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Our brain packs a powerhouse. After all, it runs the most complex body structure in the animal kingdom. Different systems like nervous, respiratory, digestives, blood circulatory system, and many others.

No wonder our brain needs proper nutrition to run all these systems effectively. Due to hectic life schedules in modern life, our minds and bodies do not get enough nutrition. Consequently, they start deteriorating at a rapid pace.

This is where the nootropic drugs come in. They provide our brain and body with proper nutrients and boost oxygen flow through our muscles and organs. So, they can perform at an optimal level. Performance Lab Mind is a quality nootropic supplement, but there are alternatives available as well.

Let's have a look at the best ones in the following text!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Increases brain energy.
  • No side effects at all.
  • Boosts the nervous system.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Facilitates the sleeping cycle.

Our brain starts to lose energy as we grow old. Many people start developing various problems associated with sleep and anxiety. This is because the brain is not getting enough nutrients, which the Performance Lab Mind is designed to do.

It will boost your brain's activity and improve its overall functioning. It features rice concentrate and Pullulan capsules to improve nerve support and energize your brain.

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    Performance Lab Mind Alternatives – Comparison Table

    Performance Lab Mind Alternatives- Product Reviews

    In this section, we review the Top 10 Performance Lab Mind Alternatives

    Our brain starts to lose energy as we grow old. Many people start developing various problems associated with sleep and anxiety. This is because the brain is not getting enough nutrients, which the Performance Lab Mind is designed to do.

    It will boost your brain's activity and improve its overall functioning. It features rice concentrate and Pullulan capsules to improve nerve support and energize your brain.

    Plus, it doesn't contain any dairy, fish, egg, or soy; it's completely vegan-free. It is also free from gluten, GMOs, and caffeine. So, you won't find any better alternatives to this fantastic nootropic drug.

    Performance Lab Mind comes from OptiNutra, which is currently the best brain supplement producer in the world. Another top product is the Mind Lab Pro to boost your brainpower and improve the overall brain functionality and oxygen flow.

    The Performance Lab Mind is geared towards enhancing the brainpower and overall health of the organ to prevent burnout. It means if you have to deal with hectic schedules daily, this is the supplement you need.

    This nootropic supplement is an excellent choice for students and professionals because it contains Phosphatidylserine (PS). The consumption of PS gives powerful support for performance-driven thinking and memory.

    According to researchers, the consumption of PS supplements can improve learning, concentration, focus, quick recall, memory Storage, problem-solving, attention, mood balance, and verbal ability.

    The supplement contains Cognizin that can boost brain energy by more than 13%. It also supports focus, critical thinking, processing speed, and motivation. The primary objective of this supplement is to recover your brain from intense cognitive exertion.

    The capsules are encased in prebiotic NutriCaps that ensure easy absorption. The product is GMP certified and doesn't contain GMOs, caffeine, or any synthetic additives. It is also a vegan supplement, so anyone with a precarious diet plan can consume it.

    The pills are straightforward to swallow, and they are not that big. You can consume one or two capsules daily with your first meal. It would be ideal for you to come to these pills with fat like milk. You can also use Performance Lab's MCT oil for better results to promote your overall brain health.


    • Very easy to consume and digest.
    • Boosts focus and concentration.
    • Enhances the ability to multitask.
    • Improves blood circulation.


    • Slightly expensive due to the use of natural ingredients.

    This brain booster by Vital Vitamins has a strong fan following because it does what it claims. It enhances focus to concentrate for more extended periods. Not only that, it improves memory retention and ensures clarity of mind.

    This brain booster is suitable for men and women of all ages, but it works better for people of old ages. It contains mind enhancement, DMAE, and IQ neuro energy with vitamin B1 and bacopa monnieri. All these ingredients make your brains stronger and perform at an optimal level.

    Moreover, it contains an extract from Rhodiola Rosea and Ginkgo Biloba along with phosphatidylserine, which relaxes your mind and erases anxiety. These capsules are very comfortable to swallow, and your stomach will easily digest them.

    You will feel more alert, and your mind will stay sharper for extended periods. As it has no harmful chemicals or additives in its chemical composition, therefore, you won't feel any side effects either.

    But it's better that you take one capsule and check for any side effects for the next couple of days. If you don't feel anything bad, you can carry on taking these pills regularly. Otherwise, seek immediate medical help to prevent any issues.

    The only minor issue that most of the consumers mentioned are that it causes some gas in the stomach. But that can go away with regular consumption as your body adjusts according to the nutrients you are taking.


    • All-natural ingredients.
    • Improves memory and focus.
    • Enhances oxygen flow.
    • Facilitates memory retention.


    • Might cause gas in your stomach.

    This lemon-flavored supplement comes from Nordic Naturals, and it will taste good in your mouth. But the taste is not the only thing this supplement is all about. It contains Omega-3 in high potency along with fish oil featuring DHA and EPA. It means this brain booster is not only good for your brain but your heart.

