Neuriva Review

If you’re reading this in 2024, there is a good chance that you have heard of brain boosters. They are carefully manufactured supplements that help you to improve your cognitive health such as memory retention, learning capability, wakefulness.

Moreover, they give you that boost of motivation that you need. If that sounds good to you, then this Neuriva Review is for you. 

Without wasting time any further, let’s begin!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Improves sleep pattern
  • Caffeine-free
  • Effective

Mind Lab Pro is a brain-boosting nootropic, constructed to improve your wakefulness and learning capacity. Mind Lab has a pretty extensive website for anyone who wishes to know more about the product. 

What makes this supplement unique and better than others, is the fact that this supplement has ingredients that work together to target more than one brain pathway. This way, this supplement is able to improve and enhance a lot of different aspects of brain activity including memory, focus, attention span, motivation, etc.

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    Alternatives to Neuriva – Comparison Table

    Alternatives to Neuriva

    Looking for better alternatives to Neuriva? You have come to the right place!

    Mind Lab Pro is a brain-boosting nootropic, constructed to improve your wakefulness and learning capacity. Mind Lab has a pretty extensive website for anyone who wishes to know more about the product. 

    What makes this supplement unique and better than others, is the fact that this supplement has ingredients that work together to target more than one brain pathway. This way, this supplement is able to improve and enhance a lot of different aspects of brain activity including memory, focus, attention span, motivation, etc. 

    This way, the supplement is multitasking and improving the health of the brain altogether. Mind Lab has quite a few claims regarding their product. The supplement is an all-rounder or universal supplement, improving brain health altogether. 

    The active ingredients along with the preservatives and additives in the product are safe and friendly for all ages and different calibers. The supplement has an instant effect in improving your motivation level and focus.

    The wide blend of ingredients has an effect on all aspects of the brain. An extensive explanation and research on the workability of the ingredients really ensure the fact that this supplement is a great option to go for. 

    For instance, L-tyrosine is seen to have an effect on the maintenance of brain chemicals and also perform neuroprotective functions. Both of these functions play a firsthand role in the overall performance of the brain.


    • Effective
    • Highly potent
    • Safe to Use
    • High-Quality
    • Quality Ingredients


    • Expensive

    Performance Lab has one of the most well-known supplements and nootropics of all. They have been around for a while and have instantly gone to the top due to the incredible performance of their supplements. 

    Performance Lab Mind is specially curated for people especially suffering from attention loss and quick and easy burnouts. If you’re one of the few people who quickly get distracted or have a hard time focusing after a certain amount of time, then this product is the best option for you.

    Performance Lab Mind has brain-boosting and attention improving properties. It has an ultramodern formula that helps you to compensate for the stress-induced burnouts and really helps you get back on track. 

    It keeps you motivated to get tasks done. Like most brain-boosting supplements, Performance Lab Mind offers a good blend of ingredients to support good brain health and improve the cognitive functioning of the brain as a whole. 

    Memory improvement, quick learning, enhanced attention span, improved focus, better blood flow, flexible and healthy neural structure, and improved multitasking are some of the basic functions that Performance Lab Mind. 

    One active ingredient that Performance Lab Mind has is Cognizin. Cognizin or citicoline is a naturally occurring compound that can really help in optimizing brain functions via the addition of phospholipids. Moreover, it is perfect for improving learning and attention by raising the amount of acetylcholine. 

    Performance Lab Mind provides energy to the brain by optimizing mitochondria. It helps induce alertness and wakefulness by promoting proper blood flow to the brain. Moreover, the supplement helps in the regeneration and renewal of neurons and said connections by optimizing the cellular membranes of the cells.


    • Third-party tested
    • Allergen-free
    • Protects and nourishes brain cells 
    • Does not contain -preservatives


    • None as such

    Performance Lab has one of the most well-known supplements and nootropics. They have been around for a while and have instantly gone to the top due to the incredible performance of their supplements. Performance Lab Energy increases and renews the brain’s energy to keep you going throughout the day without feeling mentally lost or exhausted.  

    The product can also be used as a pre-workout supplement as it helps you enhance your vitality and performance. The carefully designed formula works together to increase the performance and vitality of both the mind and the body. 

    Most of the energy-boosting products have an insane amount of coffee in the blend which makes the product instantly effective but it wears off quite quickly as well. Performance Lab Energy offers the same effect but long-lasting and caffeine-free. 

    Performance Lab Energy works by optimizing the mitochondria present in the brain. These optimizations help the brain to accumulate and send off that energy into the brain in order to boost the cognitive functioning of the brain.  

