Veritas Farms CBD Review

Quarantine has left all of us feeling exhausted, depressed, unmotivated, and anxious. Sitting at home all day, following the same routine over and over while work piles up in the corner, sounds a little too familiar? We know what it’s like and have a solution too. 

At this point, everyone is very well aware of CBD and all the benefits it brings about. CBD has really built its reputation around for being a supplement that tackles almost all psychological and even some cognitive issues, all while being completely natural. 

Now, with the growing popularity of CBD, a lot of companies are having their own go at the natural product. There’s a great variety available for you but choosing your CBD product can also be stressful. 

Which one to opt for? We've found you a natural CBD manufacturer whose products are both natural and effective for all. That manufacturer is "Veritas Farms". 

Let's take a look at why it should be your go-to choice.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • 100% Natural
  • No Pesticides
  • Zero High
  • Lab Grade
  • Third-Party Tested

Want an effective insider tip? We know that Veritas Farms produces high-quality CBD products, but our top recommendation is Spruce CBD. With their high potency, lab-grade quality, and zero pesticide usage policy, they are the best out there!

Quick Summary 

By now, you are probably aware of CBD oils. An all clean, all pure, and all-natural CBD. Haven't heard of that, right? Think about it, when we see CBD, we just assume it's natural. This is not always correct. 

What makes Veritas Farms different from its peers is its proven claim that everything that goes in their CBD oil is all-natural. Other than that, Veritas Farms is a completely self-made company. They are not only responsible for purifying and packaging, but they also manage their farms and harvests. 

Veritas Farms offers a bunch of scents and a lot of flavors to choose from, all of which are absolutely natural. These added scents and flavors help improve the experience and won’t make you feel like you just grazed on fresh grass. 

Different textures, scents, and flavors allow the products to reach a wider audience and make sure no one feels left out. 

Want an effective insider tip? We know that Veritas Farms produces high-quality CBD products, but our top recommendation is Spruce CBD. With their high potency, lab-grade quality, and zero pesticide usage policy, they are the best out there!

What is Veritas Farms? 

Veritas Farms is another, well-known CBD-centered brand that offers a bunch of CBD-infused oils, creams, powders, salves, gummies, skincare, pet care, and even hand sanitizers. Founded in 2011, Veritas Farms has built quite a reputation for itself by being one of the first to perfect the formula and understand the public demand. 

Each of the products listed on their site provides you with benefits and active ingredients about the product. Veritas Farms has made a point of educating the customers along with providing them with products. 

As far as reviews are concerned, you can find tons online. The brand has not been involved in any scandal or false acclaims as of yet. Not FDA approved either, not because it is bad for health but because FDA likes to take their time with everything. 

But to assure you, there are no such ingredients that have been added that could be a potentially harmful drug. None of the ingredients are harmful chemicals or chemicals that require a special permit. 

All additives are completely safe for use. Veritas Farms have kept things pretty transparent and even encourage people to come to visit their farm and ISO-certified labs. Not only that, Veritas Farms has made its products affordable for all. 

The prices of the Veritas Farms products go from 30 to 200 dollars, depending upon the strength you chose.

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    Veritas Farms Products – Comparison Table

    Veritas Farms Products

    Veritas Farms is labeled amongst the top-notch brands that manufacture and market CBD Oils. The CBD oils have a potent and beneficial formula that gives good results. It helps to alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety-related problems. 

    The oil is a result of the fusion of vegetarian and pure constituents which are obtained from reliable sources. Veritas Farms has three marquee products in the Full-spectrum oil category. One is their chamomile-based tincture available in the usual serving size. 

    The other two products are coconut-based tinctures which are available in regular serving sizes and a 100ml sample size. Their coconut-based tincture is perhaps the best selling out of the lot due to its variety of flavors. 

    All the products serve the same purpose, there exists only a slight change in ingredients. All of the CBD Oils are properly tested and undergo verifications to make sure there has been no compromise on the quality. 

