Best Natural Supplements to Help Depression

Are you looking for the best supplements to help depression? You have come to the right place!

Depression is a disease, it is not a state of mind, and it has stages of formation and effects. In this modern era, we are glad that we have started accepting mental health as an essential constituent of the overall stability of the body. 

With acceptance begins another struggle for cure and treatment. Every case of depression is different since human beings are different from one another. Their ability to process and perceive information is different, and the circumstances that led to them being depressed are different as well. 

But you need not worry; there are cures as well as possible management treatments present in today’s progressive society for both of the cases of depression, either circumstantial or biological. 

One of the easiest ways you can help yourself or your loved ones fighting with depression is by providing additional supplements to them to boost their mood. To learn more about the best supplements to help depression, read our reviews below, and in no time, you will become aware of every possibility regarding depression managing supplements!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Adrenal Support
  • Helps with mood swings
  • Works as thyroid support
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee
  • It helps to balance your stress hormones and provides adrenal support.

If you are having depression, sleeplessness, and fatigue, then here is a natural formula for you as a remedy. This supplement has Ashwagandha powder that makes it suitable for health and adrenal support. It will handle your mood swings and anxiety very well. 

The formula for this supplement is natural. It uses natural herbs in it. The supplement acts as a mood booster and will help you to lower down your stress level. Stress level leads to many other diseases; that is why to protect you from all these kinds of worries, this supplement will prove helpful. It balances out the stress hormones and provides you with excellent adrenal support.

Best Supplements to Help Depression - Comparison Chart

Best Supplements to Help Depression

In this section, we review the Top Supplements to Help Depression.

Adrenal Support

If you are having depression, sleeplessness, and fatigue, then here is a natural formula for you as a remedy. This supplement has Ashwagandha powder that makes it suitable for health and adrenal support. It will handle your mood swings and anxiety very well. 

The formula for this supplement is natural. It uses natural herbs in it. The supplement acts as a mood booster and will help you to lower down your stress level. Stress level leads to many other diseases; that is why to protect you from all these kinds of worries, this supplement will prove helpful. It balances out the stress hormones and provides you with excellent adrenal support.

 Not only this, but you will also get good sleep because of this supplement. The product does not contain any GMO ingredients, and that is why it is safe for your health. The product is certified by GMP and registered by the FDA.  It also works as thyroid support, mood booster, energy booster, and cortisol blocker. The company also guarantees your satisfaction with a money-back guarantee.


  • Helps with mood swings
  • Works as thyroid support
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee
  • It helps to balance your stress hormones and provides adrenal support.


  • These supplements may cause nausea.
Future Kind + Super Vegan: Anxiety & Stress Supplement

Depression rates have risen quite alarmingly in the youth and elderly alike in recent times. This has called for people to look for natural remedies that can help soothe their depression. We recommend you the best solution there is to depression, which is Future Kind’s Vegan supplement. 

It carries a clinically proven formula that is sure to give you folks your money’s worth. Future Kind brings you a premium blend of the three most clinically backed ingredients. The combined actions of Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and lemon balm guarantee to calm the mental and physical fatigues that come with depression. It is known to be a very good mood enhancer as well. 

We also appreciate the brand's strict commitment to safety and quality standards. They make sure only the safest and top-quality products reach the shelves. All products are tested and have no harmful chemicals or heavy metals.


  • Enhances mood
  • Supports mental fatigue
  • Clinically-backed
  • Reliable and pure


  • None
5D Ascension

This supplement contains 55 different herbs to lower down your stress level. The package contains 180 capsules that make it dose for 90days. It has nine Chinese immortality herbs and some beneficial mushrooms. 

It will give you a pleasant mood by lowering down your stress level and by eliminating your anxiety. It will boost your mood, and you will feel fresh. The supplement helps to fight chronic disease and strengthens your immune system. 

This wellness formula serves multiple functions. It helps in weight loss, mental clarity, and inflammation. Moreover, it works as an anti-oxidant and supports all of your organs. Its concentration has a ratio of 20:1, i.e., 20 grams of herbs make 1 gram of ascension. 

You are required to take the supplement with hot beverages like tea, coffee, etc. There should be a time fixed for the dosage to maximize the effect of the product. You are also required to add juices in your daily routine to make it work. It will support your body functions and will also help to relax your mind and boost your mood.


