Mind Lab Pro Alternatives

Nootropic supplements improve your brain function. These are also called cognitive enhancers or smart pills and have become very popular in recent times.

Smart pills can increase your memory enhancement, clarity of mind, self-motivation, and creativity. Nowadays, professionals and students have to deal with a lot of competition, so these pills can help boost their cognitive system.

There are so many nootropic drugs you can find on the market. And they all claim to be the best, whereas the reality is quite the opposite.

Mind Lab Pro stands out of the crowd. It has all the ingredients that work like a charm. However, you can explore some other options if you are not getting the required results by consuming this particular supplement.

There is a list of the best Mind Lab Pro alternatives to guide you in this regard. But here's why we recommend Mind Lab Pro to enhance your cognitive abilities.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Completely vegan and 100% natural formula.
  • 11 research-based ingredients for a brain boost.
  • Improves overall mental health and ability to focus.
  • Prevents fatigue and insomnia.
  • Easy to swallow and digest.

The Mind Lab Pro is the first-ever universal nootropic and a complete dietary supplement that OptiNutra develops. The formula contains an optimum blend of Lion's Mane Mushroom, phosphatidylserine (PS), Citicoline, Bacopa Monnieri, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

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    Mind Lab Pro Alternatives – Comparison Table

    Mind Lab Pro Alternatives- Product Reviews

    In this section, we review the Top 10 Mind Lab Pro Alternatives

    Indubitably, your brain is the most crucial organ in your body because it controls every other organ. If it is not performing well, you might lose your entire body functioning and activity.

    Mind Lab Pro ensures your brain gets all the nutrients to perform these activities. It contains 11 different nootropics in its formula, and that's why it is called the Universal Nootropic.

    This supplement works in six different bio-pathways that will increase your cognitive activity. It supports your immune system and helps keep your brain away from any diseases.

    With age, we develop dementia and other brain issues, which can lead to memory loss. This is a prolonged yet lethal process and can influence your life entirely. One of the ingredients in this formula is Lion's Mane Mushroom, which stimulates growth and brain activity.

    Moreover, there is bacopa monnieri among the ingredients that can promote relaxation and focus. It can also improve blood sugar and boosts the digestive and respiratory systems.

    Ultimately, it can stimulate your brain and release stress. The ideal dosage that you can take daily needs to be discussed with your doctor, and it will provide your brain with long-lasting support.


    • Ingredients with high potency.
    • Improved critical thinking.
    • Boosts creativity.
    • Relieves stress.
    • Better memory.
    • Enhances digestive and respiratory systems.


    • Slightly expensive

    Vital Vitamins is the number one alternative to Mind Lab Pro if you are inclined to consume some other product to boost your brain. The best feature of this supplement is, it enhances your brain's focus and concentration.

    To improve your brain, Vital Vitamin is the right choice. It explicitly emphasizes your brain's ability to focus and can be used by both men and women.

    This formula's ingredients include mind enhancement, ginkgo biloba, IQ neuro energy, DMAE, bacopa monnieri, vitamin B12, etc. Each of these capsules contains high-quality minerals and vitamins along with herbal extracts. None of these ingredients have any hormones and are gluten-free as well.

    This formula boosts not only memory but also improves clarity and focus. According to the instructions, you need to take a pill and wait for around 48 hours for any side effects. You will have to seek immediate medical assistance if there are any side effects. If you don't experience anything unusual, you can carry on with your daily dosage.


    • Improves memory.
    • Boosts clarity and focus.
    • Improves overall brain activity.


    • This supplement takes a while to create an effect.

    This formula focuses entirely on mushroom extracts that help improve your overall brain activity and functions. It features reishi, cordyceps, and lion's mane to be its primary ingredients that focus on the brain and strengthen your immune system. It's an entirely natural formula that creates natural energy inside you.

    Because your brain is oozing with energy, your body starts to respond positively, and it turns out to be an excellent stress reliever. This formula also supports your liver and boosts the overall digestive system.

    The nutrients from it go to your mind and body for a further boost. This supplement is free from any caffeine or hormones that can negatively influence your body or mind.

    The entire formula focuses on brain improvement and liver detoxification to cleanse your body and mind. It's a complete wellness formula. There are so many mushrooms that humans tend to share their DNA with. And they are a true superfood in nature. That's what this formula is beneficial if you are looking to reach your mind goals.


    • Mushroom-based supplement to boost your mind, body, and soul.
    • It boosts your overall immune system.
    • It helps in building cognitive ability and focus.
    • Completely caffeine-free.
    • Liver detoxification and digestive improvement.


    • Works on overall immunity and digestive systems far better than the brain.

    Several people complain about these nootropic supplements that they are not great on the digestive systems. And it is the primary reason that Mind Lab Pro has been so effective because it doesn't come with any side effects.

    But if you are looking to boost your immune system and your brain functioning, you should choose Dr. Emil Lion's Mane capsules. So, you won't have to deal with any digestive problems after consuming this supplement.

