Stress and Anxiety – How CBD Oil Can Help

In recent times, with a global pandemic raging on, everyone has been feeling a little under the water. For the better part of the world, these past two years have been very trying. There is no shame in admitting that you are feeling stressed and anxious.

However, you cannot keep relying on pharmaceutical medications to resolve your stress issues. The main reason for this is the side effects and dependence on these medications. What if we say that there is a natural and environment-friendly solution for you and your stress issues?

There is! CBD oil is the best natural supplement that will help you unwind from the stress of day-to-day life. This article has put together the list of the best CBD oils for stress and anxiety. The comprehensive buying guide will help you learn all there is to know about stress, anxiety, and how to tackle them with CBD oil.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick


Spruce Extra Strength Sample size

  • Natural blend 
  • Independent lab verifications
  • Gluten-free

15% Discount and Free Shipping when you use the coupon code MEMORY.

Anxiety is actually your body’s automatic response to stress or pressure. In case of continuous stress, anxiety can become a chronic disorder which can be a tough situation to deal with. Clinical studies have supported the use of CBD oil to mitigate anxiety and stress issues. 

Spruce’s extra strength oil comes in small bottles of approx. 5ml, with the product being directed towards first-time users. Usually, people don’t buy regular size products when trying them out.

Best CBD Oils for Stress & Anxiety in 2024 – Comparison Table




Best CBD Oils for Stress & Anxiety in 2024 – Product Reviews

Spruce Extra Strength Sample size


15% Discount and Free Shipping when you use the coupon code MEMORY.

Anxiety is actually your body’s automatic response to stress or pressure. In case of continuous stress, anxiety can become a chronic disorder which can be a tough situation to deal with. Clinical studies have supported the use of CBD oil to mitigate anxiety and stress issues. Spruce’s extra strength oil comes in small bottles of approx. 5ml, with the product being directed towards first-time users. Usually, people don’t buy regular size products when trying them out. 

Spruce has got such folks covered with their sample sized oils. The cannabidiol is extracted using the CO2 process from the best-quality hemp to formulate this all-natural oil. The CBD oil helps relax the brain which reduces the feelings of anxiety and stress to a great extent. 

All ingredients are non-GMO and the product is totally safe for consumption.


  • Herbal 
  • Non-GMO
  • Allergen-free 
  • Third-party tested
  • Soy-free


  • 0.3% THC is present

Spruce 4800mg CBD Oil


15% Discount and Free Shipping when you use the coupon code MEMORY.

Spruce is a very successful brand in the dietary supplement market. The company caters to the needs of almost every type of customer. The 4800mg variant of their CBD oil is specifically formulated for high-end CBD users.

It packs the ultimate punch of cannabidiol and has the maximum potency in all of Spruce’s CBD product range. Users can expect rapid action against anxiety attacks and related problems due to the high potency of the oil.

Spruce has its own facilities to grow the best-quality hemp. Their farms follow high-standard protocols to grow safe, natural, and organic ingredients. This hemp is taken through a carbon dioxide extraction process to produce high potency hemp seed oil. 

It becomes the premium source of cannabidiol in the product which helps you manage your stress & anxiety. All products are evaluated for quality in a double-phased process. In this process, both local and third-party labs test the CBD oil to verify that it is safe for consumption.


  • High efficiency
  • Max strength
  • Organic
  • Free from additives


  • 0.3% THC
  • Not for beginner CBD users

Spruce 400mg CBD Oil


15% Discount and Free Shipping when you use the coupon code MEMORY.

There is an extensive list of CBD products to choose from at Spruce. The catalogue is sure to cater to each type of customer. Amongst these products is their 400mg sample CBD oil. It has the same content as the 2400mg CBD oil

The only difference is package size. Regular variants come in 30ml bottles but sample variants are packaged in 5ml bottles. This means that the 5 ml bottle will contain 400 mg of CBD. 