    The oils are checked both for safety and quality. Primary tests are conducted during the manufacturing process and secondary tests happen afterward in independent laboratories to get a third-party verification. 

    This double-testing phase ensures that the company is delivering the products as advertised. The company leaves no stone unturned in providing the safest possible products to its consumers. 

    The CBD oils are devoid of any kind of additives, artificial stabilizers, and pesticides. There is no presence of toxins or any heavy metals. The product is kept natural to give consumers a soothing remedy and keep them safe from any side effects. 

    The results of all lab tests are also kept transparent for the public. Hemp is the key ingredient of the CBD Oils, with alternative ingredients being Chamomile and Coconut. The hemp is acquired naturally from the company’s 140-acre farm in Colorado. 

    Hemp helps alleviate anxiety and promotes a calm and soothing mind. Oil invigorates the nervous system and helps to revitalize the cognitive ability as well as the immunity of consumers.

    CBD Oil has a unique formula and consistency. It reaches the brain receptors and acts from within. The oil boosts the brain’s immunity and cognition. It helps to improve memory, focus, and concentration. The brain cells also heal and restore because of CBD oil. It prevents anxiety, depression, and stress. 

    CBD Oil is also good for chronic pain and inflammation. The athletes can consume the oil on a daily basis. The oil exhibits a consistent action and absorbs rapidly into the bloodstream. Regular dosages can help consumers to benefit from the true potential of the oil.


    • Purity: The oil boasts completely pure ingredients obtained from reliable sources. Non-GMO and additive-free constituents are used to produce the oil.
    • Insomnia helper: The hemp extract helps reduce stress and soothes the mind. A calm mind promotes an improved sleep pattern and lessens mental fatigue.
    • Cognitive Boost: Oil reinforces the immune system and provides a cognitive lift. The oil enhances memory and increases concentration.
    • Safe and Reliable: Double verifications by local and independent labs make sure that the oil is safe, pure, and devoid of any toxic additives.


    • Not THC-free: Being full spectrum, the oil contains minor traces of THC which might get picked up in drug tests.

    Listing in the well-known manufacturers of CBD products, Veritas Farms also markets CBD gummies to aid users that are not comfortable with the traditional oils. CBD Gummies are very beneficial for reducing mental fatigue, alleviating stress, and enhancing sleep patterns. 

    The best thing about gummies is the intake method – by eating. The gummies undergo a double testing process to ensure the safety as well as the quality of the product. Local labs conduct the test during the manufacturing process and third-party tests are done after production to further validate the results. 

    The test results are available on the company’s website for public view so that consumers can verify the product before using it. The gummies are very beneficial for the immunity system. It boosts brain energy and immunity. 

    It helps to enhance cognition, concentration, and focus. People suffering from brain fog, memory loss, and dementia should consume these gummies daily. It promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation throughout the body. 

    The gummies have no bad taste or smell. So, these are easy to swallow. The company manufactures Melatonin based gummies available in an exciting wild berry flavor. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle in the human body. 

    The gummies are laced with this hormone to help users battling insomnia. It improves the sleep patterns and helps users fall asleep faster than usual. It helps achieve a pleasant and continuous sleep of 8-9 hours and can help in jet lag and insomnia-related issues. 

    Having a good sleep is necessary so that users feel energetic and fresh when they wake in the morning. All it takes is 1 gummy for users to experience a soothing restful night’s sleep. The hemp and melatonin fusion helps to ease and calm the mind which helps users to sleep faster than usual. 

    The product also comes in handy for people who experience daily routine stress as it decreases the overall mental fatigue resulting from stress. The product is available in an exciting wild berry flavor which has proved to be popular amongst the users. 

    The gummies are completely free from any harmful or toxic additives. No stabilizers or pesticides are used to manufacture the product. All constituents are non-GMO.


