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Nootropics are supplements or drugs that can influence the nervous system directly or indirectly. In simple words, nootropics are stimulants of the central nervous system. The mechanism of action of nootropics is not unknown. 

How Do Nootropics Stimulate Brain

Majorly, there are two ways nootropics stimulate the brain. Both of the methods lead to the stimulation of adrenergic receptors in the brain. The receptors, when incited, produce the desired response. 

During direct stimulation nootropic elements from supplements or drinks act in place of neurotransmitters. These elements in this condition resemble neurotransmitters chemically. Thus, receptors accept them as neurotransmitters and get excited. 

This excitation leads to the generation of a response. The second method is the indirect method. As we know neurotransmitters are key to brain functionality. When neurotransmitters are depleted the brain functions slowly to preserve the leftover neurotransmitters. 

The production of neurotransmitters is a complicated process that requires many complex elements and cofactors. The nootropic supplements provide the cofactors and basic elements and initiate the process of neurotransmitter production. 

This way, nootropics replenish neurotransmitters and enhance their production leading to stimulation of the nervous system.

In today's world, with so much stress in our daily lives, our brain needs a boost of energy every now and then. This boost of energy can be provided by nootropics. Nootropic Drinks such as Focus Aid can be consumed whenever required. But note that their response is short-lived.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Additive-free
  • Allergen-free
  • Highly potent

It is universal knowledge that the human brain is the most complex organ. Our brain governs every action in our body. However, the brain has a working capacity. Often, we end up reducing the working ability of our brain with unnecessary stress.

Other times, we reduce the working ability of our brain with unnecessary stress. Usually, a particular job requires utter focus and our mind keeps wandering off. In such cases, a nootropic helps increase the effectiveness of the brain's functionality.

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    Alternatives to Focus Aid – Comparison Table

    Alternatives to Focus Aid

    We have established that nootropics are supplements that can influence the nervous system. Humans have a vast nervous system with complex biopathways. Certainly, only one product cannot encompass the entire nervous system. 

    Hence, here we provide you with some of the best alternatives to Focus Aid. 

    The Mind Lab Pro is a universal nootropic supplement. It is called a universal nootropic for two reasons. The first reason is that it influences multiple pathways of the nervous system. Such stimulation on multiple pathways leads to the enhancement of all cognitive functions. 

    The second reason is that it completely influences the most complex object known in the entire universe aka the brain. Mind Lab Pro’s universal nootropic is one of its kind. The signature blend of ingredients is the reason behind its immense success and vast functionality. 

    Every ingredient is carefully crafted and extracted to provide optimum brain stimulation. Moreover, all the ingredients have their nootropic benefits. Thus, no ingredient is added for any other purpose. In figures, Mind Lab Pro features a blend of eleven nootropic ingredients. 

    All of which are backed by solid research. The main constituents of Mind Lab Pro are citicoline, phosphatidylserine, lion's mane mushroom, and bacopa monnieri. Other supporting constituents include L tyrosine, L theanine, Maritime pine bark extract, Rhodiola Rosea, and Vitamins B(6,9,12).

    Each ingredient listed above has a very unique nootropic function. The benefits of Mind Lab Pro range from enhancing cognitive functionality to protection and nourishment of nerve cells. The executive functions enhanced by Mind Lab Pro include memory, learning, wakefulness, relaxation, focus, multitasking, optimal thinking, and faster response. 

    The mechanism of action of Mind Lab Pro is as expanded as its functionality. Firstly, Mind Lab Pro enhances cognitive functions by direct stimulation. During direct stimulation nootropic ingredients directly influence the brain receptors. 

    By stimulating receptors they prompt cognitive functions. The second method is indirect stimulation. In this method, the nootropic ingredients either act as a precursor or catalyze the production of neurotransmitters. 

    This prompts an increase in neurotransmitter concentration. This ultimately leads to receptor stimulation and action production. 

    Another way Mind Lab Pro’s nootropic supplement helps the brain is through nourishment and protection. Partial damage to nerve cells can be reversed but permanent damage cannot be reversed. 

    Some ingredients of Mind Lab Pro are focused on reversing the partial damage of nerve cells. Other ingredients protect the nerve cells from any toxic elements in the body. In this way, Mind Lab Pro ensures the longevity of brain cells. When brain cells survive for a longer duration, they remain useful as well. 

    Mind Lab Pro’s nootropic supplement is highly potent. However, it does not cause any major side effects. Older adults can also benefit from Mind Lab Pro’s nootropic. It is perfect for those who seek a higher performance rate. 

