What Is REM Sleep And How To Get More of It – Supplements which help increase REM Sleep

Having difficulty falling asleep? Do you wake up feeling groggy and drowsy? Have an irregular sleep cycle? Don’t worry – you are not alone. We live fast-paced and chaotic lives and it is hard to get enough sleep at night.

REM sleep is very important for the proper development and functioning of the human body. Don’t know what REM sleep is? In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about REM sleep and the best supplements to help increase REM sleep.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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In addition to normal sleep, REM sleep is equally essential for the normal functioning of the body. It plays a crucial role in stimulating the brain’s hippocampus – the part which is responsible for all your memories and learning new things. 

To fulfill the lack of REM sleep, Future Kind’s Vegan Sleep can prove to be a very effective option. The product is a premium infusion of chamomile and melatonin, prepared by skilled nutritionists at Future Kind.

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    Supplements to Help Increase REM Sleep – Comparison Table

    Supplements to Help Increase REM Sleep – Product Reviews

    In this section, we review the top 10 supplements to help increase REM sleep.

    In addition to normal sleep, REM sleep is equally essential for the normal functioning of the body. It plays a crucial role in stimulating the brain’s hippocampus – the part which is responsible for all your memories and learning new things. 

    To fulfill the lack of REM sleep, Future Kind’s Vegan Sleep can prove to be a very effective option. The product is a premium infusion of chamomile and melatonin, prepared by skilled nutritionists at Future Kind. 

    This blend targets specific parts of the nervous system to help induce REM sleep and help the brain increase its learning capacity. Additional natural elements present in this supplement are hop flower and lemon balm extracts. 

    These plant-based extracts increase the efficacy of the supplement. Vegan Sleep guarantees a non-groggy experience. Users are sure to wake up in the morning feeling active and nausea-free after using Vegan Sleep. 

    Future Kind incorporates pure, safe, and non-GMO ingredients. All the products are duly tested by local and third-party labs so there is no need to be concerned over quality.


    • Herbal supplement
    • No morning drowsiness
    • Third-party lab-graded
    • Free from chemicals


    • None to be mentioned

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    Spruce is a well-established name in the dietary supplements market. It has a versatile product range that caters to different customers facing different problems. Their Sleep Ranger is an exemplary product when it comes to sleep supplements. 

    It has garnered positive acclaim amongst a large number of customers, validating its efficacy. Sleep ranger’s premium blend is packed with 10mg of high-grade melatonin along with valerian root extract.

    Both components are known to be crucial in helping with the sleep-wake cycle of the body. In addition to these two basic components, it is also laced with several enzymes which help in increasing the rate of efficacy. 

    Using Sleep ranger guarantees you a peaceful night’s sleep. And not just any ordinary sleep, it will be the much needed and much helpful REM sleep! Regular usage of Sleep ranger adjusts the body according to intake and helps in streamlining the daily sleep timing.

    It is done by regulating the sleep-wake cycle of the body. It also contains magnesium in its molecular form, which induces a “calming effect” on the brain.


    • Premium blend
    • High-end melatonin
    • Induces calming effect
    • Synthetic-free


    • None to be mentioned

    15% Discount and Free Shipping when you use the coupon code MEMORY.

    Another best-selling and highly effective product from Spruce in the sleep supplements range is their Rest Oil. It is one of the best herbal options to help increase the amount of REM sleep. It induces a calming effect on the brain to aid in a deep, restful sleep. 

    REM sleep stimulates the nervous system to bolster learning and memory. The Rest Oil is a premium blend of two main components, CBD and CBN. CBN stands for cannabinol and is one of the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, just like CBD. 

    The addition of CBN in the formula, along with the already-present CBD, boosts the efficacy of the product. The CBD and CBN combine to work their magic and induce deep REM sleep which is critical for normal body functioning. 

    Spruce’s products are duly verified for quality by a double-check process. It involves local as well as third-party labs. The dual checks increase the validity of the product.


    • CBD & CBN blend
    • High-end formula
    • Induces REM sleep
    • Soy-free


    • Minor traces of THC can be found.
    • Might alert drug tests.