    Most of the supplements that claim to be caffeine-free have a bunch of other harmful additives that induce wakefulness and boost your energy. However, Performance Lab Energy has no harmful additives, no caffeine, no crash, and 100% vegan and GMO-free.  

    It has energy-boosting properties. The increased and efficient metabolic activity of the cells in the body will help you work out more and better without burning out your motivation or your muscles.


    • A clean source of energy 
    • Free of additives 
    • Allergen-free 
    • Third-party tested


    • Not calorie free

    Another amazing product from Performance Lab is Stim. It is an effective nootropic that stimulates your brain and increases your cognitive functions. This Performance Lab supplementary product is carefully designed to help you achieve efficient performance levels and active precision in your tasks. 

    Now, we’ve discussed earlier that caffeine-induced products are usually not the best as they induce too much of a rush and the effects wear off quickly before you can get anything done. However, this Performance Lab supplement claims to be “cleaner and smarter”. 

    Caffeine is present but this caffeine is mixed with other ingredients to direct its effect with greater precision. Performance Lab Caffeine + gives you that boost of energy that lasts all day. Now, you may be turned off upon seeing caffeine in the ingredient in this supplement, but let us assure you, this one is completely safe. 

    The ultramodern design of Performance Lab Caffeine + allows you a healthy and safe return from caffeine boost without making you feel exhausted after the effects wear off. This is due to the key ingredient, Ajipure® L-tyrosine

    We cannot disregard the actual positive effects of caffeine, yes, in controlled doses. Caffeine can help you to boost your cognitive abilities and your athletic performance. Especially during quarantine, we can all understand how hard it is to actually get up and get work done. 

    Performance Lab Caffeine + supplement will not let you burnout and exhaust yourself because of the replenishing ingredients such as Suntheanine®, Ajipure®, and NutriGenesis®.


    • Healthy caffeine 
    • No jitters
    • No burnout 
    • Nourishes the brain cells
    • Third-party tested
    • Synthetic and allergen-free
    • Prolonged energy production


    • Does not contain cognizin

    Neuriva is a well-known nootropic. It claims to enhance memory and other cognitive activities. Furthermore, it is an organic formula that is safe to consume. The ingredients support mental clarity. Plant-based supplements are a far more healthy option. 

    Almost 92% of vegetarians are not getting sufficient vitamins and omega-3. In this supplement, you will get all the three essential nutrients for healthy brain growth. Vitamin D, B12, and Omega-3 are essential for healthy cognitive functions. 

    Future Kind contains an exceptional mixture of these ingredients. It is 100% organic and leaves no side effects. The supplement is effective for teens and adults. What makes the Future Kind unique from others? Well, it is a pure and natural supplement. 

    The capsules are easy to swallow. Moreover, it is tested and verified safe to used by a third party. The supplement fights deficiencies in vegans. Omega-3 is very important for our brains and Vitamins D is essential to consume for healthy bones. 

    Vitamin B12 in the supplement is obtained from bacteria and helps to improve the health of nerves and blood cells. Most of the multivitamins available in the market do not contain plant-based omega-3. The reason is the cost. 

    It is expensive. However, Future Kind does not compromise on the quality of the ingredients and the health of its customers and provides the best products.


    • Improves immunity 
    • Enhances nerves health 
    • Elevates mood 
    • Improves cognitive functions 
    • Enhances energy level 
    • Supports muscles health 
    • Vital for brain health


    • The capsules have a strong citrus scent

    Dream Leaf has introduced their Galantamine Nootropic that claims to help with quite a few things. The product name, Galantamine, itself is the name of a prescription drug that is frequently used for the treatment of dementia and other memory-related problems. 

    Now, just because you tend to forget things quicker than most people doesn’t directly translate to an early onset of dementia. Those are two entirely different things. But, not being able to remember stuff, especially as a student, can be really frustrating and exhausting. 

    The first claim that the product makes is that it helps you with memory enhancement. The presence of Galantamine will treat whatever the underlying cause of your forgetfulness is. Another memory-boosting ingredient here is Acetylcholine or ACh for short. 

    ACh has been seen to be greatly involved with the portion of the hippocampus, the same portion that is directly involved with memory retention. They also claim to help you focus better on the task at hand. However, there are no compelling research articles to really back up the claim that ACh levels have any direct link with memory retention. 

    The other and more interesting claim that this product makes is that it can cause lucid dreams. Now, for those who may not know, lucid dreams are where the dreamer knows that they are dreaming and this knowledge allows them to manipulate or change any part of their dream, creating a sort of fantasy world for you.