    • Organic
      The gummies are devoid of any synthetic constituents. It contains melatonin and hemp-extracted from all-natural sources.
    • Purity
      The product boasts non-GMO ingredients. There is no presence of toxic additives or any harmful metals,
    • Insomnia
      Melatonin helps in regulating a proper sleep cycle and also decreases the time users take to sleep.
    • Cognitive Booster
      The product reinforces the immune system and provides a cognitive lift. The oil enhances memory and increases concentration,
    • Duly Verified
      The product undergoes double verifications via tests both from local and third-party labs. It maintains the safety and purity of the product.


    • Excessive Use: Excessive usage of gummies can pose very harmful threats to users. One gummy per sleep is enough.

    Veritas Farms being the major brand of CBD products also features a wide variety of topical products for its consumer market. Their topical range includes all kinds of lotions, salves, lip balms, and roll-on. 

    The whole topical range is made from safe and pure constituents and is duly tested and verified. All products are potent and beneficial for the consumers. First up in the topical range are the CBD lotions. 

    The lotions are available in lavender, aloe-vera, and rosemary versions with each one of them dedicated to give an all-round moisturizing action. The major ingredient remains to be hemp which guarantees users a smooth and feel-good skin resulting from applying the lotions. 

    A soft glow and balanced skin are plus points for users. Next, is the CBD Massage Oil, constituted from hemp and jojoba oil extracts. Veritas Farms’ Massage oil might just be the key to a perfect massage. 

    It helps revitalize the skin condition and alleviates the tension. A good massage session with this oil after a tiring day would prove very beneficial for users. This range also includes the Full Spectrum sports cream. 

    It combines hemp and coconut extracts to target any discomfort in muscles and joints. A must-have for athletes and fitness freaks, this sports cream is the best recovery option for all kinds of joint and muscle pains resulting from their activities. 

    The range also comes with a very fruity option for lip care. Available in six exciting flavors and made from pure hemp extract and beeswax, this lip-balm helps keep the lips moisturized and in good condition. 

    It protects the lips from the daily aggression caused by the sun, dust, and other pollutants. Veritas Farms also holds a skincare product range under its arsenal of CBD products. The skincare range is created from 100% organic hemp-based constituents and guarantees skin restoration and a fresh glow. 

    Users can experience complete skin rejuvenation via these organic products. The product range undergoes double verifications via local as well as third-party labs. Primary tests during manufacturing and secondary tests after finishing validates the quality and authenticity of the products that the company promises to deliver to its consumers. 

    The products are free from all kinds of animal products, parabens, or petrochemicals.


    • Purity
      The topical range guarantees purity in all products as they are free from all kinds of toxins, alloys, preservatives, and synthetic stabilizers.
    • Duly verified
      Double-phased testing done by local and independent labs validates the authenticity of the product.
    • Toxin-free
      The lotion is free of synthetic stabilizers and toxic pesticides. Lab results are available on the company website for cross-checking.
    • All-natural
      All constituents are 100% organic and plant-based. Extractions are done from totally reliable and safe sources.
    • Pain releaser
      The lotions and sports cream are potent remedies for the alleviation of pains and inflammation and guarantee the best results without showing any side effects.
    • Radiant complexion
      It guarantees a radiant complexion free from all kinds of blemishes and redness. Creates a matte finish which helps as a major confidence booster.


    • THC-content: As products are hemp-based, so minor amounts of THC are present that might alert drug tests.

    Veritas Farms has been one of the leading and successful brands due to its ability to adapt to consumer trends. In addition to CBD oils and gummies, they have also introduced CBD capsules in a new method of intake.

    Some users may not find it comfortable applying the oil or intaking CBD via gummies, so capsules might just be the perfect solution in this case. It contains the fusion of hemp extract and coconut oil packed in small capsules of varying potencies. 

    These capsules are the ideal remedy for mental fatigue and prove to be good stress relievers. They can also prove beneficial in relaxing the muscles and joints from inflammations and pain. The capsules provide users with the much-needed cognitive boost as well as aid the immune system to a great extent. 