    Performance Lab is one of the pioneers in the dietary supplement market and their supplements are exemplary, whether they are for improving brain health or helping with sleep. The brand has amassed a major customer base over the world due to its top-notch products. 

    Laced with melatonin specifically extracted from Montmorency tart cherries, Performance Lab’s “Sleep” blends it with magnesium in three molecular forms. The combined effect of melatonin & magnesium creates a calming effect on the mind and stimulates REM sleep. 

    REM sleep helps in boosting cognitive skills as well as memory. Magnesium is a known muscle-relaxant and is the crucial element that helps induce a soothing effect on the body. Ordinary supplements work on a single-dose principle. 

    They deliver just one straight dose, which exhausts the brain and leaves users feeling drowsy after waking up in the morning. Performance Lab Sleep works on a multi-dose principle. It furnishes small temporary doses of melatonin that keep the user safe from exhaustion. 

    This also helps them feel active after waking up.


    • High-grade blend
    • All-organic
    • No morning grogginess
    • Tested for toxic ingredients
    • Third-party tested


    • None to be mentioned

    Natrol is a leading U.S. brand in the dietary supplement industry. It has been praised by many publications due to its effective and top-notch product range. Their extra-strength melatonin tablets are the ultimate remedy that people with chronic sleep issues need. 

    Lack of sleep is also attributed to loss of immunity and hampered cognition, as various clinical studies show. Natrol Melatonin tablets use high-grade melatonin to aid in inducing much-needed REM sleep. 

    Melatonin, although present naturally in the human body, sometimes fails to regulate a proper sleep pattern. This can happen due to stressful exertions or pulling off all-nighters. In such instances, melatonin needs to be supplied via products like Natrol tablets. 

    The tablets are fast-dissolving and ensure an accelerated action. Users can feel the soothing effect of REM sleep kick in within minutes of consuming the tablets. Natrol tablets are available in an exciting strawberry flavor. 

    All of Natrol’s products are duly authenticated via a dual-phase evaluation. The evaluation involves testing by both local and independent labs.


    • Exciting Strawberry flavor
    • High-end melatonin
    • Quick-dissolve
    • Induces REM sleep
    • Third-party tested


    • Relatively Expensive

    OLLY is one of the names that has emerged in recent times within the dietary supplement industry. Experimenting with innovations whilst maintaining the top-notch quality of their products, OLLY is a good option. 

    Deviating from the regular oils and tablets, OLLY has formulated the exciting options of sleep gummies. The gummies are laced with high-end melatonin which helps in regulating a streamlined sleep cycle. 

    It compensates for the body’s lack of natural melatonin and aids in sleeping peacefully. It guarantees REM sleep, which helps stimulate the abilities of cognition and memory. The best part about the gummies is the additional combination of ingredients. 

    Zinc, Echinacea, and Vitamin C are some of the extra ingredients that help in taking care of the immune system. The product is available in 2 exciting flavors: Wildberry and Elderberry. OLLY ensures dual-phase quality testing for all its products. The verifications and testing add to the authenticity of products.


    • 2 refreshing flavors
    • Top-quality Melatonin
    • Immune support
    • Induces REM sleep
    • Third-party tested


    • Gummies can melt if you live in a very hot region

    The Sweet Sleep CBD oil from Green Roads is one of the best natural options in the sleep supplement market. It comes in a 750 mg potency which is sure to provide a much-needed and peaceful sleep. 

    It helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle in the human body. Achieving REM sleep becomes very easy after using the Sweet Sleep oil. Green Roads is a pioneer in hemp-derived supplements with the Sweet Sleep being no exception. 

    It packs two of the most important cannabinoids from the hemp plant – CBD and CBN. 22.5mg of CBD per serving helps to drive out the stress from within your system. The additional 2.5mg of CBN per serving of the oil helps to induce the feeling of sleepiness. 

    The oil is laced with high-grade melatonin which plays a crucial role in inducing REM sleep. This sleep stimulates the hippocampus in the brain to bolster cognition and memory. The oil is available in an exciting blueberry flavor. 