    • Boosts memory
    • Helps with dementia
    • Natural Ingredients


    • Not backed by research

    The Genius brand store has put forth their own contribution to the world of nootropics called, Genius Joy. Genius Joy is a nootropic supplemented capsule. The genius brand has gone old school with its ingredients, using a bunch of naturally occurring herbs such as ginseng, Rhodiola, and almost 11 other botanic extracts and ingredients. 

    Now, since these ingredients have been around for quite a while, there has been a tremendous amount of research supporting the positive effects of these herbs in learning and focusing. Other than that, there are a few other ingredients in the blend as well. 

    Genius Joy has claimed to have taken a holistic approach. They have used s-adenosylmethionine, 5-HTP and a bunch of vitamins such as B12 and D. All these ingredients work together to remove anxiety and brain fog.

    This helps in making you feel more awake and focused instantly. Studies have clearly shown that the release of dopamine and serotonin leads to more motivation for that person. We are less likely to go for something that gives us anxiety and more likely to go for things that make us feel relaxed and focused. Genius Joy claims to tackle learning and memory issues in a newer and more natural way by reducing anxiety too.


    • Enhances cognitive functions 
    • Enhances neural functions
    • Supports brain health


    • Not very effective
    • Expensive

    Neuriva - A Popular Brain Booster

    What is Neuriva

    Brain boosting supplements are something we’ve all heard about. One of the most well-known and pioneering brains boosting supplements companies is Schiff. They have been around since 1936. Their Neuriva supplement comes in gummies form and retails for about 25 USD. 

    These gummies have been claimed to have a big hand in the improvement of concentration, focus, and the motivation of the individual. The power ingredients of the supplements are 100% natural and are clinically proven as well. 

    These natural extracts also allow the gummies to be available in different fruity flavors as well such as strawberry.  Neuriva is known to have 4 to 5 active ingredients and indicators in the supplement. It is known to enhance and improve focus, memory, learning, concentration, and general brain activity. 

    The first thing we need to know and understand is what exactly Neuriva is. Derived from the Greek and Latin words meaning brain and life, Neuriva is a plant extract. Other than the coffee extracts, this Neuriva supplement also has quite a few extracts. 

    Cherry extracts and sharp phosphatidylserine are two of the most common and active plant extracts in this supplement. Plants that are used in supplements need to follow a proper extraction protocol. All such plants need to be completely organic and GMO-free.

    In this way, the extracts are not contaminated and polluted. These extracts also need to be gluten-free so that they are not potential allergens either, and are safe to use for all. 

    Two of the main ingredients in Schiff’s Neuriva supplement are the neurofactor and PS or phosphatidylserine. 

    Neurofactor is a general word used for a few intermingled different polyphenols extracted from the plant source, here the plant source being Coffea Arabica. These neurofactor extracts are then taken in and decaffeinated for the production of the supplements. 

    These neuro factors are scientifically proven to encourage the production of the body’s natural neuroprotein. Another active ingredient, phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid that is present in the body. It helps to build communication between the brain cells for better understanding, focus, and concertation. 

    Regular intake of phosphatidylserine can encourage the wakefulness of the brain and hence, boost your motivation level to get started on a task that one may be dreading. Sharp PS has been seen to improve the learning capacity and memory retention of the brain simply by building more connections between brain cells. 

    How Does it Work

    Now, let’s talk about how it actually works. Skeptics have had quite a fair share in this discussion, expressing and sharing their doubts about the product. So many people have tried these supplements and have met with positive results. 

    But to explain things a bit more thoroughly and in-depth, let’s delve into the actual functionality of the product. Since the supplement has 2 commonly known ingredients both of them have their own working in the body, let’s talk about them individually.

    • Neurofactor

    First off, we have Neurofactor, the star of the show. Neurofactor is extracted from the coffee cherry plant and decaffeinated for its use in supplements. Now, what importance does Neurofactor have in terms of brain activity? 

    Neuro Factors have been seen to trigger and encourage the release of BDNF or Abrineurin. Abrineurin is a neurotrophic protein that helps in the canonical nerve growth factor. What this nerve growth factor does is that it helps in the growth, division and maintenance, and health of the brain cells. 

    Healthy and maintained brain cells will help in learning capacity and memory building power. They will help you to take a task head-on without losing focus and attention.

    • Phosphatidylserine

    Secondly, Neuriva contains phosphatidylserine. Our brain is already 60% lipid. This layer of lipid helps to keep the brain protected. The other function that this phospholipid performs is that it is able to build communication connections between the brain cells. 