    It is perfect for those who want to facilitate their brain in learning and memorization. Mind Lab Pro also helps in memory recall, this is helpful for students of all classes. 

    Overall Mind Lab Pro lives up to its name of universal nootropic. The benefits of Mind Lab Pro cover the requirements of every individual. It is the perfect nootropic and covers all the possible benefits a nootropic can provide. 

    Moreover, it is safe to consume because it does not contain any allergens or synthetic products. It is tested by a third-party lab that ensures the highest quality products.


    • Covers 6 biopathways
    • A diverse range of benefits
    • No age restriction 
    • Highly potent 
    • Safe to consume 
    • Highest quality ensured


    • Expensive

    Mind by Performance Lab is another top quality nootropic in the market. The functionality of the Mind by Performance Lab is not as diverse as Mind Lab Pro’s nootropic. But it is still better than many other options. The mind by Performance Lab has one clear goal and that is to boost the energy without causing exhaustion. 

    Exhaustion is the result of pushing the brain to its limits. Often, there is no other option than to keep pushing our brain to its limits. This is the only way we progress as a society. However, helping the brain is not prohibited anywhere. So, Mind by Performance Lab works to prevent mental exhaustion and recovery from said exhaustion.

    Mind supplement boosts the energy in a manner that enhances the cognitive processes at the same time preventing mental exhaustion. The ingredients involved in such an advanced function include cognizin, phosphatidylserine, l tyrosine, and maritime pine bark extract. 

    Cognizin boosts the energy while phosphatidylserine protects the brain cells from any damage. L tyrosine enhances neurotransmitter production for enhanced cognitive functionality. Maritime pine bark extract relaxes the brain. 

     This perfect combination of ingredients provides a complete package of benefits. Such mental stimulation is a requirement for every person of every age. Apart from cognitive benefits, it is safe to consume for all ages and does not cause any side effects. 

    Just ingest one capsule two times a day and you will feel a good change in your day to day energy levels!


    • Third-party tested
    • Allergen-free
    • Boosts energy by 13 percent 
    • Protects and nourishes brain cells 
    • Does not contain synthetics or preservatives


    • None as such

    After a hectic day's work, without the benefits of any nootropic, the brain gets exhausted. In this state of exhaustion, the creative processes cease. Most people use energy boosters such as coffee. However, such boosters provide energy for only a limited amount of time. They even cause jitters and extreme burnout after the initial energy boost fades. 

    The Energy by Performance Lab provides an alternative option to boost energy. More often than not, everyone requires a boost in energy in their daily routines. Most people heavily depend on coffee for this energy boost. 

    However, the side effects of coffee even worsen the performance when observed from a broad point. However, the Energy by Performance Lab is a clean source. It does not cause any jitters or repetitive behavior. Even it prevents crashes and burnouts associated with other energy sources. 

    The mechanism of action of Performance Lab Energy involves an increase in the activity of mitochondria. As we all know, mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. Energy by Performance Lab boosts power generation at a cellular level. This leads to a boost in performance without any side effects. 

    The brain consumes the most energy in the body. Hence, a higher energy production leads to better brain performance. Energy by Performance Lab contains a blend of ingredients that are cofactors for energy production in mitochondria. 

    In one way or the other, the ingredients of energy supplements enhance the rate of turnover in mitochondria. This leads to higher energy production. It is considered a nootropic because the brain is one of the highest energy-consuming organs. 

    Lack of energy reduces brain functionality. So, a clean source of energy sustains and facilitates cognitive processes. Thus, it is also termed a nootropic. Energy by Performance Lab is one of the best nootropics in the market.


    • A clean source of energy 
    • Free of additives 
    • Allergen-free 
    • Third-party tested


    • Not calorie free

    Caffeine + by Performance Lab, is a clean alternative for coffee junkies. This supplement is one of its kind as it provides all the benefits associated with coffee with no side effects. The reason coffee is disregarded now for energy enhancement is because of its low range effect and jitters. 

    Caffeine + is an alternative that provides the energy from caffeine without the jitters. And the effect is biologically modified to last longer. Thus, it does not cause burnout or mental exhaustion. 

    The main constituents of stim include caffeine and theanine. Caffeine is a known nootropic but it also induces side effects such as jitters. However, the caffeine extract used in Performance Lab Caffeine + is devoid of such side effects due to exclusion of such elements during the extraction process. 

