Performance Lab Sleep Review

Sleep time is the recovery time for your body. And if you don’t get enough sleep, then you know what can happen to your body.

Nootropic drugs have become quite popular in recent times. Most people don’t have enough time to do regular exercise and maintain a proper day-and-night schedule. Therefore, the consumption of these nootropic supplements has gone up. You can take the essential nutrients with these formulae and cope with your mind and body’s deficiencies.

Sleep deprivation is quite common among people these days. One product that has been creating some vibes recently is the Performance Lab Sleep. We’re going to review it in detail for your guidance.

In this comprehensive Performance Lab Sleep review, we’ll cover everything you need to know before purchasing. Let’s jump into it!

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Performance Lab Sleep

Performance Lab Sleep

  • It contains all-natural ingredients
  • Boosts cell renewal and tissue regeneration
  • Non-addictive

What is Performance Lab Sleep (PLS)?

It is a nootropic drug or supplement that helps in sleeping better and deals with insomnia. This supplement is the creation of Performance Lab, the creators of supplements innovations for peak performance.

If you have been dealing with sleeping problems, can’t fall asleep, or stay asleep, you will find this supplement very useful.

What is Performance Lab Sleep (PLS)?

It is a nootropic drug or supplement that helps in sleeping better and deals with insomnia. This supplement is the creation of Performance Lab, the creators of supplements innovations for peak performance.

If you have been dealing with sleeping problems, can’t fall asleep, or stay asleep, you will find this supplement very useful.

Full deep sleep is necessary for your body. After spending a long day at work, your body needs to get some rest. If it doesn’t, you will feel fatigued the next morning.

If you want to wake up fresh (you know you want that, for sure), you should sleep properly. This is where the Performance Lab Sleep (PLS) comes into play. This formula can enhance your overall sleep quality.

How Does Performance Lab Sleep Work?

Performance Lab has created this formula for optimizing different bioactivities and body systems associated with sleep.

It helps you relax your muscles, mind, and nervous system to help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for longer sessions.

It supports healthy sleep cycles and regenerative sleep phases. Moreover, PLS boosts tissue repair along with cell regeneration. You will wake up feeling refreshed and energized. There won’t be any grogginess you usually have to deal with in sleeping pills. 

You need to take PLS about one and a half hours before sleep. It means that you will fall asleep right away as soon as you get into your bed. This formula reduces anxiety levels throughout the day. Plus, it boosts feelings of happiness and content.

Apart from that, this supplement can improve your memory and focus because your brain now gets enough time to recover. Your feelings of self-esteem will get a boost. Unlike a sleeping pill, you won’t get any dependence on it for sleep.

Performance Lab Sleep Ingredients

Performance Lab Sleep

If you understand how sleep works and what are different stages of sleep, you can make better decisions in choosing what ingredients work to get your sleep better. No Performance Lab Sleep review would be complete without looking in great detail at the ingredients it contains.

A hormone that is released by your brain called melatonin is integral in quality sleep. Your pineal gland naturally secretes it. This hormone is critical to your sleep cycle and circadian rhythm.

Most sleep supplements feature synthetic melatonin, and it causes a few side effects in different people. That is why you have to be careful in relentlessly consuming those sleep supplements.

But the best part is that PLS doesn’t contain any melatonin. Therefore, you can conveniently consume it without having any side effects associated with synthetic melatonin.

PLS contains Magnesium+ 100mg, CherryPURE 500mg, and TryptoPure 250mg. These ingredients are mentioned on the label, and there is no synthetic melatonin. All the ingredients are natural, and they are available in good percentages in each dosage.


This ingredient is critical to sleep, and there are various other health benefits of this ingredient. Magnesium+ can drop your blood pressure and relaxes the muscles in your body.

It calms down the impulses in your nervous system, and you won’t twitch in your sleep. So there won’t be any limb movement while you are asleep. It can relax the cells or vascular muscles, and your blood pressure drops.


It is the best ingredient in this formula as it is there in place of synthetic melatonin. Due to CherryPURE, there is natural melatonin present in this formula, and it has a sufficient dose to give you that restful sleep that you are looking for.

You need to keep in mind that a heavy dose of melatonin can cause some severe morning grogginess. Therefore, this substance is in an adequate proportion within this formula.

It promotes sedating and optimizes your sleep hormones. Ultimately you will have a healthier circadian rhythm with way better sleep patterns. 


L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that promotes a good night’s sleep. Your brain absorbs it and converts it into 5-HTP, which is again converted to Serotonin.

Serotonin is a hormone that boosts positive energy in your body. It influences your positive mood and relaxes your mind. Serotonin is further converted to melatonin and optimizes the way your pineal gland produces melatonin.


These NutriCap capsules that Performance Lab uses in the construction of all its pills are made from pullulan. It is expensive but safe and vegan-friendly. Apart from that, these capsules can disintegrate in your mouth right away—these capsules with probiotics help in easy digestion of these capsules.

Performance Lab Sleep Benefits

This sleep supplement is natural, and it will allow you to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Here are some other benefits of using this product.