As with all of Spruce’s products, the hemp seed oil is the basic component that provides the cannabidiol needed to lead a life free of anxiety and stress. The finest-grade hemp is extracted at Spruce’s top-notch facilities. 

Spruce employs the CO2 extraction process to preserve the potency and freshness of its oils. A few drops of the product would be enough for new users to experience its efficacy. The product doesn’t take long to work and the soothing effect of the oil kicks in pretty quickly.


  • 100% organic 
  • Graded by independent labs
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Non-GMO


  • Less content due to smaller bottles.
  • Can be picked up in drug tests

Spruce 2400mg CBD Oil

Spruce – Extra Strength 2400 mg CBD Oil

15% Discount and Free Shipping when you use the coupon code MEMORY.

Spruce has a product for almost every customer. It even has a product finder on the website that will help you find the best product according to your needs. The 2400mg variant is for the folks who are in search of something between high and moderate potency. 

The product is available in a 30ml bottle that comes with a dedicated dropper to pour out the right amount of dosage. Top-quality hemp is grown in Spruce’s own farms that are based in Colorado. 

Both their growing and production facilities are top-notch and follow high-quality standards as well as eco-friendly procedures. The oil gives an optimum kick of cannabidiol, which is more than enough to help reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

All products are verified by the local Spruce lab as well as independent third-party facilities to make sure the CBD oils are safe for use before distribution.


  • All-organic blend 
  • Third-party graded
  • Additive-free
  • Allergen-free


  • Contains 0.3% THC

Spruce 750mg CBD Oil

Spruce-750MG Lab grade CBD Oil

15% Discount and Free Shipping when you use the coupon code MEMORY.

The 750mg variant is the lightest product (in terms of potency) amongst the regular oils range offered by Spruce. It is suitable for regular CBD users. The amount of CBD content you should take varies according to your needs.

The best way is to start from a lower dose and work your way up the ladder, finding what suits you best. Spruce markets this oil in its regular 30ml bottles, which comes along with a dropper to help you measure the optimum dose. 

Hemp Seed oil is the basic component of the oil. It is extracted from Spruce’s natively grown hemp using the CO2 extraction process. The advantage of the process is that it helps preserve the oil’s freshness, and it is eco-friendly as well. 

The brand does not compromise on quality and has never been involved in any controversies. All their products are strictly evaluated under safety protocols by local and third-party labs. The double-check method allows for greater accuracy in authenticating the products.


  • All-natural 
  • Graded by third-party labs
  • Soy-free
  • Non-GMO
  • No synthetic fillers


  • 0.3% THC 
  • Can alert drug tests

Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil

Cheef Botanicals - Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Originally started on a small scale by a group of cannabis fanatics that wanted to make a difference, Cheef Botanicals has evolved into one of the leading names in the CBD industry. This evolution is credited to its top-notch products that have garnered positive acclaim from numerous users.

Listed amongst their versatile product range is their Full-Spectrum CBD oil which has proved crucial in helping people with anxiety and stress-related problems. Cheef employs the best professionals from the organic food industry who have put extensive research and experimentation into formulating the best products possible.

Quality is never compromised at Cheef – all products are evaluated under strict quality protocols. Only the finest hemp is used to extract the hempseed oil which provides the much-needed cannabidiol to the users.

To stick to their promise of sustainability and eco-friendliness, Cheef employs the CO2 extraction process. It also helps to lock the freshness and efficacy of the oil. All ingredients used are non-GMO and verified as safe-for-use, so users don’t worry about these things.


  • Organic 
  • Full-Spectrum
  • No allergen
  • No additives
  • No enhancers


  • Contains minor THC traces
  • Can get picked up by drug tests

Royal CBD Oil

Royal CBD Oil

Royal is a well-established name in the CBD industry, with its products getting nothing but praise from the customers. Named as one of the best CBD brands by numerous publications in 2020, Royal does not miss a single beat in the CBD game. 

High-standard procedures and strict quality protocols are employed in all of Royal’s facilities, as they leave no stone unturned in providing customers with the best quality products. Royal uses only the finest-grade hemp from reliable sources.