    Moreover, caffeine is excreted out of the body very fast. But the caffeine in Performance Lab Caffeine + remains steady in the circulation with the help of suntheanine. This way Caffeine + provides the mental stimulation related to caffeine for a longer duration. 

    Using Performance Lab Caffeine + two times a day can increase alertness, memory, and overall energy level of the body and brain. In addition to energy production, Caffeine + supports the production of neurotransmitters.

    L tyrosine and B vitamins in the formula of Caffeine + enhance the production of a variety of neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters then improve cognitive functionality and executive functions. 

    In contrast to regular caffeine, stim also increases alpha brain wave production. Alpha waves induce relaxation so the brain never gets to the point of burnout. Last but not the least, the vitamins in the formula help nourish the cells of the entire body.


    • Healthy caffeine 
    • No jitters
    • No burnout 
    • Nourishes the brain cells
    • Third-party tested
    • Synthetic and allergen-free
    • Prolonged energy production


    • Does not contain cognizin

    Omega 3 is a type of fat that is not only healthy but necessary for our body. Omega 3 is naturally found in fish meat and fish oils. Unfortunately, Omega 3 is not readily available in the modern diet. Since it is a necessity for the normal functionality of our cells, we should take it in supplement form. 

    Other supplements of Omega 3 are derived from fish meat or fish oil. However, Performance Lab’s Omega 3 is derived from sea algae that provide Omega 3 to the fishes. DHA and EPA are further constituents of Omega 3. 

    These two elements have a significant impact on nerve health and nerve transduction. DHA and EPA have a significant impact on the cell surfaces as they enhance the flexibility of cell membranes. Thus, cell membrane integrity is enhanced which leads to better functionality and provides protection. 

    Omega 3’s DHA and EPA are also involved in the process of neurotransmitter production. In so many ways, Omega 3 helps our brain's vitality. This includes reducing the effect of aging-related destruction of cells. Moreover, they do so by rebuilding neural pathways which enhances memory as well as learning abilities. 


    • Allergen or synthetic free
    • Is not polluted with heavy metals
    • Does not have a fishy aftertaste or smell
    • A highly potent form of omega 3 fatty acids
    • Protects the cells from aging


    • Does not directly impact cognitive functionality

    CBD is a member of a family of psychoactive compounds. The cannabinoid family contains about 113 known elements, out of which only CBD has therapeutic benefits. CBD does not cause intoxication or ‘high’. It only positively affects the brain. 

    The endocannabinoid system of our brain assists the prefrontal cortex for some cognitive abilities. These cognitive abilities include memory, wakefulness, neural communication, and responsiveness. The system lags when neurotransmitters are depleted but not replenished. 

    CBD has a chemical formula that resembles neurotransmitters of the endocannabinoid system. Thus, it acts as a replacement when neurotransmitters are depleted. CBD attaches to the receptors and incites a response and continues supporting cognitive processes. 

    Moreover, CBD also has some antioxidative benefits. It protects the brain cells and neural networks from all sorts of damage. CBD even supports the regeneration of slightly damaged nerve cells. By protecting the cells, preventing and reversing damage, CBD ensures the longevity of brain functions. 

    Last but not least, CBD also induces relaxation by destressing the brain. It is the perfect solution to relax after a stressful day’s work. 


    • Effective in inducing relaxation 
    • Directly provides nootropic effects
    • Highly potent
    • Third-party tested


    • Not suitable for all ages

    The majority of scientific studies show that multivitamins are necessary for a healthy individual. Future Kind is an efficient supplement for boosting mental clarity, energy, immune system, and lowers anxiety. They have combined the magnesium and other ingredients in a very unique way. 

    The design of the supplement makes it biodegradable as compared to other vegan supplements. That is why it is a good focus aid alternative. It is gentle on the digestive system and increases energy levels. The magnesium is active in the supplement which helps it to get absorbed quickly. 

    Future Kind uses active magnesium which is fast in absorption as compared to magnesium carbonate. Chelated magnesium promotes high magnesium retention. It makes the body tolerate the magnesium in a better way without having nasty effects on the body.

    Plenty of research has gone into the manufacturing of this product. Future Kind works in FDA and GMP-certified facilities. Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They deliver high-quality products to the customers.


    • Improve and sustain energy
    • Boosts immunity
    • Supports Clear Thinking
    • Improve mood
    • Eco-friendly
    • Improves sleep 
    • Lowers anxiety


    • None

    Focus Aid - A Nootropic Drink

    What is Focus Aid

    Focus Aid is a nootropic beverage. The purpose of Focus Aid is to provide a clean source of energy as compared to other energy drinks. Most energy drinks contain caffeine from coffee beans. This makes these drinks prone to causing jitters and burnouts. 

