease as broad as ADHD, whose symptoms overlap with those of autism, it becomes a challenging task for the one suffering as well as the people around them to manage their lives. 

As the severity of the disease varies in every person, and the symptoms have a large variety and appear in selective people, only it poses a lot of issues in the medical treatment. Due to pathological intervention, one faces many side effects, so doctors tend to give only such medication that will help calm the person. 

To manage the other symptoms, one has to resort to other means such as natural supplements. As the supplements do not have any direct or indirect side effects unless the patient has any other existing health problems or allergies, then these are possibly the best natural remedy to such a complex disease. 

In order to learn more about the disease itself and the natural supplements we have found from the internet after a ton of research, read the information given below.

Natural Supplements for ADHD

Before jumping onto the option of managing the symptoms out of nowhere, we need to understand the basics of this disease, and it is essential to note down that these supplements are not a magic potion that will solve all of the issues with a few doses. 

There is a possibility they might not even change a thing about your patient as the disease has a broad range of possibilities. Mainly this disease causes a shorter attention span and general impulsivity as a significant manifestation. 

A person fighting from ADHD does not have normal brain development and lacks behind in most aspects of regular life. It is more severe in children because they do not understand what goes on in their brains and puts them in troublesome situations without their fault.

And at times, it becomes utterly impossible for such children to comprehend a simple task and the thought of why they are different from others. So, even though it is difficult, it is necessary to try and manage those symptoms with supplements as well as medication.

The supplements we have suggested in the product review section are some of the best that are available easily. But as we have repeated continuously that the symptoms vary with person to person, so the supplements need to be precise antagonists of those specific symptoms. 

To better understand the qualities and features of these best natural supplements, give a thorough read to our buying guide.

Absorption Rate 

Anything that we put inside of our body via our digestive tract is just as profitable for us as its absorption rate. The total quantities of minerals, vitamins, and supplements do not get absorbed into our system, but there is a thing called bio-availability of such products. 

The absorption rate determines how much product will be actively used by the body compared to the amount we consume. For supplements, they must have a higher rate of absorption and contain chemicals in themselves that increase their bio-availability in our gut.


We have repeated countless times the importance of natural substances, and nature has the answer to all of our problems, even of those as complex as ADHD. The issues start when we start mixing up organic and inorganic substances together in a straightforward formula.

We have rooted for all-natural and organic elements for some time because it is highly unlikely that they may pose any severe damage to any part of our body unless we overdose. And even then, our body has safety mechanisms that can eventually detoxify those excessive amounts without causing permanent harm. 

When choosing supplements for your loved ones, it is always better to pick those that are organically found even if they cost just a tad bit more than synthetic supplements.

Manufacturing practices 

If the ingredients mentioned in the list of the supplements are all organic, the next thing that matters the most is the manufacturing process used by the company. There is a lot that can go wrong while producing these supplements, such as cross-contamination and adverse biochemical reactions due to unequal quantities or temperature differences. 

The company must maintain the quality of its products by hiring skilled technicians as well as the proper use of machinery for the production of such supplements.


As most of these supplements use organic products to avoid any adverse side-effects, a difficulty that can occur are the natural allergies of consumers. A massive chunk of the population of this world suffers from a variety of allergies, most of them being related to food products. 

From gluten to nut allergies, the producers need to be cautious while choosing their ingredients, but the consumers need to be more alert. It is vital to check the ingredients on the pack before breaking out your wallet. After all, it is we who need to be more vigilant, especially in the case of an ADHD patient.

Nerve Health

Every action of ours depends on one thing other than a responsive brain, and that is the transmission of nerve impulses from one part of our body to another. For the organ systems to co-exist and function normally, integrating the minute needs of the body for that instant second, it is crucial that the response must be generated by the brain, and the carriers of that information are the nerves. 

In a condition like ADHD, it is common to feel hyperactive and inattentive, to counter these issues, these supplements may or may not target the nerves in many different ways. But it is essential that the action of these supplements must not disfigure the normal functionality of the nerves, or it can pose serious health issues that can lead to permanent disabilities.

Memory building 

One of the significant issues faced by people fighting this excruciatingly mind-numbing disease is that they cannot focus on anything properly, now this leads to unnecessary dumping of a lot of valuable information that should have been stored in the long-term memory. 

To battle this issue, these supplements need to target the memory storing process in addition to targeting distracted personalities. By sharpening the already present information in the brain, these supplements make the life of the patients a little bit better.


One of the significant symptoms of ADHD is anxiety in children, as being kids, they are unable to comprehend such a state. Of course, it gets better with age as they develop enough to understand concepts such as anxiety, but for children, these issues are bizarre and can form complexes in their innocent minds. 

So, it is vital in trying to maintain a healthy streak of development to manage the anxiety of such attention deficit hyperactive children. The pharmacological medication does help with issues such as anxiety, but forcing children to take those medicines becomes another form of stress for them. 

In contrast, supplements with good taste and aroma are more comfortable for children to ingest and can be given to them easily without going through the trouble of enforcing anything.


As the age progresses, the symptoms of ADHD seem to fade away but do not leave entirely, so it becomes easier to manage this disease as a person grows older. So, most of the medication and supplements are targeted towards children. 

In early childhood, most of the allergies have not presented themselves due to taking a restricted diet. It is essential that you choose a supplement that is free of common allergens. Secondly, it should be easier to engulf, or the pill should be chewable, so at least this process can become a simpler one for the already struggling being.


As we have explained above, these supplements have a strictly focused and age targeting demographic, so they have to make such changes that they become appealing for children.

 And in doing so, it is crucial that they introduce natural and taste friendly ingredients. Another aspect that helps kids take these supplements with ease is if they have a neutral or a pleasing aroma.

 If you combine a natural flavor such as lime with the same fragrance as a supplement, it makes this painstaking process of taking medication easier on such amazing fighters.


What are the major types of ADHD?

There are three main types of ADHD named as impulsive and hyperactive type, inattentive, and the distractible type and ADHD combined type. The last one is the most common to appear in a general case.

How do these supplements help with ADHD combined type?

These supplements tend to target the nerve cells in various ways by slowing down the transmission by either limiting the release of neurotransmitters in the synapse of preventing the creation of a stimulus, thus combating the impulsivity issue. For other symptoms, there are many different reactions that go on to manage them.

How to calm a child with ADHD?

It is critical for the development of a child with ADHD to have consistent parenting with a general sense of understanding and calm from the parent's side. Some easy steps can make your life a little better, such as breaking down the homework into bits and allowing the kid to fidget when things seem to get out of hand for them. Such kids should not be forced to adhere to a strict schedule, and letting them play before studying has had a helping and positive effect in most cases.

Are children with ADHD good in sports?

Although these children are more focused on playing than studying, it is highly unlikely that they can be exceptional sportsmen for cases other than savant syndrome. But individual sports such as swimming, tennis and martial arts where they can have the undivided attention of their teacher are better for them than other games.

Final Words

Life can seem burdensome and difficult to deal with if your loved one or you have ADHD. At times it even may seem impossible to have a chance to live life to its fullest and enjoy the most basic joys of life. 

But losing hope is not an option at all; with such advancements in science and technology, we have developed a better understanding of this disease. The current medications paired with some supplements can help you overcome the issues that this disease puts in front of you. 

We have reviewed the top 10 best natural supplements for ADHD that will help you manage these diseases very easily.

Here’s to a happier, healthier you!