They test the hemp for any allergens or additives before using it. They employ an eco-friendly process that involves carbon dioxide in its supercritical state. CO2 is used to extract oil from hemp.

The hempseed oil is laced with cannabidiol, which is a clinically proven remedy against anxiety attacks and stress. The rapid action of the oil would make you feel relaxed in no time. 

Unlike the bitter taste of ordinary oils, Royal’s CBD oils are available in a variety of exciting flavors. Peppermint, Vanilla and Raspberry are amongst the best-selling flavors.


  • Natural
  • 3 exciting flavors
  • Not psychoactive
  • Lab-graded


  • Contains minor THC traces

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

One of the pioneers of the CBD industry, Charlotte’s Web has maintained a very good reputation for providing top-notch products to its customers. Effective and totally safe, their products have helped them amass a major audience. 

The brand is known for incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly procedures in all of its manufacturing facilities.

Their Full-Spectrum CBD oil is carefully crafted by a team of skilled nutritionists. This oil provides maximum CBD concentration per very mL to users. Extracted from the high-grade hemp, the product does not disappoint in terms of quality and efficacy. 

Since the oil is full-spectrum, it is full of useful ingredients that help the user overcome issues due to stress and anxiety. Moreover, this adds the beneficial flavonoids, terpenes and Phytocannabinoids into the mix that increase the product efficacy. 

Known for its fast action, the oil is sure to relieve users of their lingering anxiety and free them of their mental demons. Charlotte’s Web tests all its products in local and independent labs before distributing them for retail. 

The brand dials things up a notch by offering the oil in some exciting flavors. Orange Blossom, Lemon Twist and Mint Chocolate are the three available flavors.


  • Better concentration per mL
  • 3 refreshing flavors
  • Full-Spectrum blend
  • Stabilizer-free
  • Additive-free
  • Non-GMO


  • Traces of THC content are present

NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil

NuLeaf has gradually evolved into one of the major names in the CBD industry since it was founded in 2014. Their dedication to providing the safest and most effective products have taken them to the top in such little time. 

The sustainable and environmentally friendly practices at NuLeaf Naturals are also exemplary. Amongst their CBD product range, the Full-spectrum CBD oil is perhaps the best product to battle the effects of anxiety and stress.

The term full-spectrum indicates the fact that instead of just using the leaves, this product uses a complete hemp plant. This guarantees the highest efficiency of the oil. The leaves of the hemp plant only furnish cannabidiol, like in ordinary oils. 

The stem and other parts of the hemp plant add flavonoids, Phytocannabinoids and terpenes into the mix. This addition takes things up a notch and helps battle anxiety and stress. NuLeaf guarantees safe and reliable products. They test their products twice – once on their own and once by independent labs to ensure the safety of their products.


  • Third-Party tested
  • Full-Spectrum
  • Soy-free
  • No heavy metals
  • Non-GMO


  • Contains traces (0.3%) of THC

Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads is one of the trusted names in the CBD business. They employ the best pharmacists and nutrition experts who put in loads of research to craft top-notch CBD products. 

In their versatile range of CBD products, perhaps their Broad-Spectrum CBD oil is the best way to battle the tedious effects of anxiety. Extracted from the finest quality hemp obtained from reliable sources, the broad-spectrum oil is one of the best options to treat anxiety.

It uses the complete hemp plant during the extraction process. This adds terpenes, Phytocannabinoids and flavonoids in addition to the regular cannabidiol to the CBD oil. This increases the effect and efficiency of the oil. It speeds up the action rate, which helps the oil in reducing the effects of stress and anxiety in your body.

Ordinary CBD oils are usually available in a regular, bitter taste. Green Roads freshens things up with two exciting flavors: Apple Kiwi and Mint Breeze.


  • Broad-Spectrum
  • 2 exciting flavors
  • Non-intoxicating
  • Non-GMO


  • Contains traces (0.3%) of THC
  • Can make drug tests return positive.