  1. PLS is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. It is a third-party guarantee that the company meets the safety and health standards in its production facility.
  2. This formula is designed for your mind and body to perform better. It encourages drowsiness, speeds up sleep onset by relaxing nerves and muscles. This formula also eases down spasms that disrupt sleep. It also boosts cell renewal and tissue regeneration for better next-day performance.
  3. It is a straightforward formula that contains all-natural ingredients. You won’t find any GMOs or synthetic additives in the ingredients. Due to this, the supplement gives us allergen-free as well and vegan-friendly.
  4. As it contains natural ingredients, therefore, it is a product that anyone can consume. Proper cell and tissue recovery for a rejuvenating experience in the morning is a necessity for everyone.
  5. Performance Lab Sleep generates a hormone known as Serotonin that boosts positive energy in your body. This hormone relaxes your mind and keeps your mood good all day long.
  6. Unlike addictive sleeping pills, you won’t get addicted to the supplement. Once you feel better, you can stop taking it and enjoy your natural sleep.

Performance Lab Sleep Side Effects

There are no significant side effects associated with this formula. All the credit goes to the natural ingredients used in its development. This supplement is entirely prebiotic, no soy, vegan and gluten-free. It is free from several harmful contents, and for that reason, it doesn’t show any side effects.

If you have any reservations regarding using these products, then you should consult your physician first and then use this supplement as per his/her advice.

When consuming these pills, most people complain about having digestive problems or the side effects of any synthetic substances used in the formula like melatonin. But there are no synthetic substances used in the construction of this formula.

Performance Lab Sleep Discount Codes

Of course, this supplement is developed for all-natural quality ingredients. Therefore, it is not going to come at a low price. Consequently, you need to look for any discount codes to get these pills at a cheaper rate.

There is an ongoing debate about PLS coupons and discount codes. Some entities online claim that they have access to these PLS coupons and discount codes. But according to the company website, there are NO discount codes and coupons available online.

The best deals you will get on this sleeping supplement are on the company’s official website’s product pages. You cannot buy any Performance Lab products via a third-party retailer, and that’s why you will get all the deals from the official website.

You can start saving right off the bat by signing up for the Performance Lab emails and get 10% off on your first order. In your emails, you will also get full access to any future promotions and offers, early sales access, expert advice, and news. The company also extends special offers once or twice a year to the email list through this email.

Performance Lab Sleep Reddit Reviews

You might come across some vague reviews if you go through the reviews on Reddit. But to be honest, you cannot trust any stranger and decide without consulting an expert. They are not clear enough for you to make a proper decision. You can explore other sources online to find out about these products.

Does Performance Lab Sleep Contain Caffeine?

Performance Lab Sleep

No, Performance Lab Sleep doesn’t contain any caffeine in the formula or its chemical composition. This formula is to help you sleep faster, and you can enjoy deep sleep longer.

It helps relax your body muscles and nerves, and you won’t have to deal with any morning grogginess. One of this formula’s best features is that it has all-natural ingredients: plant-based and vegan-friendly, and GMP certified.

There are no GMO, gluten, caffeine, soy, synthetic, preservatives, artificial colors, allergen, or banned substances to construct this formula. You will especially see the difference when you compare it with other supplements and over-the-counter options that you can find on the market.

The company is very transparent in providing all the details associated with the chemical composition, and it provides you with details about the ingredients of Performance Lab Sleep.

How to Take Performance Lab Sleep

If you are looking for a restful night’s sleep and want to get rejuvenated the next morning, then you will need to take two to four capsules at least half an hour before your usual bedtime.

You need to make sure to consume it daily to maintain your sleeping patterns and boost your mind-body tissue and cell renewal at night for the best performance the next day. Of course, when you will be consistent in your efforts, you won’t have to deal with any of those groggy feelings.

What is the Daily Dosage of Performance Lab Sleep?

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Performance Lab Sleep

Performance Lab Sleep

  • Keeps your mood good
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Allergen-free
  • Vegan-friendly

The daily recommended dosage of Performance Lab Sleep is two to four capsules. And you need to take them down at least half an hour before your bedtime.

The number of capsules that you can take ranges from 2 to 4 because some people might need more of these supplements daily. It is better to consult your physician before you start this supplement to be sure.

If sleeping through the night is your primary concern, you need to go for a higher dose after consulting your physician. But if you are looking to focus on getting less groggy the next day, you should consider taking a lesser dosage.

However, it will also influence your sleep consistency throughout the night. You might wake up during the night once or twice. If you don’t know which way to go, it would be better to consult your doctor and take the supplement according to his/her advice.

What Happens If I Miss a Dose of Performance Lab Sleep?

So far, this supplement hasn’t reported any side effects. But that doesn’t mean you can take it every other day. You have to be regular in your consumption of these capsules.

It is essential to maintain your sleep patterns daily. You don’t need to feel groggy the next morning and want to enjoy a deep sleep comfort. Therefore, you need to take these capsules regularly and don’t miss out in between.

Can I Take More Performance Lab Sleep for Faster Results?