  • The supplement also serves as an antioxidant.
  • Consists of 55 different herbs
  • Lowers Stress
  • Boosts Mood


  • Long term usage is required for good results
Green Organic Supplements

The supplement consists of Magnesium L-Threonine L-Threonate and many other natural ingredients. It is gluten-free and made with organic ingredients. The supplement will make your mental health stronger and does not have any negative effect on your health and other body parts. 

It helps you to relax your mind and boosts brain functioning. Magnesium is required for proper functioning of the brain. It can reach the brain and help it with proper functioning. The supplement does not have any kind of bioengineered products or GMOs, which makes this product safe for you. The supplement does not use any artificial color, flavor, or preservatives.


  • No preservatives
  • No Added flavors
  • All-natural Mood booster
  • Magnesium helps in proper brain functioning.


  • These supplements require long term use
Hemp Oil Extract

This hemp oil reduces anxiety and depression and makes it possible for you to enjoy good mental health. It makes your skin healthy and fresh too. Not only this, but it also strengthens the immune system that helps you to develop a shield against different health issues. 

Omega-3 and Omega-6 play an important role in making your immune system strong enough. The soft gel extracts used as an ingredient of this oil come from tested and certified farms. This means the company makes no compromise on the quality of ingredients because the matter is concerned with your health. 

The company also uses unique purification methods to make the product healthy and effective. The oil itself is tested and certified. The company also assures you the efficiency and usefulness of this oil and offers a money-back guarantee. 

It will help you to reduce stress levels and will improve your mental health. It will also ensure a comfortable and sound sleep and will completely relax your mind. Now cope up with your depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and joint pain with the help of this fantastic oil.


  • It eliminates your anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness
  • Reduces stress level
  • Pleasant Smell
  • Boosts immune system


  • As it is oil, so the taste may not suit everyone
Soothe Thyroid and Adrenal Support Supplement

This supplement provides you both thyroid and adrenal support. These capsules help you to fight adrenal fatigue. By taking this supplement, you will have reduced levels of tiredness because it will control the irregularities in your hormones and will make your life refreshing and exciting. 

The product will relax your mind and body. Moreover, Soothe Supplement by WellPath boosts your mental and physical energy. The supplement also increases your metabolism. All the ingredients are natural and herbal. Moreover, the supplement also contains Ashwagandha that will help you fight your anxiety. The ingredients are gluten-free.


  • Supports both your thyroid and adrenal glands.
  • Helps you maintain balance in your mind and body.
  • Helps you reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Natural
  • Gluten-free


  • The supplement may change your sleep cycle
Creekside Natural Therapeutics

Creekside tablets are meant to keep you calm. No matter what the age is, depression is the leading cause of poor health in people nowadays. Even children are also facing anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. 

These tablets have natural ingredients and will help you relax your mind. These supplements are helpful for mental clarity and eliminate anxiety. It will help you sleep with a clear mind and then will boost your energy when you wake up. 

The tablets use Dr. Natalie’s formula and natural ingredients entirely. This formula has Vitamin D, p5P, Zinc, L5-HTP, L-Theanine, and Passionflower. These all ingredients are purified without compromising the health of the customers. The supplement will help eliminate the disturbing repetitive thoughts, fatigue, and concentration. 

Now experience a different kind of energy in your daily routine!


  • Helps you eliminate the zinc deficiencies
  • Relaxes your body and mind
  • Sweet berry flavor
  • Natural Ingredients


  • These supplements may result in constipation
Neuropotential - Advanced Orthomolecular Formula

Neuropotential Wellness Formula helps to reduce mental depression and helps you relax. It has thirteen ingredients that, in combination, work to eliminate anxiety and make you feel relaxed and tension free. It will help you reduce the issue of sleeplessness, and you will get healthy and sound sleep. 

The supplement will eliminate panic attacks, and you will feel better. If your kids are facing issues in concentration and learning, then this supplement will help them in both. Moreover, it will also improve your memory. 

Most people gain weight because of depression and anxiety. It will also help you to reduce weight.  The supplement supports your mental health and improves overall wellness. Two tablets a day with a balanced diet will help you in dealing with all your anxiety problems.


  • Maximizes brain energy
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Natural
  • No side effects


  • These supplements are not suggested for younger kids
Zenapin- IR

Zenapin Calming Remedy is made up of natural herbs and ingredients that do not have side effects. It will relieve your stress and anxiety and will help you sustain your peace of mind. Do not let your depression and anxiety ruin the fun of your life. 

