Best Prebiotics Supplements

Giving equal importance to diet as exercising while getting in shape is a very difficult task. Many people give priority to exercising as compared to maintaining healthy gut bacteria and to managing their healthy diet. They use probiotics neglecting the importance of prebiotics.

There are many prebiotic products in the market but most of them are of low quality. So people are afraid that it will be a waste of their money and efforts. For the sole purpose that you choose the right one for you, we have reviewed the best prebiotic for you. 

The first thing that lacks on your side is proper research. But, don’t worry we have done that for you. The first thing you should know is what does prebiotics do?

Prebiotics boost up the existing probiotic colony. It supports regularity, comfort, and healthy digestion. The immunity gets stronger and assistance in fat loss occurs due to the use of prebiotics. Let’s take a look at the best prebiotics in 2020!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Supports the immune system 
  • Enhances mood 
  • Control blood sugar levels

Prebiotics are an essential addition to your diet. They generally stimulate the growth of good and healthy bacteria in your body. It will further help your immunity system to fight against diseases. The prebiotics enhances the performance of the digestive system and strengthens it. 

Performance Lab Prebiotic is one of the effective and efficient natural supplements available in the market. The product has inulin that helps to promote a healthy microbiome. It is a fuel used in the stomach to digest food.

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    10 Best Prebiotics in 2020 – Comparison Table

    10 Best Prebiotics in 2020 – Product Reviews

    In this section, we review the Top 10 Prebiotics in 2020.

    Prebiotics are an essential addition to your diet. They generally stimulate the growth of good and healthy bacteria in your body. It will further help your immunity system to fight against diseases. The prebiotics enhances the performance of the digestive system and strengthens it. 

    Performance Lab Prebiotic is one of the effective and efficient natural supplements available in the market. The product has inulin that helps to promote a healthy microbiome. It is a fuel used in the stomach to digest food. 

    Performance lab is not a product that will mess up with the lab prebiotics. It has inulin and that is the perfect solution for a disturbed gut. It is a fact that an ill digestive system disturbs your daily life and majorly your mood. 

    The lower levels of prebiotics can trigger a bad digestive system. Performance Lab Prebiotic takes care of the problem faster. It combines two soluble fibers. The Inulin passes through the gut and feeds Bifidobacterium. 

    Moreover, it is free of artificial additives. It is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-fee, and vegan-friendly.


    • Supports the immune system 
    • Enhances mood 
    • Control blood sugar levels 
    • Improves cognitive functions 
    • Better nutrient absorption 
    • Maintains cholesterol levels


    • Not good at dealing with constipation.

    Prebiotics are essential for a healthy digestive system. OLLY Prebiotic is a gummy supplement that supports the immune system and intestinal health. The gummies contain a blend of probiotics and prebiotics. 

    OLLY has a pretty decent amount of fiber in the supplement that is good for the gut’s health. A bad gut affects the rest of your body functions. It nourishes your good gut bacteria. That builds a strong defense wall against diseases. 

    The gummies increase the production of healthy bacteria in your gut. It soothes the bowel movement and deals with stomach aches. The gummies reach the gut without infecting other organs. It enhances the mood and supports the digestive system.

    OLLY makes you feel good and prebiotic fiber in the supplement supports balanced digestion. The supplement is in the form of gummies and these are very easy to consume. It is a fun way to take all of your essentials daily dose.


    • Great taste
    • Elevates mood 
    • Supports digestion
    • Enhance immunity 
    • Natural additives 
    • Feeds good bacteria


    • Not good for people having IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

    The Align DualBiotic is an efficient and effective supplement. It has a combination of both probiotics and prebiotics. The prebiotics in the supplement feeds the good bacteria in the gut and supports healthy digestion. 

    These are gummies and it is a very fun way to consume your nutrients. The gummies work for a healthy digestive system in two ways. The prebiotic fiber and Inulin in the gut feeds good bacteria. Bacillus Coagulants, on the other hand, adds more good bacteria in your gut. 