    These capsules come with absorption enhancers. So, even if you have any digestive issues, this supplement will eradicate them. Its formula contains 100% organic extract of Lion's Mane to boost overall brain activity.

    You will be able to think with more fluidity and focus for longer periods. It is a 100% natural formula with organic extracts and doesn't contain any GMO or gluten. The formula also features black pepper extract, which is equally effective in aiding absorption.

    So, with maximum dosage and better absorption, you will get the best results. It can significantly improve your cognitive performance and enhance memory retention. As it helps in absorption, this pill will be beneficial in improving your digestive system. This formula will help you in fighting physical and mental fatigue as well.


    ● Excellent for improving digestion.
    ● Boosts memory retention capability of the brain.
    ● Better immune system.
    ● High dosage of all ingredients for better results.
    ● Doesn't contain GMOs or gluten.


    ● More effective initially for some users.

    Here's another effective alternative of the Mind Lab Pro that emphasizes clarity and focus. And along the way, it will also improve your brain's ability to retain information. This formula contains DMAE, bacopa monnieri, rhodiola rosea, ginkgo biloba, and much more.

    All these ingredients are superfoods for your brain. It has been carefully crafted and has the right amount of ingredients to make sure you get the best results. This supplement improves your cognitive abilities and critical thinking.

    Your brain cells and neurons will get more oxygen and energy to burn. It means you get a clear mind to think with more focus than ever before. As your brain is getting a boost, it will also help in releasing stress. You will feel more energized throughout the day and improved productivity.

    You need to consume one pill a day, and that's it. Zhou uses the ingredients with the highest quality and follows good manufacturing practices. It ensures the users get the best results. Similar is the case with these brain pills.


    ● Improves alertness and mental energy.
    ● Better mental accuracy and memory retention.
    ● Enhances clarity of mind and concentration.
    ● The better mood throughout the day.


    ● It might reduce your appetite.

    The Neurotic Supplement by Huntington is a true memory booster to reduce anxiety. With fewer doubts in your mind, you will focus for a longer period. It is an excellent option to consider if you are a student or a professional because you need more energy to retain information.

    This formula has been developed to improve your overall brain activity. The best part is, it is equally effective for men and women. This is a vitamin-rich formula that contains Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Folate, Calcium, and Iron.

    Plus, it tastes nice with the fruity flavor. This formula is certified organic and doesn't contain any hormones. It contains the natural extracts of green tea. And there are brain nutrients to increase the energy in your brain cells. You will get a memory boost and cognitive improvements.

    You can add this supplement to brews and even your energy drinks to get the boost you have always been looking for. It is an entirely organic way to get your things done. Moreover, with the green tea extract, you will improve your mood and feel happier throughout the day.


    • It relaxes your mind and lifts your mood.
    • Better concentration and focus.
    • You will get more brainpower and productivity.
    • It can be used with teas and energy drinks.


    • The results can be inconsistent at times for daily dosages.

    This brain support supplement by Neuriva is rich in vitamins and provides the necessary ingredients to get a boost. It will focus on six different indicators of your overall brain health. These include reasoning, concentration, accuracy, learning, memory, and focus.

    Therefore, you will increase your brain activities and enjoy a healthy brain and body.

    The ingredients used in the development of this formula are all clinically tested for being organic. There is plenty of research that tells you the positivities associated with plant-sourced PS and coffee cherry. That can influence your brain's overall productivity and functionality.

    As this formula features organic ingredients, you won't have to worry about GMOs or gluten. This supplement is entirely vegan and decaffeinated. You can also test your skills and measure your performance with the Neurive app's help.

    You can compare the score before and after eating these tablets. So, Neuriva allows you to assess these tablets' performance on your own and see the results.


    • It is designed to advance six different brain performance indicators.
    • Features coffee cherry that is great for brain performance.
    • Comes with all-natural ingredients.
    • 100% vegan.


    • Some amounts of caffeine might be there.

    This is a natural brain supplement that can serve to be an excellent alternative to Mind Lab Pro. It's a fast-acting supplement that will produce results for you in no time.

    Some of the top ingredients in this formula include ginkgo biloba, bacopa, St. John's wort, phosphatidylserine, and others. All these ingredients have been scientifically approved to enhance brain function significantly.

    This formula is entirely caffeine-free, and if you are looking to consume a supplement that doesn't contain caffeine, your search is over. Most brain supplements tend to come with caffeine to improve focus and reduce dizziness. But they have their side effects because if your brain doesn't rest well, it will get tired quickly.

    But thankfully, with NeroIgnite, you won't have to deal with this issue. The supplement will allow you to rest well and start your new day with new energy. Therefore, this formula boosts your memory, mood, and cognitive abilities significantly.

    With more energy, you will have less stress to deal with. And it will positively influence your mood. The supplement improves brain function and energy levels. It will allow you to concentrate more and remain positive.