    These connections help the brain to communicate with itself better. Hence, it improves memory and attention span. Not only is PS necessary for proper cognitive functioning, but PS has also been seen to aid channeling and cell communication by strengthening the integrity of the cell membrane. This is because phospholipid is the part of the cell membrane structure.  

    Ingredients of Neuriva

    Now, we’ll be taking a closer look to understand the ingredients better and to know if they truly have a positive impact on the body. 

    • Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 is a good vitamin addition. It does have quite a few beneficial functions such as improved brain function and greater memory retention. This ingredient will prove to be most helpful for individuals who do not have a good portion of vitamin B6 in their day-to-day diet. 

    Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to quite a few serious cognitive impairment issues such as Dementia. 

    • Folate 

    Folate, or more commonly known as vitamin B9, is another quite often used ingredient in the nootropics or brain boosters. These vitamins have very important functions and that function is the metabolization of the homocysteine. Homocysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in red meat such as beef and lamb. 

    As most of us have red meat in our regular diet, we’ll have a good amount of homocysteine in our body. Higher amounts of this amino acid can lead to a gradual decline in recalling memory power and overall cognitive decline. 

    Folate works by digesting these amino acids and hence, allowing the blood to flow freely without homocysteine accumulation in the blood vessels. In this way, blood will flow towards the brain easily and without obstruction. 

    • Coffee Extracts

    Neuriva has mentioned the presence of Neurofactor on their website. We know that the source plant was the Coffea Arabica. But, we don’t really know what that ingredient is. Neuriva has used a very vague and broad term here making it unclear as to what the secret active ingredient is.

    Other than that, the extract is not approved by the FDA yet. Along with that, the lack of research on the plant in regards to its cognitive properties further makes the ingredient suspicious. Therefore, in short, there is really no way of telling what the active ingredient is or if it actually works. 

    There has been research done on coffee regarding cognitive functioning and one research did report the efficacy of coffee in the release of BDNF in the body. Other than that, nothing really backs up the claims of Neuriva. 

    Dosage of Neuriva

    The required dose is mentioned on the Neuriva packaging itself. One tablet or gummy per day is usually advised, before bedtime. The timing here matters. Neuriva packaging mentions that one should take the dose daily at night before going to bed. 

    This is because when one’s asleep, the BDNF increases in the body. this way you’ll increase the efficiency of the product. 

    Side Effects of Neuriva

    There are no known side effects of Neuriva. Most of the ingredients are safe to use, as most are vitamins. Since the extracts themselves have to come from a well-documented plant, there are very few chances of any sort of contamination that may cause an adverse effect. 

    The recommended dosage is around 300mg. Excess amounts can upset one’s stomach or cause sleep issues. There may be a case of medication mingling where Neuriva may interact with your other regular medication and cause complications. 

    As for phosphatidylserine, it is relatively safe when taken orally, both for kids and adults. Side effects include insomnia and stomach issues. Both of which are pretty mild but, if you suffer from these issues already, it is advised to consult your doctor beforehand. 

    Neurofactor, on the other hand, has no reported side effects or cases. 

    Is Neuriva Worth it?

    Now, the question arises, is Neuriva worth it? Well, first of all, there is no risk involved whatsoever - the product is risk-free. None of the ingredients, together or individually, pose any threat. The product is completely safe and vegan. 

    It is also gluten-free. The plants from which the products were extracted are also GMO-free and 100% organic to make sure that the product is safe for everyone to use. 

    Overall speaking, yes. It is worth a shot. The only con here is that some people have reported no improvement in their cognitive ability. So, the product may have no effect on you. But, that’s about it. It doesn’t have any adverse effects.

    Where to Buy Neuriva

    One also has to make sure that the product is 100% genuine and authentic. Do not buy anything from a sketchy looking website or retail store. Each product will have its own active and interactive website for you to visit. On the website, you can get to know the product better and ask away any query or question that you may have regarding the product. 

    Some official websites will also mention all of their physical retailers, from where you can go and get the product. If not, you can always ask them. Some products may not offer physical retail at all, you’ll have to order them online. 

    Read reviews to get to know what experience other people had. Read the packaging carefully as well. Check the ingredients list and the expiration date. The idea of brain boosters is really old at this point. A lot of companies have brought out their own product and each seems better than the other. 

    As a consumer, you need to make sure that your product is completely safe to use. To summarize, 

    • Plants extract used in Neuriva is not FDA approved as of yet. 
    • There are no reported side effects.
    • The product has reported cases of inefficiency.