    It is suggested the #1 in QuintilesIMS 2017 survey. The supplement is free of artificial and synthetic additives. It supports the immunity system and builds a strong wall against diseases. These kinds of supplements usually taste bad. 

    Align DualBiotic gummies have great taste and are easy to swallow. You can take it without water. The gummies contain less than 1g of sugar. The Align gummies have natural flavors and natural sugar extracted from beets.


    • Great taste 
    • Less sugar
    • Supports immunity system 
    • Enhance mood
    • Natural flavors 
    • Adds good bacteria in your gut


    • Not good for IBS

    Renew Life Prebiotic is one of the effective and natural supplements available in the market. Prebiotics are the best way to feed the good bacteria in your gut. It helps to improve the digestive system and supports the immunity system.

    The prebiotics help grow the healthy bacteria that benefit the bowel movements and lowers stomach problems. There are very few prebiotic supplements that work well with constipation. It is a pretty good prebiotic that relieves occasional constipation.

    The supplement has a decent amount of natural fibers for relieving gas and bloating in adults. It has natural ingredients that work to elevate the mood and release stress. The fibers include fennel, which is a very soothing herb for stomach issues. 

    The supplement is natural and vegan-friendly. It is non-GMO, dairy-free, and soy-free. The ingredients are of premium quality. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for its customers.


    • Supports the digestive system 
    • Strengthen immunity system 
    • Elevates mood 
    • Feeds good bacteria in the gut 
    • Relieves gas, bloating, and constipation
    • Vegan-friendly
    • Non-GMO verified


    • The supplement has not been evaluated by food administration

    Dr. Formulated Prebiotic is certified by USDA Organic. It is also a non-GMO verified project that means it is safe and clean to consume. It is an organic and all-natural formula design to level up the prebiotics in your body. 

    The supplement has no artificial taste and sweeteners added. It is tasteless and one spoon daily is enough for a healthy gut. The ill gut can lead to other major stomach issues that will be hard to treat. 

    The supplement goes straight to the gut and feeds the healthy bacteria microbiome. The supplement supports the immunity system and elevates your mood. It is delicious and fully packed with the goodness of natural ingredients. 

    Organic fiber is the best way to relieve occasional constipation. It delivers real, natural, and non-GMO whole food fiber to your gut. The supplement enhances the immunity system that will lead to healthy digestion of food.


    • Non-GMO verified 
    • Flavorless 
    • Natural 
    • Controls hunger 
    • Dairy-free
    • No sugar 
    • No artificial additives 
    • Supports digestion


    • None at this price

    Renew Life Adult Prebiotic is one of the effective and efficient supplements available in the market. Prebiotics are the best way to feed the good bacteria in your gut. It helps to improve the digestive system and supports the immunity system.

    It is fully packed with safe, clean, and legal ingredients. The supplement has 100% organic and soluble fiber for both men and women. It has no taste, no texture, and dissolves easily. The supplement relieves occasional constipation, gas, and bloating. 

    It is a non-GMO verified project that has premium quality global ingredients. The formula is keto-friendly, that means it is a healthy option for diet conscious people. It has no artificial or synthetic additives that can harm your gut. 

    The prebiotic reaches to your gut and enhances digestion. It elevates the mood and supports the immunity system. The supplement creates a strong defense wall against diseases. It will also control your hunger and help you stay active.


    • Non-GMO verified 
    • Keto-friendly 
    • Supports the digestive system 
    • Enhances immunity system 
    • Tasteless 
    • Dairy-free 
    • Relieves constipation 
    • Soothing ingredients


    • None

    Prebiotics are an essential addition to your daily routine. They feed the healthy bacteria in your gut and support the digestive system. The prebiotics improves the performance of the immunity system and strengthens it. 

    NOW Prebiotic is one of the effective supplements available in the market. The product is clinically approved to nourish the good bacteria and intestinal functions. It is a fuel used in the stomach to digest food. 

    The supplement is safe and clean to consume. It is an A-rated GMP supplement. That means the supplement’s manufacturing process is keenly examined. Laboratory processing and testing are also examined. 