    The capsules come in two different potencies, 10mg, and 25mg. This provides users with a choice of strength. New users might hesitate to buy stronger potency capsules so they settle on the lower potency capsules and it’s a win-win for everybody. 

    Both potencies still guarantee the same remedial action for stress alleviation and mental clarity. The capsule contains safe ingredients that reinvigorate damaged and worn-out skin. The softgels ensure proper hydration to soothe dry and irritated skin. 

    It provides a 24-hour hydrating action and helps to plump the skin appearance with the added benefit of improving fine lines by regular usage. The capsules are made with non-GMO ingredients and undergo both local as well as independent lab tests to validate the safety and quality. 

    The product is allergen and dairy-free and is devoid of any heavy metals or harmful toxins.


    • Purity: Capsules are free from synthetic additives, metals, and alloys. All ingredients are allergen-free.
    • Mental Clarity: It promotes mental stability and clarity by alleviating stress and improving cognitive action.
    • Verified: Double-phased testing done by local and independent labs validates the authenticity of the product.


    • Not THC-free: Capsules are made from hemp extract so a minor quantity of THC is present.

    How Do Veritas Farms CBD Products Work?

    Veritas Farms CBD products have a wider blend of ingredients than most companies. Most brands add flavors and CBD and that’s it. Veritas Farms has added essential oils, scents, and flavors along with a full spectrum CBD blend. 

    These added ingredients are also completely natural and safe for consumption. None of these ingredients will dumb down the effect of others as they mesh well together. Moving on towards how the product actually works in our body. 

    As some of you may know, our brain has a bunch of receptors that help us to communicate with our body and generate responses in answer to the stimuli. One of the very important receptors here is the endocannabinoid receptors. 

    These are the receptors where stress molecules bind creating a sense of stress, anxiety, brain fog, memory problems, and concentration issues. How CBD molecules work is by blocking these receptors so stress molecules are unable to bind to them, hence, stopping the brain from generating a response. 

    This helps the brain to remain calm and active. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties as well and there is a lot of research backing up that claim. Due to this property, CBD could be used for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. A mix of CBD and THC has also been approved to be used in the UK as a sclerosis drug.

    Veritas Farms CBD Products Ingredients 

    As mentioned above, Veritas Farms has kept its ingredients list very to the point and straightforward. Some of the commonly used ingredients in most of their products are,

    • CBD

    Surprise surprise. CBD is the main and active ingredient in Veritas Farms products. The positive effects of CBD on health are backed up by loads of research trials and studies and have to offer a lot of medicinal benefits. 

    According to the website, their CBD is extracted via ethanol extraction which is a bit controversial. CBD, in proper doses, can show results in time as short as a week. CBD doesn't usually have any major health risks for the consumer. 

    It combats depression, anxiety, stress, pain, forgetfulness, cognitive problems, acne, and according to some articles, cancer symptoms too. 

    • Organic coconut oil

    The addition of coconut oil helps in the better absorption of CBD and other nutrients into the body. This is the main reason for the addition of coconut extract into the mix. Coconut is also a super-rich source of fatty acid which aids the endocannabinoid system in more than one way. 

    • Hemp seed oil 

    Hemp Seed oil or more commonly known as hemp oil is the extract of the hemp seed itself, not the plant. CBD is not to be confused with hemp oil, as both bring their own benefits to the table. Hemp seed oil is relatively used more on topical creams and solutions that are infused with CBD. 

    They bring about extensive benefits of hemp oil on the skin. These benefits include treatment of almost all types of skin issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, fine lines, wrinkles, and rashes. And hemp oil was also made legal in the US. 

    Veritas Farms CBD Products Benefits 

    Moving on to what benefits you should be expecting after the use of Veritas Farms products. The Veritas Farms website lists a bunch of positive effects of their products. We'll take a look at these benefits one by one and validate their authenticity.