    This supplement is geared towards improving blood circulation in your body and organs. But with fish oil in it, this supplement isn't the best option for vegans. However, it doesn't contain any GMOs, and the company also follows good manufacturing practices.

    And the best part is this supplement is available in different packaging ranging from 60 to 210 tablets per bottle. So, you can increase or decrease your monthly consumption according to your needs and requirements.

    The supplement is effortless to digest, and the pills are comfortable to swallow. It might not be the best option for you to consider when enhancing memory retention or focus.

    But it does well overall in your body and brain by improving the oxygen flow. So, your brain and other organs perform at their best. And you feel far more energetic with your muscles not burning out quickly. You might want to consult your doctor before consumption if you use blood thinners or are allergic to iodine.


    • Third-party purity certified.
    • Verified for not containing any GMOs.
    • Better immune support.
    • Improved heart health.
    • Increased brain functionality.


    • It is not 100% vegan.
    • Not for the people who take blood thinners
    • Not suitable for people who are allergic to iodine.

    This brain supplement focuses more on the brain and liver than anything else. So, if you are looking for a supplement that specifically focuses on your brain functionality, this is it. It features reishi, cordyceps, and lion's mane mushrooms. Scientific research has proved that mushrooms are great for your brain and overall health.

    Many of these supplement users have reported that their ability to retain memory and focus has significantly increased after the use. In addition to your brain, it also provides support to your liver for improved digestion. Your body will be full of energy, and you will feel more positive throughout the day.

    As you feel content, you will progress productively and will be able to multitask comfortably. With a better functioning liver, your blood circulation will improve. And all that comes from your brain.

    These capsules are designed to improve the overall oxygen flow in your system to ensure better blood circulation. With better circulations, all your organs and muscles will get the much-needed nutrients required to perform at their best.

    Any age group person can consume it, but you must have a healthy lifestyle. It can work as a stress reliever and can detoxify your liver thoroughly. You will feel a significant improvement in your digestive system and notice your body never runs out of energy when you need it.


    • Three different types of mushrooms are included.
    • Improves overall focus and memory retention.
    • Made of all-natural ingredients.
    • Facilitates the overall immune system.
    • Your digestion improves significantly.


    • It's not 100% vegan and might contain milk, egg, nuts, soy, and fish.

    This organic brain supplement comes with absorption enhancers. Therefore, if you had trouble digesting these kinds of nootropic supplements in the past, you should try out Dr. Emil's supplement.

    This brain supplement features 100% organic lion's mane mushroom extracts and Bioperine, a black pepper extract. It does a fine job in digesting these supplements and providing your brain with the power to work like a machine.

    As it is a 100% organic formula, it doesn't contain any gluten or GMOs. If you are looking for a formula with a high potency of nutrients, this is a good option. Each serving features 2100mg of top-quality nutrients that will do a fine job in enhancing the overall performance.

    This supplement will also help your mind to be relaxed and release any stress. Your mind will be more productive, and you will be able to achieve more in less time. Moreover, this supplement will improve your overall immune system and eradicate inflammation in your muscles.

    Your brain's cognitive abilities, including memory, clarity, and focus, will be noticeably increased, and you will feel more productive in the end. You are required to consume three tablets per day with more than 8 ounces of water.

    But make sure you are not allergic to mushrooms or black pepper. However, some users have reported a color change in the tablets from different batches. And according to the company, it is due to the batch of mushrooms that were taken to make this product. So, inconsistencies might be there, but nothing to tip-off here.


    • Contains the organic extracts of Lion's Mane mushrooms and black peppers.
    • Stronger immune system.
    • Completely GMO and gluten-free.
    • High potency tablets.
    • Boosts cognitive abilities of the brain.


    • Not suitable for the younger age group due to high potency.

    Looking for a brain booster that reduces anxiety and improves critical thinking with a better memory than NeuroHealth is a useful option. It allows you to reduce stress and enables your brain to focus more. If you lose your focus far too quickly, then you need to go for these tablets.

    These pills contain DAME, along with L-glutamine and bacopa Monnier, and they will enhance your concentration levels significantly. Both men and women can consume it. It features vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, folate, iron, and calcium. The formula is 100% organic and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or hormones.

    It also contains extracts from green tea. So, it is not only right for your brain but your digestive system as well. You can consume it with your energy drinks and teas as well. These pills will provide you with the mental clarity you are looking for because it contains Gaba, a potent ingredient to clear the brain fog away.

    With charity in your mind, you can achieve a lot and get things done in no time. As it contains green tea extracts, therefore, it is a good mood lifter as well. You will be happier throughout the day and feel positive energy inside you.

    You can take a couple of capsules daily with food or water. Consume it at least a couple of hours before your physical activity for the best results. Therefore, it is a top choice for anyone with an active lifestyle.