    The product is safe, high potential, and stable for consumption. It relieves constipation, bloating, and gas. These are very common digestion issues in people and this supplement happens to work quite well.


    • Contains vitamins 
    • Essential minerals 
    • Safe to consume 
    • Non-GMO Verified
    • A-rated GMP
    • Supports digestion 
    • Enhances immunity system


    • None

    Enzymedica Prebiotics is a natural boost of prebiotic for you. The prebiotics feed the healthy bacteria in your gut and help eliminate the gut issues. Enzymedica is an innovative formula for prebiotics.

    It contains a variety of supporting compounds for your gut. These will nourish your gut and microbiome. It supports the digestive system and boosts immunity. High immunity develops a wall against diseases. 

    The supplement has fermented dietary fibers and non-complex carbohydrates. These work simultaneously to relieve constipation, gas, and bloating. They further promote the healthy growth of good bacteria in your gut. 

    The supplement is powerful and has a blend of over 50 natural superfoods. All of these work to promote the healthy functioning of bowel and other intestinal operations. The supplement contains a wide range of compounds and antioxidants. 

    The organic barley grass and organic fiber from the gum acacia support the digestive functions properly. The company has packed innovation in the supplement and has all of the ingredients researched properly.


    • Organic 
    • Dairy-free
    • Non-GMO 
    • Supports digestion 
    • Improves immunity 
    • Natural fiber 
    • Enhances energy 
    • Contains antioxidants


    • It is expensive

    Prebiotics are available in a variety of forms gummies, capsules, liquid, and power. There are very less people who are fans of swallowing big capsules. Life Extension Prebiotic has made life easy with its chewable tablets. 

    It is a very fun and easy way to level up the prebiotics in your body for kids and old people. The chewable tablets easily dissolve and have a mild strawberry flavor. There are no additives added to the supplement. 

    It will feed and nourish your gut’s good bacteria and help in improving the digestive system. The supplement also supports the immunity system. It helps in building a strong protective wall from diseases. 

    The level of bifidobacteria in your body may lower with time and natural supplements can help elevate them. These tiny chewable tablets are the true punch of energy and nutrients. It will help to elevate mood and enhance the intestinal functions.


    • Natural 
    • Supports digestion 
    • Elevates mood 
    • Improve colon health
    • Promote the immunity system 
    • Enhanced energy


    • It has stevia and xylitol for flavor. It might be disturbing for some people

    The prebiotics nourishes the healthy bacteria that benefit the bowel movements and lowers stomach issues. There are very few prebiotic supplements that work well. It is a pretty good prebiotic that relieves occasional constipation.

    Prebiotin is everything you need. The supplement if full of healthy fiber relieves constipation, lowers bloating, and releases gas. It is fat-free, dairy-free, low-carb, sodium-free, and vegan-friendly.

    In short, it is a keto-friendly prebiotic. The people who are conscious about health can easily consume the supplement. It is a full-spectrum prebiotic. It means that the supplement has Oligofructose-Enriched Inulin. 

    The inulin works perfectly for soothing the digestive functions and enhances the immunity system. The Prebiotin feeds good bacteria throughout the gut. It is proven healthy scientifically. The supplement lowers inflammation, enhances immunity, elevates mood, and controls heart rate. 

    The supplement lowers the probability of cardiovascular disease. It is an all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free supplement. You can mix it in any food or beverage of your choice.


    • Natural 
    • Vegan-friendly
    • Supports immunity system 
    • Enhanced digestion 
    • Lowers inflammation
    • Lowers the chance of heart disease
    • Non-GMO
    • Control appetite  
    • Manage weight 
    • Full-spectrum


    • None

    Best Prebiotics in 2020 – Buying Guide

    When you want to have a healthy body and exercise then what is missing that you are not getting in shape. The answer is prebiotics. They are not generated in the body do you have to take them in your diet to fulfill the requirement. 

    Many products in the market will confuse you because of their high rating but don’t worry you have landed in the right place. Just give this buying guide a read. And, you will know for sure what you need. 