    All of Green Road’s products are duly verified by major pharmaceutical agencies. They handle their operations in GMP-certified facilities. Users need not worry about any harmful or toxic ingredients.


    • Blueberry flavor
    • CBD & CBN combined effect
    • Supplies melatonin
    • Non-psychoactive


    • Contains minor traces of THC
    • Can be picked up in drug tests

    Vicks has been in the supplement business for a long time and garnered a lot of positive acclaim from users all over the world. They have a wide variety of products that help with almost every kind of problem. 

    They created the ZZZQuil product range specifically for the aid of people who face difficulties in sleeping peacefully. These gummies are an effective and organic way to fight off sleep-pattern issues. 

    Achieving REM sleep would not be difficult after using these gummies. Utilizing herbal ingredients like lavender and chamomile, the gummies supply high-grade melatonin. Melatonin aids in the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. 

    Additional components include lemon balm as well as valerian root extracts. They help in fighting off any lingering pains in the body. The gummies are offered in a refreshing flavor of Wildberry Vanilla, which is sure to please your taste buds. 

    In short, this product is an ideal choice to help you calm the storm of sleep problems.


    • Botanical formula 
    • Wildberry & vanilla flavored
    • No morning drowsiness 
    • Third-party lab-graded
    • Additive-free


    • Not FDA evaluated

    Midnite’s chewable tablets are an interesting yet effective deviation from the regular form of supplements, that was either oils or capsules. The formula of the tablets is laced with a combination of herbs that help greatly in the sleeping process. 

    It has received positive feedback from the customers, who praise it for its efficacy. The premium botanical formula is composed of chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm. High-grade extracts of these 3 herbs combine to furnish a calming effect on the body which helps to bring about the feeling of sleepiness. 

    It is also laced with melatonin, which plays a crucial role in maintaining a good sleep-wake cycle. It helps to induce REM sleep and does not make you drowsy after waking up. The product intake is also made easy, as the tablets are easily chewable without water.


    • Natural blend 
    • Easily chewable
    • No morning grogginess 
    • Third-party graded
    • Additive-free


    • Expensive

    Hibernate Sleep & Grow is a great quality product from Huge Nutrition. They are a well-known name in the dietary supplements industry. The supplement has a twofold advantage. It helps to bring about REM sleep while also working on muscle recovery in your body as you sleep overnight.

    The premium blend of Hibernate is laced with high-end melatonin along with the herbal touch of valerian root. Both these components are clinically proven to be beneficial in regulating proper sleep patterns and even helping achieve REM sleep. 

    It also contains Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) which helps in recovering the stressed muscles as you sleep like a baby. Hibernate is available in the refreshing flavor of Peach Mango. All of the Huge Nutrition's products are evaluated in both local and independent labs to verify quality. All ingredients used are completely safe and non-GMO.


    • Natural blend 
    • Water-soluble
    • Muscle recovery
    • Third-party graded
    • Gluten-free


    • Takes about half an hour to work

    What is REM Sleep and How to Get More of It

    Regular Sleep-Wake Cycle

    Circadian rhythms or sleep-wake cycle spans the 24 hours of a day. During these 24 hours, an individual is supposed to sleep for almost 8 hours and stay awake for the remaining 16 hours. Our circadian rhythms used to be linked with the light of the day and the darkness of the night. 

    The time and light acted as stimulants for the body to know whether it is time to sleep or stay awake. However, technology and other environmental and lifestyle habits have disrupted our regular sleep-wake cycles. 

    This change majorly affects sleep time because we are constantly surrounded by artificial light. This tells the hormonal system of our body that it is time to stay awake. Before we jump into the aspect of REM sleep, we need to discuss a normal sleep routine and stages of sleep. 

    A regular and healthy sleep cycle consists of 8 hours of consistent nighttime sleep in a day. 

    • Oversleeping

    However, 8 hours is not a rigid number. Your sleep cycle can extend up to 12 hours depending upon the level of rest your body requires. However, a sleep cycle of 12 hours should not become the norm as it can have side effects. It is best to limit your sleep cycles between 8-10 hours. 