    You will have clarity in your thinking and stay focused naturally. Each of the servings contains 640mg of high potency extracts and easy to swallow.


    • Improves mood and reduces anxiety.
    • Enhances brain function significantly.
    • Boosts clarity and energy levels.
    • Assists in clear thinking and concentration.


    • It might increase restlessness for some.

    If you are looking to improve your diet, this is the best alternative to Mind Lab Pro. Its formula contains ingredients that will make you feel hungry by increasing your metabolism. But it doesn't mean it will negatively impact your digestive system.

    To consume this supplement, make sure you have a healthy lifestyle. The formula itself contains ingredients that will improve concentration, focus, and retention capabilities.

    A lot of credit goes to bacopa monnieri and L-theanine in this formula. These two ingredients make sure your brain has enough oxygen and energy at all times to keep you going.

    It is suitable for both men and women. And the primary ingredient to this supplement is Vitamin B6. This improves your ability to use the stored energy from carbs and proteins in the foods. It will also boost the oxygen flow throughout your body and make you more energetic.

    If you are studying or working, this supplement will allow you to concentrate more. Plus, you will be able to retain twice and recall it whenever you want.

    The chemical composition of this supplement doesn't contain any harmful or artificial substances. You won't have to worry about caffeine, gluten, or GMOs because everything is natural and organic.


    • Improves digestive system.
    • Increase oxygen flow throughout the body.
    • You will feel more energetic throughout the day.
    • Doesn't contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives.


    • Food is a must with these pills.

    A hectic routine can trigger fatigue, insomnia, and stress. We have discovered a healthy and pure supplement. It supports immunity and improves the low energy level. Future Kind is an organic, clean, and safe vegan supplement.

    It has incorporated chelated magnesium glycinate which makes this product unique from others. The supplement contains vegetarian mixings which makes it a good alternative to Mind Lab Pro. The supplement improves mental clarity, lowers anxiety, and elevates mood. 

    The natural form of magnesium is calm on the digestive system and absorbs quickly. It supports the immunity system and boosts energy levels. The supplement starts to work within a week. After consuming it for a week, you will start to observe results. 

    It lowers stress, anxiety, and tension. It makes the brain supper relaxed at night and energetic in the morning. The other magnesium supplements are problematic because they do not care to make the magnesium biodegradable. 

    This supplement was designed with maximum biodegradability which requires three ingredients.  It contains active magnesium and amino acid to make it biodegradable. It absorbs quickly into the body. The capsules are formed with plant-based ingredients which makes the supplement cruelty-free.


    • Supports quality sleep 
    • Lowers anxiety 
    • Biodegradable 
    • Eco-friendly 
    • Lifts energy 
    • Supports joints 
    • Relief headaches 
    • Supports heart health


    • None

    Mind Lab Pro – Best overall

    Why we Recommend

    • Completely vegan and 100% natural formula.
    • 11 research-based ingredients for a brain boost.
    • Improves overall mental health and ability to focus.
    • Prevents fatigue and insomnia.
    • Easy to swallow and digest.

    The Mind Lab Pro is the first-ever universal nootropic and a complete dietary supplement that OptiNutra develops. The formula contains an optimum blend of Lion's Mane Mushroom, phosphatidylserine (PS), Citicoline, Bacopa Monnieri, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

    This formula improves the overall cerebral functions of the brain for all ages. It will enhance your attention span and memory retention if you have an active lifestyle.

    Another benefit of this universal nootropic is, it helps in your brain's creative processes and improves mental clarity. It can assist you in reducing stress and anxiety and significantly improves motivation.

    Mind Lab Pro is the premium quality formula for adults seeking support for verbal communication, memory, mental clarity, and mood.

    These nootropics supplements are an excellent way to support learning, storage, and recall in students while enhancing their minds' power to battle stress.

    Any athlete can use it to boost performance, workout intensity and improves overall willpower.

    Furthermore, it boosts performance from the weight room right up to game time, promoting optimal brain chemistry for motivation, willpower, and intensity.

    This supplement can do wonders in your professional life by keeping your mind calm, sharpening strategic thinking, and clearing memory that propels you to achieve anything.

    The various nutrients in this formula have enhanced potency to increase the overall bioavailability to protect and nourish the brain cells. If you are looking for a complete formula, Mind Lab Pro should be your choice.


    • Boosts work performance.
    • It eradicates anxiety and intoxicates the mind.
    • Optimum brain chemistry for motivation.
    • Clean, safe, effective, and legal.
    • Longer mental alertness.


    • Slightly expensive

    Best Mind Lab Pro Alternatives – Final Word

    Hands down, the best nootropic that is available on the market is the Mind Lab Pro. It is a universal nootropic and includes eleven different supplements in one. It means it not only focuses on your brain but your body as well.

    Plus, it is made of 100% organic ingredients. So, you won't have to deal with any side effects. But it will cost you a lot more than other alternatives. You can try out different options that we have listed above. But for the best results, Mind Lab Pro has a significant lead over the others.