Performance Lab Mind Review

What is the one thing a college student hoping to ace their next test, an office worker working hard for promotion, and an older adult worried about dementia have in common? The need for something that could give their brainpower a boost.

That’s where Performance Lab Mind comes in. Here’s a nootropic – any synthetic or natural substance that improves cognitive skills – which claims to improve your focus, memory, speed, and more. The manufacturer of this capsule further maintains that taking it will help you fight stress and combat burnout.

Should you trust all these claims? That’s what our Performance Lab Mind review aims to find out. We’re going to shed light on this product’s benefits, side effects, ingredients, and all the other aspects that may impact its performance. This will help us analyze whether it’s worth taking this supplement or not.

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Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind

  • Improves information retention
  • Helps stay calm
  • Boosts cognitive performance

What is Performance Lab Mind?

Performance Lab Mind is a nootropic designed to improve your cognitive functions. It contains vegan-friendly ingredients in a formula that claims to positively impact your memory, mood, focus, sharpness, and other mental processes.

It increases the blood flow that supplies your brain and provides all the benefits that come as a result of this important process (discussed below). Plus, your ability to react rationally in highly stressful situations and your brain’s ability to analyze complex problems will also improve. There’s more.

What is Performance Lab Mind?

Performance Lab Mind is a nootropic designed to improve your cognitive functions. It contains vegan-friendly ingredients in a formula that claims to positively impact your memory, mood, focus, sharpness, and other mental processes.

It increases the blood flow that supplies your brain and provides all the benefits that come as a result of this important process (discussed below). Plus, your ability to react rationally in highly stressful situations and your brain’s ability to analyze complex problems will also improve. There’s more.

This nootropic is different from others you see on the market as it contains only those ingredients necessary to boost mental skills, and no unnecessary additives. That’s the main reason why Opti Nutra, its manufacturer, has been able to keep this supplement’s asking price low.

How does Performance Lab Mind work?

Performance Lab Mind

This supplement catalyzes three separate processes to achieve its objective:

Supporting Mitochondria

Mitochondria are organelle (minute organs within a cell) that drive the metabolic processes necessary for the body to produce energy. Supporting them allows Performance Lab Mind to indirectly increase your brain power reducing your risk from numerous brain diseases. Here’s why this claim is made: Medical experts associate mitochondrial dysfunction with multiple brain disorders, such as autism, dementia, migraine headache, and Alzheimer’s disease. Supporting mitochondria, therefore, will help Performance Lab Mind keep all these diseases at bay.

Boosting Cerebral Blood Flow

Performance Lab Mind also stimulates cerebral blood flow. That is the movement of blood through a network of veins and cerebral arteries towards the brain, which then extracts the oxygen out of the fresh blood to maintain optimum brain function. Increasing the cerebral blood flow boosts verbal fluency and executive functions – the set of mental skills such as self-control, memory and mental flexibility.

That’s not all. A recent study discovered that improving cerebral flow to the brain for a year can significantly reduce the risk of dementia among older adults. This is the main reason why people above a certain age stand to benefit more from a daily dose of Performance Lab Mind.

Helping Neurogenesis

Neurogenesis is the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain. These nascent nerve cells then go on to become a fundamental part of the nervous system, responsible for transmitting information throughout the body. 

They are also involved in receiving and decoding information from other parts of the brain, like sending your body the ‘pain signal’ when your toe strikes against a solid object. Without proper functioning neurons, you won’t feel the pain, slowing the reflex action and exposing your body to unnecessary risks and injuries.


The major ingredients of Performance Lab Mind are:


Also known as Cytidine Diphosphate Choline, it is a naturally-occurring brain chemical that is crucial for brain function. Its shortage, which is overcome either by ingestion or via injection of this chemical into the body, may lead to memory loss or poor vision.

Performance Lab Mind contains Citicoline in the form of Cognizin; one that has been shown in research to increase brain energy and stimulate brain cell formation. And Cognizin has an overall impact on boosting cognitive performance too.

Citicoline also helps stroke patients recover more fully. Credible evidence claims that this brain chemical helps improve memory and learning abilities in people suffering from mild to moderate forms of Alzheimer’s disease. That’s not where the good news ends.

Early research, which hasn’t been backed by large-scale trials at the time of writing, suggests that taking Citicoline by mouth for 12 months, or as a shot for half-a-month, might improve the visual performance of people suffering from lazy eye disease or amblyopia.


Also known as a phospholipid, it is a fatty substance that performs two very important functions: protecting your brain cells and carrying messages between them. This, in turn, makes Phosphatidylserine responsible for keeping your mind and memory sharp.

According to WebMD, studies have found people who took this supplement scored higher on concentration, mood, and short-term memory tests. They were able to recall objects as well as names better than the control group. Scientists have also given it to patients enrolled in studies aiming to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

WebMD further states that medical experts have given Phosphatidylserine to patients who have multiple sclerosis. Research also suggests it’s safe to take in doses of up to 100 mg of this soy-derived supplement a day.