Stress and Anxiety: How CBD Oil Can Help – Buying Guide

What is Stress?

Stress is a natural part of our body’s fight or flight response. When we feel threatened, our body turns into fight or flight mode. Stress is simply your body feeling threatened and becoming defensive. 

The threat does not always need to be physical. Stress can also occur due to emotional reasons. It is not always in our control to suppress our feelings that might trigger stress. However, there are solutions if you feel you are constantly or easily stressed. 

You should opt for solutions because remaining in a constant state of stress & anxiety can have a devastating toll on your health. 

  • Causes of Stress

Any state that leaves us in a vulnerable position causes stress. More often than not, our body identifies certain trigger points. When we come across such triggers, our fight and flight response gets activated and we automatically feel stressed.

In terms of physical triggers, any altercation with something more powerful than you can cause a state of unrest and stress. For example, when you are physically challenged for a fight or when someone throws an unexpected object towards you, it can lead to feelings of stress.

In terms of emotional triggers, when you feel vulnerable, betrayed, lost, or alone, your body turns it into a stress response. When you lose someone you love, when your trust gets broken, when a deal falls through – any of these situations can lead to a stressful response from your body. 

  • Effects of Stress

Our entire body, all of the organ systems, engage when you feel stressed out. You must have noticed that your heart rate goes up, your breathing rate increases, you feel flushed, mood changes towards anger, etc. 

Some people experience other symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and even dizziness. Everybody deals with stress in their own way. Sometimes people adopt unhealthy habits such as binge eating, etc. 

Even direct symptoms of constantly being stressed can cause serious effects on other body organs. These unhealthy habits can unleash gruesome problems in the body. If you stay stressed for a long duration of time, you may start to experience high blood pressure, heart problems, depression, obesity, and even menstrual problems. 

So, it is best to seek help using natural supplements for anxiety and stress that can help you reduce stress without causing any further side effects. 

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is undue and long-lasting periods of stress. You might feel anxious even if there is no apparent reason to be anxious in the first place. Your anxiety might get triggered by a stimulus that does not appear threatening. 

Unlike stress, anxiety lingers for a long time. It is a permanent condition that can cause unusual symptoms of stress without any apparent reason. 

  • Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety is a known medical disorder but in case of a permanent disorder, you will need to see a professional therapist. In case you have been experiencing symptoms of anxiety only recently, you can benefit from other relieving agents such as CBD oil.

Anxiety is basically an internal struggle that makes people stressed even when everything is seemingly normal. The reason behind this phenomenon could be past trauma, any long-standing illness, drugs, alcohol, or genetics. 

Nevertheless, the reason might not matter because there is no identifiable factor for causing anxiety. It just happens, but that does not mean we should not stop it in its tracks. There are a few ways that you can help yourself and others around you to be free from this excruciating condition. 

Using the best CBD oils for stress and anxiety might be one of them. 

  • Effects of Anxiety

The effects of anxiety are more or less the same as those of stress. The same fight or flight response gets activated but without trigger points and lasts way longer. The manifestations of longer periods of anxiety might be different because our organs remain under stress for a longer duration. 

The main symptoms are the same in anxiety and stress such as racing heartbeat, high breathing rate, irritability, and GI distress. Other manifestations are quite similar as well such as depression, heart problems, obesity, etc. 

Is CBD a Viable Solution for Anxiety & Stress? 

CBD is most definitely one of the most viable solutions for stress and anxiety. CBD has proven itself to be a worthy contender for solving the most unsolvable issues. Even serious psychological and mental issues have been treated successfully with the help of CBD.

Various studies have indicated that CBD oil has a beneficial effect on individuals suffering from stress and anxiety. A few years ago, CBD was not the star of the show it is now because it was still being investigated. 

Don’t get us wrong, scientists are still trying to comprehend the complete range of beneficial effects of CBD. But to date, the evidence is in favor of people like you. The main benefit of choosing CBD as a potential treatment option for stress and anxiety is that it does not cause any major side effects. 