    • Lack of Sleep

    On the other hand, lack of sleep has consequences as well. If your work or life requires you to stay awake past your bedtime for a couple of days, you will be fine. However, you will not be fine if your body constantly suffers from a lack of sleep. 

    Consistent lack of sleep can manifest itself as multiple neurological and systemic problems. So, it is best not to have only a 5-hour sleep schedule every night. It is optimum to sleep at least 8 hours.

    Stages of Sleep

    Despite your routine, whether you sleep more than eight hours a night or less than eight hours a night, your body goes through different stages of sleep. These stages of sleep progress at an optimum rate if you obtain a full eight hours night sleep and will be disrupted with you obtain less or more hours of sleep. 

    The stages of sleep are divided into REM sleep or non-REM sleep. Non-REM sleep is further divided into three stages. 

    • Non-REM Sleep

    In the first stage, your eye movements start to decline and your heart rate goes down. In the next stage, your eye movements are close to zero, your heart rate is at the lowest optimum stage, and your neurons start firing at a slower pace. 

    In the third stage, your eye movements stop completely, your heart rate is minimal but normal, your breathing rate is at the lower end, your neurons fire at the slowest pace, and your muscles completely relax. 

    The deep sleep that you all might have heard about happens in the third stage of non-REM sleep. During this deep sleep, it is very difficult to wake up. However, if you wake up during a deep sleep, you will feel groggy and irritated. 

    The non-REM sleep cycle lasts for 90 minutes. The REM to non-REM sleep cycle is a continuous cycle as it keeps repeating itself until you wake up. After passing through these three stages of non-REM sleep your body progresses to REM sleep. 

    • REM Sleep

    During REM sleep your eye movements become rapid, your heartbeat goes up, and your neurons fire at a higher pace. It has been concluded in many studies that dream only occur during REM sleep. The REM sleep lasts for about 10 minutes and then the cycle resets as you start from stage one of non-REM sleep.

    REM Sleep

    Rapid eye movement or more commonly known as REM is the last stage of the sleep cycle. During this stage, as the name suggests, the eyes move in every direction at a rapid pace. However, it does not send any visual signal to the occipital lobe (visual centre) of the brain. 

    Moreover, the brain becomes more active and starts firing neurons at a higher pace. Certain parts of the brain, such as those responsible for learning, retaining memory, producing human growth hormone, and formulating amino acids for protein build up are stimulated during REM sleep. 

    Furthermore, the heart rate and breathing rate fasten during REM sleep. However, this does not mean that you are up. The increased stimulation of the brain and a higher heart/breathing rate increases the propensity of individuals to have vivid dreams. 

    The REM sleep cycle lasts for 10 minutes during the first sleep cycle. It continuously gets longer with each passing cycle. Some researchers reported that the REM sleep cycle can last even more than an hour up till the end of the sleep cycle. 

    Another major feature of REM sleep to note is that all the muscles of the body practically become paralyzed during this sleep stage. Since the brain is hyperactive and dreaming vividly, this feature stops the human body from physically acting out those dreams. 

    However, your ability to achieve REM and time spent in it varies with age. Children can spend about 50 percent of their sleep cycle in REM sleep. On the other hand, adults usually only achieve REM sleep 20 percent of the total sleep cycle. 

    At the other extreme end, older individuals might not even achieve REM at all. Many factors play a role in time duration and the ability to achieve REM sleep with age. 

    Benefits of REM Sleep

    It must be evident till now that REM sleep is quite an important stage of the sleep cycle. We are here to discuss specific benefits associated with REM sleep. 

    • First of all, the production of human growth hormone increases during REM sleep. This is the reason why babies and adolescents have a higher percentage of REM sleep achieved per night as opposed to adults. 
    • During REM sleep, your brain explores all the data you have collected throughout the day including emotions and tends to sort it out in short term memory and long-term memory. Thus, reduced REM sleep can mess with your memory. 
    • REM sleep helps in keeping some complex and important neural pathways alive and fit. It prevents neural degeneration. Thus, a night of lower REM sleep in old age results in mental problems. 
    • REM sleep also decreases inflammation and pain perception. So, during recovery from an injury, REM sleep helps the cells to regenerate faster while reducing inflammation and reducing pain perception. 
    • Since your body becomes active in REM sleep as opposed to the state in Non-REM sleep, the blood supply to certain organs increases providing them nutrients to nourish themselves. This leads to healthier organs. 