    Prebiotics vs. Probiotics: What’s the Difference?

    Before buying any product just wait and read this point. Prebiotics and probiotics are different. Some people consider them the same and some prefer one over the other. This is wrong. Just study them and then decide what you need?

    Probiotics are bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms that are necessary for your gut. They balance the activities in the stomach and reduce bad bacteria. They are present in fermented products like yeast probably. But, there are in the form of products. The bacteria in probiotics are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

    On the contrary, prebiotics is a substance that generates from fibers and carbohydrates that are indigestible. The good bacteria in your stomach assist in digesting that. But all fiber is prebiotic is a misconception. 

    Only one thing that fibers and prebiotics have in common is that they are not broken down easily by enzymes in your gut. So, we can say that prebiotics are special fibers that improve the functioning of your digestive system. 

    The role of prebiotics and probiotics are the same but their functions are totally different. Probiotics are microorganisms whereas prebiotics is fibers. The probiotics are found in kefir, yogurt, and fermented foods. The sources of prebiotics are vegetables, fruits, and legumes. 

    Prebiotics Types

    There are not many types like probiotics. You will notice eventually that the fibers used in prebiotics have been named differently in the different products. The fiber source does remain the same. The bacteria is not picky when it reacts with fiber. Few types can stabilize and rebalance your blood sugar and gut flora. 


    The second thing that you should check is the amount of fiber present in the prebiotics supplements. Some products have a good source like dandelion greens but don't contain enough. You can add more but it is expensive. Many companies deliberately do so. This gives them an advantage. So, before buying, check there are 2 g present in one capsule. Otherwise, there is no need to buy. It will make no difference. 


    The company’s focus on the strains of the bacteria they feed they are using in their product. The high-quality product is the effective one in guarding your gut lining and feeding microbiota in your gut. 

    Quality matters because when you buy a cheaper product it has a low quality and less useful ingredients. 


    Look for the ingredients and their composition. Try to buy those which have 100% natural sources. They don’t have any side effects. Avoid using synthetic prebiotics supplements because it does no good. 


    Select a brand of good reputation. Read the reviews and check the rating of the product. Do not buy a low-quality cheap product. They have fewer ingredients and there is no use in using that. It will never give the same effects as a high-quality product. 

    Product Certifications

    Look out for the certification and check the hygiene and safety measures of the brand and product. Make sure that the company has good practices in manufacturing. 

    Natural Sources of Food with Prebiotics

    Many alternatives and food sources can give prebiotics a competition but the prebiotics have the upper hand as these natural sources are expensive and challenging to find in stores. But for your better understanding, we have thoroughly explained the items you can buy. 

    Green Bananas

    Bananas are good for athletes as they have potassium which is helpful for hydration. They also are a slow-release energy source. But the bananas should be chosen carefully. Here the banana being used should be a full ripe banana, not the green ones that are challenging to peel off.


    Spinach is for you if you want prebiotics in your diet but not everyone has Popeye’s stomach. Spinach has sulfoquinovose that is a long chain sugar molecule that feeds the bacteria in your gut. 

    Jerusalem artichoke

    To get fiber into your gut, Jerusalem artichoke is what you need. It is rich in insulin. But it is challenging to buy it in the market. 


    Garlic also has inulin and provides fiber to your gut bacteria. People find it tasty and use it in their daily food. But, it has a strong flavor too so people also avoid it in office and special occasions. 


    The weed that you want to get rid of is dandelion but the leaves are very beneficial. They have vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber that will make your good bacteria in your gut happy. 

    People use it to achieve balanced weight and weight loss. But, they have a unique taste. Some people don’t find it tasty or worthy to add to the salad. 

    Konjac Root

    It contains glucomannan fiber (40%) which is an important source to lose fat. It lets you feel that you are full for a longer period. It helps you in avoiding snacking too. It keeps your body sugar under control and feeds bacteria. 

    What Are the Benefits of Prebiotics?