Yet another benefit of Phosphatidylserine supplements was touted in a 2006 report. The study analyzed athletes who took this fatty substance by mouth before training. It was revealed that the trainers suffered less muscle soreness and saw their cortisol levels remain in check.

Ajipure L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is a well-known dietary supplement taken by people for improving their focus, attention, and alertness. Experts suggest that the brain chemicals produced by this amino acid help neurons communicate more effectively, while also elevating our mood.

It is also responsible for making several essential substances like thyroid hormones (which regulate metabolism), dopamine (crucial for memory and motor skills), and adrenaline (which prepares the body to respond accordingly in ‘fight or flight’ situations).

Yet another benefit that Tyrosine provides is making melanin – the pigment that gives color to your eyes, hair, and skin. And the best thing about Tyrosine? It may have a positive impact on your response in stressful situations. There’s one more benefit of L-Tyrosine that you need to know.

It plays a key role in the regulation of thyroid hormones. These hormones, which are naturally produced by the thyroid gland, perform a crucial function of regulating metabolism in your body. One can therefore draw a direct correlation with Tyrosine intake and improved metabolism.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Pine Bark Extract provides multiple highly sought-after benefits. This powerful antioxidant protects the body cells against oxidative damage and brain cells (neurons) from free radicals. It also boosts cerebral circulation, the benefits of which we have discussed above.

This naturally-occurring substance also plays the role of regulator. It does this by ensuring the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in your body don’t fall below a certain level. What’s more, studies suggest that people who regularly take pine bark extract have a reduced risk of a stroke.

On top of everything else, maritime pine bark extract, when used in combination with arginine, is thought to help treat mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction. It does this by improving the NO (nitric oxide) levels in the body, which are crucial for enhancing blood flow and vasodilation.

WebMD has found evidence showing the benefits of maritime pine bark for asthma patients, however, more research is needed. Taking the standard extract of this natural substance, along with asthma medications, reduces the need for rescue/reliever inhalers in adults and children with asthma.

Performance Lab Mind Benefits

The major benefits of Performance Lab Mind are:

  • Improves information retention:

Worried about your tendency to forget basic things? Then you may find it useful to note that Performance Lab Mind will help your mind in its quest to learn new and retain existing information.

It doesn’t stop at that. People who are taking Performance Lab for months also credit this supplement with helping them remember new information with ease.

  • Helps stay calm:

You may remember reading the name L-Tyrosine in the list of  ingredients for this supplement. What you may not recall, however, is the amino acid’s ability to help you keep your cool in stressful situations.

L-Tyrosine manages to do that by boosting the production of three neurotransmitters – dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline – substances credited for improving responses in stressful situations.

  • Boosts cognitive performance:

Its list of ingredients includes substances that improve your cognitive performance, which refers to the mental ability to think, reason, problem-solve, and make decisions. These include Citicoline, which you can read more about above.

  • Helps recover from mental exhaustion:

Remember the last time you were involved in a demanding mental activity, like a test for which you had to remember dozens of pages? How did you feel once it was over? Chances are, you didn’t feel very sharp or energized.

Performance Lab Mind will help you deal with such situations by increasing your energy level, thereby allowing you to recover quickly from mentally exhausting events.

  • Increases blood flow to the brain:

Psychology Today credits an improvement in blood flow to the brain – known as cerebral blood flow in technical jargon – with more robust verbal fluency and a better mental ability to focus.

An increase in cerebral blood flow has also been linked with an improved ability to follow directions. Healthline goes one step ahead by proclaiming that better cerebral circulation reduces the risk of stroke.

  • Lowers cortisol level:

Our body needs to maintain a certain level of cortisol to keep its ‘fight or flight’ response effective. Too much of it, however, can lead to muscle weakness, diabetes, and even weight gain.

You can prevent all these three unwanted scenarios from materializing by taking Performance Lab Mind. Which means this supplement will enable you to live a healthy life.

  • Contains no stimulant

Most supplements you see on the market contain stimulants that can keep you awake at night. Performance Lab Mind is different. It has no caffeine and is, therefore, safe to use at all times of the day, and night. Have a read of this supplement’s list of ingredients – you’ll find no stimulants in it.

Does Performance Lab Mind Contain Caffeine?

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind contains no caffeine for two specific reasons. The first is that the supplement was designed to be used at all times of the day and night. That wouldn’t be possible if it contained an ingredient that, if taken at night, inhibits sleep and keeps you awake.

However, that’s not the main reason why this nootropic doesn’t contain caffeine. Performance Lab Mind uses citicoline, a brain chemical that occurs naturally in the body, to keep your mind alert. This chemical improves thinking skills and prevents memory loss in people aged 50 to 85 years.

The presence of citicoline in its list of ingredients explains why there is no need for Performance Lab Mind to include caffeine. This means you can still enjoy your usual intake of tea and coffee without experiencing the ill-effects and jitters of too much caffeine while taking this supplement.

Does Performance Lab Mind help with memory recall?