    These are just some of the benefits associated with REM sleep. The scientific community is still looking into the benefits and factors associated with REM sleep. The research to date indicates that REM sleep is a very important and beneficial part of the sleep cycle. Therefore, we should do everything in our power to achieve a healthy amount of REM sleep every night. 

    Factors influencing REM Sleep

    There are many factors implicated in influencing and decreasing REM sleep. Most of these are in our control and the others can be controlled with the help of supplements. 

    • Dietary habits
    • Lifestyle
    • Exercise 
    • Sleep routine 
    • Hormonal balance 
    • Health status
    • Comorbidities 

    Supplements that Support REM Sleep

    The main hormone implicated in the sleep cycle is melatonin. Therefore, supplements containing melatonin increase the effectiveness of falling asleep. When the sleep cycle normalizes, all the stages of sleep are effectively achieved. 

    Thus, normal or increased melatonin concentration in the body can be linked to the higher efficacy of REM sleep. This is the major reason melatonin containing supplements are often prescribed for individuals that have a disturbed sleep cycle. 

    You can choose from either those supplements that directly contain melatonin or those that stimulate the production of endogenous melatonin. Other ingredients that are linked with a better sleep cycle and REM sleep include herbs that have a sedative and calming effect. 

    A stressful lifestyle can have a devastating effect on our sleep cycle. Thus, calming and sedative herbs can be taken to induce sleep. As we all know, stress lowers hormones and creates reactive oxygen species that cause the body to stay in constant fight mode. 

    Herbs such as chamomile extract, passionflower herb, and lemon balm leaf are known to have sedative and calming action. Thus, these ingredients are often found in the ingredient list of sleep-enhancing supplements. 

    Furthermore, you only fall asleep when your body is fully relaxed. Thus, those supplements that induce relaxation of muscles and the brain can also be linked with better sleep cycles. CBD is very effective in inducing body-wide relaxation. 

    So, CBD associated supplements can also be used to enhance your sleep cycle. Lastly, a few amino acids such as L-theanine and hydroxytryptophan are directly linked to the production of certain neurotransmitters. 

    The neurotransmitter balance is key to maintaining healthy brain function. A healthy brain is directly related to a better sleep cycle. Thus, supplements with a healthy amount of amino acids and minerals can be used for the enhancement of the sleep cycle. 

    Issues Associated with Irregular Sleep cycle

    Normal circadian rhythms should not be taken for granted. The sleep-wake cycle balance allows our body to function properly. Even a slight distortion in this cycle can have devastating effects, if not remedied as soon as possible. 

    We have already explained the importance of REM sleep in detail. Now let’s discuss what happens when you do not get enough REM sleep for a long time. We are not saying that these issues start to occur the minute you stop experiencing REM sleep. 

    Rather, these issues occur when you go a long time without experiencing REM sleep. 

    • Heightened pain perception 
    • Reduce memory retention 
    • Foul mood (grogginess, increased irritability)
    • No vivid dreams 
    • Reduction in Human growth hormone production

    These are the superficial effects that humans naturally experience due to loss of REM sleep. Medical issues only start to occur when the patient becomes incapable of achieving REM sleep for a long time.

    Supplements which Help Increase REM Sleep – Final Word

    There are ways to achieve a good night’s sleep and to ensure that you don’t miss REM sleep even for a night. One of the main factors associated with REM sleep is a sedentary lifestyle and dietary habits. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to many issues including loss of REM sleep. 

    So first of all you should move towards an active lifestyle and choose healthier dietary options. Moreover, you can opt for various supplements to help you achieve normality in your sleep cycles and help in obtaining REM sleep. 

    Go through the best sleep supplements for REM sleep that we have reviewed above and choose the one that fulfills your requirements.

    Here’s to a peaceful, good night’s sleep, folks!