    Prebiotics promises a healthy gut. There are many benefits other than just the healthy gut and are explained thoroughly for your better understanding. This will surely help you decide which product you want and from which factor you can relate to.

    You have to be more careful because if you lack prebiotics then it can cause an imbalance in the mood, troubles with digestion, and physical health challenges. So, you should take prebiotic supplements to overcome the effect or even before anything happens to maintain a healthy diet and health. 

    Prebiotic intake fights with the combat type 2 disease, maintains the level of blood cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart problems, and contributes to insulin signaling. 

    Below is the list of benefits of using prebiotics in your diet. 

    • Lower Inflammation:

    Using prebiotics can help in reducing the effects of chronic inflammation in the intestine.

    • Strong Immune System:

    Prebiotics assists the immune system to work better. It has the ability to change the expression of cytokinesis that alters the immunity system.

    • Improve Hormonal Balance:

    Lack of prebiotic in the diet can affect your health badly which results in an imbalance of hormones. Even fertility hormones like FSH and LH are affected. 

    • Weight Management:

    The intake of prebiotics can directly assist in weight management and loss. It improves your gut problems and then it reduces cravings and your habit of eating snacks changes. You feel fuller after taking prebiotics. It regulates your appetite and increases your metabolism. This helps your body burn fat. 

    • Lower Cardiovascular Problems:

    Prebiotics can maintain your heart health. It regulates blood consumption. Thus, heart functioning improves.

    Prebiotic Side Effects

    Everything has some pros and some cons. We should look for those who have more pros than cons. Prebiotics has many benefits but it has a few cons. They should be kept in mind before buying a prebiotic supplement. 

    The prebiotic drawback is that it can be harmful to those who are fiber intolerant. This is not the product’s flaw but the people who can’t digest it can have cramps. The solution can be intolerant people should lessen the amount of the prebiotic intake. They can break one dosage into different parts. And eat them from time to time. 

    But luckily most of the people don’t have the problem so they can go with the recommended consumption.

    Performance Lab Prebiotic is the best Prebiotic that we will recommend. It keeps you fuller for a longer period and assists in resolving gut issues effectively and quickly than others. It also suppresses the appetite that helps you in dieting. It is gluten and soy-free.


    Why should you buy a Prebiotic?

    Prebiotic is a nutrient-rich and non-digestible supplement that helps to resolve gut issues. It stays in your gut for a longer period and provides the good bacteria necessary in your gut. It boosts up the immunity system and it, directly and indirectly, helps regulate the functioning of the intestine properly. It maintains the balancing of hormones and regulates the appetite too.

    Is Gas a Sign of a Healthy Gut?

    Yes, it is a good sign because it shows that there are active bacteria in your gut working properly. People assume that gas is formed due to bad bacteria but this isn’t true. Gas shows that good bacteria in your gut has become active

    Does Prebiotics Help You Lose Weight?

    Yes, prebiotics help you lose weight. It increases your metabolism and causes the efficient consumption of nutrients. It helps you feel fuller so you stop snacking.

    What are prebiotics good for?

    Prebiotics are good in the following:

    • Bulking and laxation
    • smooth bowel movement
    • Hassle-free digestion.
    • Regulates the rate of absorption of food substances 
    • Reduces the insulinemic response time and glycemic in the gut

    How much fiber do I need to eat in a day?

    The consumption of fiber for both males and females is different. Women should have 25 g of soluble dietary fiber and men should have at least 30 g of soluble dietary fiber a day.

    Best Prebiotics in 2020 – Final Word

    As you can see that prebiotics are equally important as probiotics. Lack of one can affect your health. Prebiotics are not produced in the body so you have to take it in your meal. These are used to boost up the activities of probiotics. Unhealthy food can lead to health problems and weight gain. 

    So, it is advisable to eat healthy food and people who can’t afford to give time to cooking can use prebiotics supplements in their meal to maintain the balance. Buy one of the above recommended best prebiotics in 2020 and you will be very happy with your decision!

    Here’s to a happier, healthier you!