Unlike the pharmacological interventions previously used to treat stress and anxiety, CBD does not cause side effects that will force you to take other medications. Moreover, CBD does not only fight the battle of stress and anxiety in your body. 

It also reverses the damage caused by a constant state of stress. CBD is a known antioxidant as well so it is even known to have age-reversing effects. Last but not least, CBD makes the general aura of your body calm and makes you feel in control. 

Once you feel you are in control, your fight and flight response subsides ultimately reducing stress and anxiety to a minimum. CBD oil therapy has done wonders for the many people that have been taking it and it definitely can do wonders for you as well. The most prominent benefit is that you do not get addicted to CBD treatment. 

Once you are cured and free from the shackles of stress and anxiety, you will be able to live without CBD oil without any impulse to keep taking it. So, we would rule that you should at least give CBD a try even if you are skeptical of its effects.

The Potency of CBD Oil

The first thing you need to look for while purchasing CBD oil for the treatment of stress and anxiety is its potency. The higher the CBD oil potency, the higher the concentration of CBD in it. 

CBD oil comes in the form of tinctures that have CBD concentrate in them. The low potency CBD oils carry around 40 mg of CBD per one ml of CBD oil. The high potency CBD oils provide 80 mg of CBD concentrate per one ml of CBD oil. 

If you are a newbie to the CBD world then choose the low potency CBD oils, as it is easy to navigate from a low point to a high point. If your issues were not relieved with the help of low potency CBD oils, then we would advise you to increase your dosage while staying at the same potency. 

However, if you still don’t see any positive effects in your stress conditions, then move onto high potency CBD oils. You should check with a practicing health care professional before you start taking high potency CBD oils, especially if you have any comorbidities. 

The Spectrum of CBD Oil

The spectrum of CBD oil indicates the concentration of CBD in relation to the concentration of other cannabinoid elements in the CBD oil. There are three spectrums of CBD oil that you might come across while purchasing CBD oil. 

  • Full-spectrum
  • Broad-spectrum
  • CBD isolate 

The full-spectrum CBD oil carries the complete blend of all the elements found in the cannabinoid family including, but not limited to, THC. However, the concentration of THC is limited to the legally allowed concentration. 

The broad-spectrum CBD oil provides a blend of all the elements of the cannabinoid family except THC. Thus, it still provides an entourage effect but with a lower propensity. Lastly, the CBD isolate only carries CBD in its constituents apart from the oil of course. 

The full-spectrum CBD oil is the most beneficial of all because it provides a heightened beneficial reaction in the body due to the entourage effect. However, it also might appear on drug tests and tox screens. 

The broad-spectrum CBD oil stands on the second position of being beneficial as it still provides entourage effect associated benefits without false positive drug tests.

Stress & Anxiety: How CBD Oil Can Help – FAQs

Q. Which spectrum CBD oil should I go for?

In terms of stress and anxiety, we always advise our readers to go for the one that provides the most beneficial effects of all, aka the full-spectrum CBD oil. However, in case your job requires you to go through regular drug tests. you should opt for broad-spectrum because it provides almost the same level of beneficial effects but doesn’t show up on drug tests. 

Q. Can I get high from CBD?

No, you can’t. CBD is a miracle element that has been around us for ages but we have been oblivious to its benefits. Mainly because often CBD and THC are related together for side effects because they are derived from the same plant. 

In reality, CBD only shares the therapeutic properties of THC. Other effects such as ‘getting high’ are only associated and limited to THC. CBD itself is a therapeutic agent that has now been implied as a potential treatment option for many psychological as well as serious medical issues.

Stress & Anxiety: How CBD Oil Can Help – Final Word

We live in a fast-paced, chaotic world. There are various situations that can cause a person to feel anxious and stressed. Instead of turning to synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs which can cause dependency, you should go for natural solutions such as the best CBD oils for stress and anxiety that we have reviewed above.

Stay safe and healthy, folks!