    However, Focus Aid features a formula devoid of coffee bean caffeine. Thus, it does not cause any jitters. It is a nootropic beverage with multiple cognitive functionalities enhancing elements. The main target of Focus Aid is the brain. 

    The ingredients of Focus Aid are managed in such a manner to provide a clean and long term source of energy that does not end in mental burnout. A proprietary blend featured by Focus Aid provides the perfect solution to energy deprivation and cognitive enhancement. 

    Mechanism of Action of Focus Aid

    Focus Aid has a two-ply mechanism of action. It affects the brain directly as well as indirectly. As explained above during direct stimulation the nootropic elements directly stimulate the adrenergic receptors in the brain. 

    GABA is the main constituent of Focus Aid and a prominent neurotransmitter. GABA directly stimulates the brain cells and improves cognitive functions. The executive functions enhanced by GABA include memory, focus, and mental clarity. 

    During indirect stimulation, Focus Aid stimulates the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Increased production of neurotransmitters leads to natural stimulation of the nervous system. 

    In addition to nervous system stimulation for cognitive functions, Focus Aid also provides instant energy. The caffeine in Focus Aid is added to provide a boost of energy. It increases wakefulness and responsiveness in a person. 

    The plant-based caffeine is extracted from green tea and yerba mate so it does not cause any jitters. Lastly, Focus Aid also provides protection and nourishment to cells of the nervous system. The B vitamins in the formula provide nourishment to the cells. 

    They also aid in the preservation of the nervous system by protecting nerve cells from any damage. The B vitamins are also involved in indirect stimulation. Many B vitamins act as precursors for neurotransmitter production. 

    In many ways, Focus Aid stimulates the central nervous system to perform its functions effectively. It enhances the response rate and pulls the brain out of mental exhaustion by providing a boost of energy. 

    Ingredients in Focus Aid

    Focus Aid contains six main nootropic ingredients. The main nootropic ingredients of Focus Aid are GABA and caffeine. All of the ingredients of Focus Aid are sourced from plants. So it is safe to consume for vegetarians. It does not contain any nuts or allergens so it does not tweak any allergies after consumption. 

    • Main Nootropic Ingredients

    The main nootropic ingredients include GABA, Caffeine, Alpha-GPC, and acetyl L-carnitine. Yerba mate and green tea are the sources of caffeine for Focus Aid. Both of them are non-coffee sources. So they do not support the side effects associated with coffee. 

    The caffeine in Focus Aid is natural as well as free from side effects. Such caffeine improves alertness and energy levels without causing jitters and mental exhaustion. It also lasts for a longer time in the plasma so it does not cause burnout after an instant boost in energy. 

    The alpha GPC in the constituents of Focus Aid is associated with acetylcholine. In reality, Alpha GPC is a choline compound and stimulates the production of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine on the other hand is a neurotransmitter. Thus, in this manner, Focus Aid stimulates the nervous system indirectly by increasing the production of acetylcholine.

    Acetyl L carnitine is an acetylated form of L carnitine. It is naturally produced in our body to protect the brain from various disease-associated damage. In Focus Aid, acetyl L carnitine is directly provided to the system to enhance the benefits and further reduce the risk of any damage. 

    Acetyl L carnitine also helps reduce memory loss in age-related and chronic illnesses. In younger adults, it helps restore the brain cells to their original vitality and vigor. The last nootropic ingredient in Focus Aid is a range of B vitamins. 

    Most nootropic supplements or drinks contain one or two B vitamins. However, Focus Aid contains all the B vitamins in it from thiamine to pantothenic acid. Some B vitamins such as niacin and pyridoxine are directly associated with the process of neurotransmitter production. Other B vitamins provide nourishment to the cells and reduce oxidative stress from the body. 

    • Secondary Ingredients 

    In addition to the above-mentioned constituents, Focus Aid also includes vitamin C and vitamin D. Both of these vitamins have tremendous benefits for the brain and body. The addition of these two vitamins makes Focus Aid a very well-rounded nootropic drink. For sweetness and flavor, agave is added to the beverage. 

    Focus Aid also contains carbonated water to give it a little zing. The melon flavor of the Focus Aid is not synthetic at all. Moreover, the sweetness of the drink comes from stevia which is a natural plant-sourced zero-calorie sweetener. 