The herbs in this supplement include passionflower, chamomile, kava kava, and Ashwagandha. The supplement uses a liquid formula to ensure better absorption and to increase effectiveness. These features make it better than other supplements.

This formula will calm your mind. The ingredients that are put together under the vigilant monitoring of expert herbalists. These herbs will boost your mood faster and will keep you healthy.


  • Mood Booster
  • Quick Absorption
  • Liquid Formula
  • Good Quality


  • The taste is not good
Adrenal Health by Healths Harmony

The supplements help you balance your cortisol flow as both access and deficiency of cortisol can lead to complications. Hence, you have to adjust your cortisol level and maintain it to get stable mental health. 

All the ingredients support the balance in your mental health by eliminating the anxiety and stress from your life. The supplements include natural ingredients like L-Tyrosine, Ginseng, Suma Root, Rhodiola Root, Holy Basil leaf, etc. Each ingredient works in coordination with others for your adrenal support. 

The supplement helps to make your body adaptable to stress levels. You also get a chance to enjoy a sound sleep through this supplement. It is manufactured in a facility which is tested and registered by the FDA. If you are feeling less energetic and have a foggy mind, the supplement will give you an energy boost and you will feel better.


  • Balance your cortisol level
  • The production of these supplements involves GMP techniques.
  • Keeps you calm and free of stress


  • These supplements may upset your stomach

Alprazium has unique ingredients that work together to make your mind and body relaxed. This supplement will help you cope up with panic attacks and make you capable of dealing with situations calmly.

As the supplement consists of herbal ingredients, there is no side effect. It is affordable and inexpensive. The depression supplement is manufactured according to the high standards of the FDA. 

The company also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee in case you do not feel any positive effect of the product. These pills even work for your long term anxiety issue. Simply make your life relaxing with these fantastic pills!


  • Manufactured according to the standards of the FDA
  • Deal with long term anxiety
  • Boost Mood
  • Money-back Guarantee


  • The drug makes you feel foggy

Buying Guide

The progress has been way too slow, but finally, we are at a point in society where a majority of the people, regardless of their educational or monetary status, accept that mental disorders are not supernatural forces. Rather these are actual diseases that can hinder our ability to function normally in day to day life just like any other physical illness.

There are so many variations in this field regarding the type of depression and then the effects of it on the body and the correct supplements required to counteract these effects. Depression can manifest itself in your body in many ways. 

This disease is not deadly in itself, but it can force one to become a dreadful person that kills the lively personality that once used to belong to them. To fight this disease, one needs as much help as they can, from the support of their loved ones to medicines and supplements. 

About Supplements that Help with Depression

Various supplements adopt different courses of action in order to boost the mood while fighting depression. The adrenal glands release a series of hormones called corticoids, some of which have a positive effect on mood. 

These supplements tend to target these hormones and boost their production in the adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla. These hormones are generally called glucocorticoids and indirectly influence our brain to produce more serotonin, which provides a good mood.

The second course of action of these supplements is through vitamins and minerals. Some proven vitamins help in the treatment of all types of depression. These are all mood lifters and are not meant for primary treatment. If you have severe depression, these supplements can only help you calm down and cannot treat the underlying condition. 

The rest of the mechanisms and courses of action are explained in detail below, with features of such supplements and aspects deemed necessary in the best supplements to help fight depression. 

Vitamins and Minerals 

The reason vitamins and minerals are placed as the very first aspect to consider before purchasing supplements for depression is because they do not have any side effects if taken according to their RDA. 

For every person out there, healthy or unfit, vitamins and minerals help in their daily life. Every organ in our body needs vitamins to retain their healthy biological mechanisms and conditions. 

In depression, some certain vitamins have proven to benefit the mood. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal), vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin B12 (cobalamin) are just a few of the front runners of the battle against depression. 

Minerals that help fight depression are magnesium and calcium. These are the main minerals that can be easily made available by consuming a healthy diet or taking these supplements. 

Whenever you are buying any depression supplements, please consider these vitamins as they are essential mood lifters as well as they are necessary for the regular functionality of our organs.


Everything is viable for the human body, but in limits. Even the things that seem to be beneficial, can become deadly if taken without caution. These supplements target depression mainly by directly or indirectly increasing the supply of hormones that are responsible for a good mood. 