    • Enhances the immune system.
    • Vitamin-rich formula boosts brainpower.
    • Certified organic.
    • It can be consumed with teas or energy drinks.
    • Reduced brain fog.


    • Better suited for individuals with an active lifestyle.

    Neuriva Plus has been rated as one of the top brain supplements for a long time now. Its nutrient-rich formula contains vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid that supports a healthy mind's six different indicators.

    It works on focus, learning, memory retention, concentration, precision, and reasoning. Hence, this product is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance his/her brainpower significantly. Working-class and students will find it very useful in boosting their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

    It's 100% vegetarian and free from GMOs, and contains all ingredients that are clinically proven. The formula also contains coffee cherry extract and plant-sourced PS for highly positive brain activity. This formula features Neurofactor, a coffee extract from the coffee arabica plant, and it facilitates BDNF. It's a protein that strengthens the connection among the brain cells.

    As we have mentioned, it contains coffee extracts. It doesn't mean this supplement contains caffeine. The formula is entirely free from any harmful substances or artificial additives.

    Neuriva differs from other brain supplement brands because they provide you with the Neuriva Mobile app. You can easily assess your brain's overall performance and compare it over time. It's essentially your brain's daily fitness routine.


    • Fuels learning and concentration.
    • Improves reasoning and critical thinking.
    • Facilitates memory, focus, and precision.
    • It doesn't contain any additives and is free from GMOs.
    • Comes with a brain ability tracking app.


    • Might influence your sleep a bit.

    A plant-based and natural diet is very healthy. It is easy to find a vegan supplement in the market. However, most of the supplements ignore adding essential nutrients. Future Kind is different from other vegan supplements. 

    It contains a sufficient amount of omega-3, vitamin B12, and D. These ingredients are very important for the healthy growth of the brain. The supplement fights nutrient deficiencies pretty well. It is an effective performance lab mind alternative. 

    After a week of using the supplement, energy levels increase and you will feel loads better. The taste of the product is also not bad, in case you do not like the citrus flavor. Omega-3 in the supplement is obtained from a vegan and cruelty-free source. 

    It is extracted from Algae without disturbing aquatic life. The Omega-3 delivers high-quality EPA and DHA to the brain and improves cognition. The supplement is verified as safe to use and it leaves no side effects. It is safe for usage by both teens and adults. All of the ingredients support cognitive functions.


    • Vegan 
    • Improves energy
    • Supports mental clarity 
    • Improves mood
    • Eliminates deficiencies
    • Eco-friendly 
    • Improves muscle health
    • Improves immunity


    • It has a solid citrus scent

    The Alpha Brain by Onnit is a brain superfood, as you can judge by its name. This supplement is focused on improving your concentration and ability to focus. You won't have to deal with any brain fog and make decisions more clearly than ever before.

    This supplement features L-theanine and bacopa Monnier, and both these ingredients are designed to help you remember things better. This supplement's primary ingredient is vitamin B6. It improves the overall blood circulation and oxygen flow throughout your body, not just your brain.

    Therefore, you are not only getting the nutrients for your brain but your body. Alpha Brain is one of the top products on the market today because of its brilliant results.

    It contains all earth-grown ingredients, including oat straw, cat's claw, and huperzia serrata. The formula is entirely caffeine, dairy, gluten, and nut-free. This supplement is paleo and keto-friendly and aids mental processing significantly. With this supplement, you will always feel that you are in the zone and never out of it.


    • This supplement is keto and paleo diet-friendly.
    • It contains natural ingredients with no artificial substances.
    • It's 100% vegan.
    • Improves immunity and oxygen flow.


    • More dosage might induce headaches.

    People who are looking to improve their memory retention capabilities would love this supplement by Prevagen. It features vitamin D and apoaequorin. They both focus on brain health. It can significantly improve your mental clarity and memory over time.

    You will surely notice a change in yourself with a healthy brain function, a sharper mind, and clear thinking. The supplement has been clinically approved for its safety for consumption. It doesn't require any prescription. One pill a day is easy to consume and digest. And you can take it with your breakfast or empty stomach.

    This brain food also includes easy-to-digest cellulose capsules, maltodextrin, and microcrystalline cellulose. The magnesium stearate content is sourced from vegetables. So, they are excellent for anyone to consume.

    As it contains low doses, therefore, the supplement will take some time to work. It might work better for your mental clarity. But you will need to keep consuming it for a more extended period for improving memory.


    • Enhances clarity of mind.
    • Improves overall brain activity.
    • Features natural ingredients.
    • Improves sleep times.


    • Might not work on memory in the short run.

    Final Word

    We strongly recommend using Performance Lab Mind, no matter what are your brain goals. Whether you are looking to improve your overall brain function, this supplement will work wonders.

    The only thing you have to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep consuming it regularly. Plus, it will also boost your immune system and enhance your oxygen flow. If you are looking to focus on your mind and its specific traits, you have other alternatives.