    In conclusion, this proprietary blend of ingredients works perfectly together to produce a series of responses expected from a top-quality nootropic. 

    The potency of Focus Aid

    Focus Aid drink is highly potent because it contains strengthened nootropic ingredients. Even though all of the ingredients are plant-based. Only specific elements are extracted from plants and added to the mix. 

    No irrelevant elements make it to the blend. The elements are chosen based on their nootropic properties. This factor makes Focus Aid a highly potent nootropic. As we explained earlier, the caffeine in Focus Aid is extracted from yerba mate and green tea extract. 

    Both of them are plant sources. One can of Focus Aid provides 100 mg of caffeine. One can of Focus Aid beverage is considered one dose. One can contain 12 Fl oz of liquid drink.  The strength of other nutrients is mentioned on the can. A daily value is also established on the basis of a 2000 calorie diet. 

    Even with such high potency, it is not considered an energy drink. This is because its source of energy is completely clean and plant-based. Its entire focus is not only to provide energy - but it also contains nootropic elements. 

    Effects of Focus Aid 

    Focus Aid is a perfect alternative for caffeine drinkers who require a daily dose of energy. The main benefit of Focus Aid is that it provides a boost of energy in your own time. Whenever you feel a downtime alert in your brain, you can just pop open a can and replenish all the depleted resources of your brain. 

    This helps you to stay on track of a task without turning you into a caffeine addict. Once you finish Focus Aid, you feel a sudden boost in energy. All the sleepy aura fades away and your brain turns into a wakeful mode. 

    Then the nootropic elements hit and the creative processes start to function at an optimal level. Later on, the cognitive processes and executive functions start running at a peak. The attention span increases and you are able to focus on the task at hand. 

    The memory and learning aids of the nootropic elements in the Focus Aid provide you a better opportunity to understand everything around you. It also helps you recall all the information stored in your brain without exertion. 

    The supporting elements in the drink helps keep the plasma levels of nootropics and caffeine at an optimal rate for a longer duration. Thus, you remain full of energy and motivation for a longer time. 

    The plasma levels reduce gradually so you do not experience a sudden burnout. Due to a mediocre amount of caffeine, you can take multiple doses of Focus Aid in a day. The carbonated water provides a zing and alerts your body with the first sip. 

    The agave and stevia sweeteners provide a natural melon flavored sweetness to your taste buds unlike the bitter alternatives of coffee and energy drinks. Focus Aid is easier to drink and enjoy!

    Bioavailability of Focus Aid

    The only way to consume Focus Aid is to drink it. The science behind the bioavailability of nootropics is very complex. Stomach acids and digestive processes tend to destroy or reduce the digestion of non-fat elements. 

    Some of the nootropic elements are destroyed by stomach acid. Others are excreted from the body undigested. However, there is a significant amount of nootropic elements that end up in the circulation. 

    But it is with certainty that we can say that not all of the synthetic elements will reach their destination. Hence,  nootropic elements are only partially bioavailable in this mode of consumption. Since there is no other mode of consumption for Focus Aid, it is certain that it will only be partially effective as compared to its potency. 

    Is Focus Aid worth it? 

    Given the hectic routines of the working class, every now and then everyone requires a boost in energy. The alternative drinking options for such people are only coffee and energy drinks. In such a scenario, Focus Aid is a perfect beverage that provides energy as well as nootropic benefits. 

    Because it provides nootropic benefits, it is considered one of the best drinkable solutions to treat mental exhaustion. Moreover, it provides an instant boost of energy. But it is certainly not a long term solution for mental exhaustion and burnouts. 

    In order to always remain at the top of your game, a more permanent solution is required. Other nootropic supplements such as capsules by Mind Lab Pro or Performance Lab have a longer and more balanced effect on the brain. 

    Focus Aid contains a generous amount of caffeine. Hence, it is not safe to consume multiple doses in a day. It is even easier to lose track of your doses in a day when you are in a rut. On the other hand, in terms of nootropic supplements, you can ensure you only consume a healthy amount each day. 

    Despite all the plant-based ingredients, Focus Aid still contains over 40 calories per can. In the case of nootropic supplements, there are no additional calories. The choice for an appropriate energy booster is all yours. 

    We have provided you with enough insight into all the aspects of Focus Aid. If you do choose to consume Focus Aid, then we advise you to monitor your intake. The sweetness of the drink often carries you away and might influence you to consume more than you intended to.