While doing that, they end up creating some by-products as a result of a series of necessary reactions. The primary hormones and vitamins are not toxic to a harmful extent because our body can easily filter them out, but the by-products can become toxic because they can be filtered only at a given rate. So if you take supplements, the amount of these toxins can increase, and they, in turn, can cause serious damage instead of helping out the body.


It is one of the basic concerns of people who take psychiatric supplements and drugs that they might end up getting addicted to them. The concern that if one does not get addicted but gets dependent on the drug forever to maintain their normal health state is also valid.

Certain rules need to be followed while administering these supplements as well as during production from the company’s end. If you follow the clear instructions of dosage and the production line has followed the FDA’s orders, then you will probably not be in the danger of becoming addicted to them.

Target Hormones 

We gave a little peek about the course of action of these supplements earlier, one of which was by targeting hormones such as corticosteroids that directly and indirectly boost the immune system as well as increase production of hormones in the brain that help depression patients. These hormones help increase the amounts of cortisol from adrenal glands, which in turn, go through a series of mechanisms to help calm a person down. Look at the target hormones of the supplement you are buying to know more about them.


There is a set limit of the dosage of these supplements and a time limit in which they can be taken. There are multiple reasons for that, as we have explained earlier, one of them is the chance of toxic by-products to accumulate in the body. 

Secondly, it is important to follow the instructions of your physician to the core because these supplements are only viable within a given range and in a given time. After the supplement has completed its half-life, it will get eliminated from the system. 

After a certain limit, it will not have any additional benefits; rather, it would simply get excreted out. It would be an utter waste of money if you ingest more than the advised amount of these supplements.


We know for sure that elements that exist in nature do not have any side effects until we abuse them. So, it is vital for a supplement to not produce toxic effects in our body, and it is only possible if the extracts and ingredients of these supplements are organic. 

If the supplements are all organic, then the body does not have to go through any additional difficulty & stress to process them.

Sleep Cycle 

All of the life present on this earth has a biological cycle in their body, sort of a natural alarm clock, that helps the body go to sleep and wake up on time. It works with the presence and absence of light. With artificial light all around us, this bio cycle has already been disturbed. If a helping drug or supplement has any negative effect on the sleep cycle, it will be catastrophic and destroy the functional ability of a person. 

The timing, the dosage, and the target hormones all come together to create the perfect balance, and then it is in your hands to take the supplements at an appropriate time.

Omega 3 and omega 6

These are the fatty acids that are essential for the normal functioning of our body that need to be taken in through our diet. Our immune system needs to be healthy to fight off depression. These essential fatty acids are the ones who fight it. So look for a supplement that has them.

FDA approved 

To be certain that a supplement does not cause any harm to any vital organ of our body is to check if it has been approved by appropriate authorities. And if it has been, then you can take the supplement without any worry.

Effects on Memory

There is an increasing concern in the general public about these supplements causing deterioration in memory storage, and it is incorrect. If the supplement is FDA approved and taken in an appropriate quantity, it won’t cause any harm.


Do these supplements cure depression?

These supplements do not cure any type of depression entirely. They can be taken in addition to medication to help boost its effect, or they can be used as mood lifters. They cannot be used as the sole method of managing any type of depression.

What is a normal dosage of these supplements?

Every supplement has different ingredients and different concentrations of hormones and vitamins. The normal dosage for people who are not on any other medication is mentioned on the bottle, along with the toxic levels of dosage. 

It is best to discuss with your physician about the required dosage.

What Type of Telescope Should I Buy?

These supplements have hormone production inducers in some of the formulas, so it is advised strictly to consult your concerned physician about taking these supplements if you are on any other form of drugs that might react with the formula of these supplements and create an uncontrollable reaction in your body.

What are some effects of cortisol?

As we know that cortisol is present in most of the supplements targeting a boost in a positive mood. The other effects it might produce in your body depends upon the natural production of the hormone in the body itself.

Final Words

Depression is a disease, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. We understand it takes a lot of courage to fight from it as it often dissociates us from society. But it is essential to fight our way through it, even if we have to call out for help. 

Just like in a battle, we need different forces to attack this disease to come out as victors. Our friends and family as our support system, professional help, psychiatric medication, and supplements are some of the fighters that can help you fight this battle and emerge as heroes of the war.

We have reviewed the top 10 best supplements to help depression above, and we hope that they will help you get better soon.

Here’s to a happier, healthier you!