    Pain relief

     A study conducted in 2012 showed that CBD stops inflammation and pain by going to glycine receptors. This way CBD can stop these molecules to bind with the glycine receptor. This stops the body from reacting to these molecules by causing pain or inflammation. 

    A few other research studies have supported this result, concluding that CBD in fact plays a big role in bringing down swelling and pain. 


    A study conducted in 2010 deduced that CBD oil, via the oral route, worked really well in suppressing the effects of anxiety and induced relaxation and calmness without creating an intoxicating sensation. CBD was able to achieve this result by affecting the limbic and paralimbic areas of the brain. 

    Not only anxiety, but CBD was also seen to combat a few other SAD symptoms.  

    Sleep Inducing 

    A detailed trial-based study showed the effects of CBD as an insomnia medication. For this purpose, willing participants who suffer from insomnia were called. As most trial studies go, the participants were divided into 2 groups, one on placebo and the other on CBD before going to bed. 

    Results showed that the CBD before bed helped the participants to go to bed quicker and even were able to have a good night's sleep, unlike the placebo participants. 

    Veritas Farms Side Effects

    There are no reported cases of any severe side effects due to the consumption of Veritas Farms. The overall survey has shown nothing but positive effects. CBD also does not have any cases of severe side effects. 

    But, Veritas Farms will have a few side effects and all these side effects are that of CBD. These include:

    • Fatigue
    • Diarrhea
    • Fluctuation in weight 

    Veritas Farms Customer (Reddit) Reviews 

    Veritas Farms knows how to keep its customers happy and satisfied. A giant chunk of reviews is positive. People not only admire the workability( in regards to sleep and pain relief ) but also love the different scents and flavors. 

    Almost all the reviews have talked about the flavors in their customer reviews. A few of the negative reviews that we find had to do with consumers not starting with the right strength. A lot of people are unaware of how much strength is good for them. 

    We'd advise you to consult the online helpers to discuss which strength you should get. How long you've been using the product and what your BMI is will impact the right strength for you. Beginners are advised to start small and move their way up the strengths.

    How to Take Veritas Farms CBD Products

    Each product mentioned on the website has a small instructions panel. Veritas Farms website and their customer care service are also there to help you know how to consume your CBD product. 

    For oils tinctures, you are supposed to use the provided dropper to drop some amount in your mouth, under your tongue. 1 to 2 ml is recommended for each dose, and make sure not to exceed 4 ml per day. 

    Make sure to hold the oil in your mouth before swallowing. Hold for around 30 to 90 seconds. For topical creams, scoop out a generous amount of the product with clean hands and gently massage the affected area. 1 gummy before bedtime. 2 to 3 capsules a day. 

    Where are Veritas Farms CBD Products Manufactured?

    Veritas Farms is a 100% US-based brand, everything and anything related to the products takes place in the US. Their farms and the main franchise are in Pueblo, Colorado. Not only are their products amazing, but their farming procedures are also accommodating to soil protection and less water usage.

    Terpenes, flavonoids, and CBD all are extracted via ethanol extraction and this blend is what makes Veritas Farms different from others. Each batch is then sent individually for testing by a 3rd party before sending it out.

    Veritas Farms FAQs

    Is CBD addictive?

    No. Absolutely not. Rather THC is a psychoactive drug and even causes dependency. Of course, you don't have to worry about that now because Veritas Farms has made its products THC-free.  

    Is it legal to travel with?

    Yes, all Veritas Farms products are legal to travel with, even fly with as CBD is now legal in the US. They do help a lot if you have travel anxiety. International flights might be a little tricky. 

    Veritas Farms CBD Products - Conclusion

    With this detailed guide/review, hopefully, you’ll have a better idea of what the brand Veritas Farms is all about. Veritas Farms has proven itself to be a great contender and also shown the potential to be the best of its category. 

    Not only is the product affordable, but they are also safe, effective, and well-reviewed. One of the eye-catching points of this brand is that it is THC-free. At this point, you gotta give it a shot.