Performance Lab Mind does help with memory recall. One of its key ingredients, Citicoline/Cognizin, is a primary neurotransmitter that has been proven by research to aid in memory recall. Here’s how it achieves that crucial objective.

Once you have taken the supplement and it has entered your bloodstream, Citicoline will convert to uridine, which is known for synthesizing Phosphatidylcholine or PC. In turn, PC will rebuild and repair the neuron membranes that are needed for memory function, cognition, and even recall.

Soy-bean derived Phosphatidylserine is another crucial ingredient of Performance Lab Mind that helps in memory recall. A paper published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition’ claims that taking this substance for six months led to improved memory recall among the study’s participants.

Performance Lab Mind Side Effects

At the risk of sounding biased, we can say with confidence that Performance Lab is extremely safe. So much so that we’re yet to hear from people taking this supplement for months complain about developing any adverse effects. Here’s why we think that has been the case.

Performance Lab Mind contains 100% natural ingredients whose usefulness has been recognized by top medical journals. The capsules are produced in an approved facility under guidelines that couldn’t have been stricter.

To further ensure that all the ingredients are as safe as they claim to be, Opti Nutra thoroughly tested them in several trials across the globe, on people of various origins, ethnicities, and ages. Only then it decided to put them to use in its manufacturing facility based in the US.

That said, there’s a warning on the bottle recommending you not to use Performance Lab if you’re under the age of 18, pregnant, or nursing. Beneath it is a piece of friendly advice that warns those of you with pre-existing medical conditions to be cautious before taking this supplement. But like any supplement regime, it’s best to consult your doctor before starting anything new.

How do I take Performance Lab Mind?

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Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind

  • Helps recover from mental exhaustion
  • Increases blood flow to the brain
  • Lowers cortisol level

What is the Daily Dosage of Product Lab Mind?

Performance Lab recommends taking 1–2 capsules of Mind daily. That means one bottle – which contains 30 capsules – will last between 15-30 days.

You should ideally take the capsules with milk or other sources of dietary fat, such as MCT oil. Its manufacturer also recommends taking this supplement with your first meal of the day. 

What Happens if I Miss a Dose of Product Lab Mind?

Nothing untoward will happen if you forget to take your daily dose of Performance Lab Mind. Just make sure to take the next dose as soon as possible. But do not try to compensate for the missed dose by taking two doses at a time. Doing so is not recommended.

Can I take More Product Lab Mind for Faster Results?

There’s no research that supports the claim that taking more capsules of Product Lab Mind daily will yield faster results. Its manufacturer suggests potential users use it ‘consistently over time’ to get the desired results. This is why we recommend that you follow the dosage pattern prescribed above.

Performance Lab Mind Discount Codes

Performance Lab insists that there are never any discount or coupon codes online for its products. It further warns that any sites claiming to sell discount codes or coupons are doing so illegally and you should be cautious of trusting them.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have any route to save money on this supplement’s purchase. Performance Lab regularly sends special limited-time offers to its email list. You can subscribe and wait for the discount offer to drop in your inbox.

Performance Lab offers discounts on multi-box purchases of Mind. This means you’d get 5% off when buying two boxes of this supplement and 10% off when purchasing three. As a bonus, you’d get free shipping on all orders over $200USD.

In addition, every Performance Lab Mind bottle comes with a 30-day empty bottle moneyback guarantee. You can return the supplement within a month of purchase and get the price you paid for it even if you’ve consumed all the capsules.

Performance Lab Mind Reddit Reviews

The self-proclaimed ‘front page of the Internet’ can be a great place to get user opinions on this supplement. After all, it’s the 17th most popular site in the world, according to Alexa, and the 7th most popular in the United States. At the time of writing, discussion on this nootropic on Reddit is limited. At the time of writing, we did not come across any reviews – positive or negative – of Performance Lab Mind on Reddit.  We did find content on its cousin, Performance Lab Mind Pro, however, which drew both praise and critique on Reddit.

Both the products might look the same but they have several key differences. Performance Lab Mind is a bare-bones version of Mind Lab Pro in the sense that it focuses more on the brain, uses fewer ingredients, and can be used with other nootropics.

That is the reason why you shouldn’t treat Reddit reviews of Performance Lab Mind Pro as the basis for your decision to use or dismiss Performance Lab Mind. The former is an all-in-one solution for all your brain health needs, whereas the latter focuses more on enhancing your cognitive performance.

Where is Performance Lab Mind manufactured?

Performance Lab Mind undergoes a two-step manufacturing process. It is designed and formulated in the United Kingdom and then manufactured in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility in New Jersey, United States. 


Our Performance Lab Mind review contains everything you need to know about this nootropic. That includes its key ingredients, the benefits that it offers, potential side effects, recommended daily dosage patterns, and anything that would help you make an informed buying decision about it.

Based on all that information, we cannot help but deduce that this product is a must-have for anyone looking to give their brainpower a boost. That means virtually anyone who wants to compete and stay at the top of their game should give it a try