You can take the Performance Lab Sleep capsules anywhere between 2 and 4 capsules daily. Anything more is certainly not suitable. You should consult your issues with your physician. Even the FAQs pages on the Performance Lab website or other information available shouldn’t be an alternative to a physician’s advice.

The recommended dodge remains between these numbers, and you can later alter the numbers if you want to check the effects for yourself. Many users have reported that if you take these capsules in a timely fashion before bed, you will surely experience that moment when you notice that the capsules have started to kick in.

At times the feel can be very dizzy but subtle and feels like a cozy hug. You won’t have to deal with that feeling of disorientation as if you have been walloped. It feels natural and gentle, like a slow wave moving across the body. It takes around 30 to 45 minutes to kick in, and after that, you will fall asleep pretty comfortably.

This feeling was with a double-capsule dose. If you switch to a 1-capsule dose, the wave will be there, but it will be a lot smaller. Similarly, when you switch to four, this wave will be gigantic, and you will get knocked out in no time.

However, you will also have to deal with the next morning’s grogginess if you have decided to go for a higher dosage. You will get knocked out pretty quickly, but you will get up pretty hazy the next morning. And it would be almost good enough to disturb your productivity at work.

Therefore, it would be better to maintain a balance in your dosage to sleep soundly and simultaneously get rid of morning grogginess.

Does Performance Lab Sleep Help with Memory Recall?

The purpose of consuming this supplement is to get proper sleep and get up fresh the next morning. This formula helps in cell and tissue regeneration and boosts body and mind recovery during sleep.

With more restful sleep, your body will recover sooner and will generate more energy for you to burn. It influences your entire body and your mind.

The overall function of sleep is to optimize all body functions. As your mind will be better positioned to work and function, it will be positive, and the overall effect will be positive on the memory recalling process.

The supplement itself doesn’t influence memory recall, but it improves sleep, ultimately affecting your mind’s memory recall. So, it has an indirect impact on your memory.

A Harvard Research suggests that a sleep-deprived person has a shallow concentration level. Therefore, he cannot learn efficiently. Moreover, sleep has a significant role in a consolidated memory of the utmost importance in learning something new.

These capsules will help you get a good night’s sleep, and your mind and body will recover. It will ultimately boost your brain’s power to learn and retain all the information.

Because it is getting rid of the old tissues and cells and is regenerating new ones. With a fresh mind that is awake, you can learn more and recall quicker.

Therefore, whether you are a student or a working professional, sleep deprivation can cost you a lot. This is where Performance Lab Sleep comes into play because it will help you sleep faster, and you will remain asleep longer.

Where is Performance Lab Sleep Manufactured?

All supplements by Performance Lab are developed in the United Kingdom and are manufactured in the United States by a company called OptiNutra. OptiNutra is geared towards making all-natural nootropic supplements that are food substances with alleged health advantages.

The company has a full range of supplements associated with different aspects of life. There are energy enhancers for the mind, body, eyes, muscles, and bones. You can boost your sporting ability, and your mental performance with these all-natural supplements.

OptiNutra doesn’t use any harmful substances such as caffeine, soy, allergens, gluten, GMOs, synthetic additives, artificial colors, or similar contents.

The company uses its patented method (BioGenesis) of producing minerals and vitamins right in their lab. OptiNutra states that this princess makes the supplements eco-friendly, reducing any need for mineral mining or factory farming. 

Performance Lap Sleep FAQs

What are the primary ingredients of PLS?

The primary ingredients of this supplement include melatonin, magnesium, and L-tryptophan. All these ingredients are extracted naturally and are developed in the lab via a patented method called BioGenesis, which is eco-friendlier than any other process and doesn’t include mineral mining or factory farming.

What Is the total cost of consumption of Performance Lab Sleep?

The one-month supply bottle of these capsules has 60 pills in it. If you consume two pills per day, and the cost of the bottle is $40. Performance Lab website frequently holds discounts, sales, and promotions to get 5% to 10% off.

Is PLS gluten-free and vegan?

Yes, PLS, as well as all other supplements by Performance Lab, are gluten-free and vegan. The ingredients used in developing these supplements are non-irradiated, non-GMO, caffeine-free, allergens-free, preservatives-free, and don’t contain artificial colors or synthetic additives.

Performance Lab Sleep Review: Conclusion

After the entire discussion on this quality sleep supplement, we can conclude that you can certainly try out the Performance Lab Sleep supplement. The supplement doesn’t come with any side effects because all the ingredients are natural and organic.

It is a GMP-certified product and doesn’t contain any allergens either. These pills will help you fall asleep, and you will remain numb for more extended periods, regardless of the dosage. These pills also offer a pretty good value, only costing around $40 for a full month 60-pill bottle.

But you will also have to keep in mind that with the increase in dosage, the next-morning grogginess increases significantly. Sleep haziness is something that you would generally associate with sleep supplements.

But a slight sluggishness was pretty evident with Performance Lab Sleep. If you reduce the dose, you might wake up waking in the middle of the night once or twice.

So it’s all up to you and what do you want to achieve with this supplement. If you’re going to sleep through the night, you can increase the dose. And if you want to crash faster, you can reduce the dose.