Best Brain Force Alternatives

What is Brain Force?

Brain Force may sound like a violent movie name, but it's a brain-boosting supplement. Nootropics or more commonly known as brain boosters are specially formulated brain supplements that help to boost the activity, functionality, and overall health of the brain. 

Brain Force is made and sold by a US-based company known as Infowars Life. Some of you may recognize this company as a subsidiary of the well-known media company called InfoWars. They have introduced another supplement that is the new and improved formula, ideally for those that don't seem to see any effect with Brain Force. 

This supplement is named Brain Force Plus. Both of these are available on their own website and on Amazon as well. One bottle of brain booster, accumulating 36 tablets, is retailed for a total of 40 dollars and will last you a little over a month. 

Brain Force is being marketed as a toxin-cutting nootropic that will help to break down all the toxins present in your body. These toxins are hazardous to health but could also be affecting the brain's health and overall functionality. Brain Force aims to help the brain reduce these harmful materials whilst maintaining brain health. 

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Third-party tested
  • No synthetic fillers
  • An all-organic blend of 11 brain-boosters

The brain is regarded as the most complex organ of the body and plays an indispensable role in the functioning of the whole body. The daily routines of today’s age happen to be quite pressing and stressful. 

The brain’s natural capacity usually depletes as a result of these pressing routines. Brain force supplements are the best way to give that needed recharge to the brain and overall nervous activity. Mind Lab Pro is a name listed amongst brain supplements that are of the top-tier level. It is endowed with such ingredients that prove its mettle in helping the brain to perform at its best. 

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    Best Brain Force Alternatives – Comparison Table

    The 10 Best Brain Force Alternatives

    In this section, we review the Top Brain Force Alternatives.

    The brain is regarded as the most complex organ of the body and plays an indispensable role in the functioning of the whole body. The daily routines of today’s age happen to be quite pressing and stressful. 

    The brain’s natural capacity usually depletes as a result of these pressing routines. Brain force supplements are the best way to give that needed recharge to the brain and overall nervous activity. Mind Lab Pro is a name listed amongst brain supplements that are of the top-tier level. It is endowed with such ingredients that prove its mettle in helping the brain to perform at its best. 

    Consisting of an alleviative blend of eleven organic ingredients, Mind Lab Pro is the key to improved cognitive abilities. Ordinary supplements target only 2-3 brain pathways and cater for only limited action. These supplements are only botanic or synthetic based. 

    Mind Lab Pro’s formula is optimized by skilled nutritionists as a result of extensive research and hits all the pathways of the brain providing an all-round action. The formula guarantees a double-benefit by helping boost brain=function as well as aiding in the long-run.

    Mind Lab Pro provides memory improvement, optimized processing ability and betters the overall mood. It subdues the fatigue-barriers and stimulates quick thinking and aids in increasing total mental prowess. It restores and replenishes the worn-out nerve cells to result in an improved nervous system. 


    • Third-party tested supplement 
    • Supports the mental clarity 
    • It contains an 11-nootropics blend
    • It is certified by GMP
    • The supplement is allergen-free
    • It is caffeine-free


    • None to be mentioned

    Without a doubt, Performance Lab ranks as one of the leading brands to provide brain supplements in the market. Caffeine + is listed amongst the best caffeine-based versions of brain force alternatives. Usual caffeine products only provide short-term kicks that subside after a while and can cause mental exhaustion in the long-term. 

    Caffeine +, is regarded as the future of all caffeine-variants due to its ultra-tech formula and clinical enhancements. The research teams at Performance Lab are known for their expertise which they utilize to provide the best products in the market after exhaustive research and clinical trials. 

    Their ultra-modern formula boasts Natural caffeine 50 mg and Suntheanine 100 mg, which create the necessary blend for the provision of flawless brain force and unrivaled cognitive performance. The product also possesses ingredients that aid in the recovery of brain chemicals that deplete over time owing to exertions caused by the daily pressing routines. 

    Stim fine-tunes the alerting mechanism of the brain and stimulates multi-tasking prowess by rejuvenating the recall abilities. It helps in countering the detrimental effects linked to caffeine overstimulation. Replenished memory cells help add to the brain-force which is exhibited in the user’s improved functioning. 

    Its daily dosage comprises 5 capsules each of 50mg caffeine to be taken after daily meals. The secret to procuring the product’s full operation is consistency. The regular doses aid the body to get accustomed to the supplement’s formula.


    • Simple 00 size capsules
    • No synthetic additives are present 
    • It contains all-native ingredients
    • It is GMP Certified
    • The supplement is Gluten-free
    • Non-GMO certified


    • Some people can be allergic to caffeine.

    Performance Lab caters to variety in their customer market. In addition to the caffeine-variant, they also have their Mind product, which is based on their patented mixture of Cognizin and Sharp-PS Green both of which combine to guarantee the best results on cognitive abilities.

    The listed ingredients are clinically blended by their best nutritionists after exhaustive studies and experimenting. Ordinary market products usually target the brain function only. But Mind’s state-of-the-art formula provides the added function involving the restoration of the brain’s depleted condition. 

    Cognizin acts upon the brain’s major pathways to stimulate an optimized mental capacity and provides a cognitive lift. Sharp-PS Green further aids in repairing the worn-out brain cells and helps users recover from the effects of stressful routines.

    The product comes in 00 size capsules which are easy to swallow. The required dosage is around 1-2 capsules. The key that garners the true potential of these products is consistency. The product demonstrates a peaked brain force, memory capacity support and stimulates an enhanced mood. 

    The product refreshes the blood flow to the brain, aiding the delivery of oxygen, micronutrients, and glucose to it. It restores the brain’s depleted chemicals to help recover from the after-effects resulting from pressing routines. It optimizes the brain’s cell membranes to increase mental prowess as well as increase the regenerative powers of the neurons.


    • Easy to swallow capsules
    • No synthetic fillers are present 
    • The supplement has natural ingredients
    • It is GMP Certified
    • It is gluten-free
    • The supplement is Third-party certified
    • Non-GMO certified ingredients


    • None to be mentioned

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    Spruce is ranked amongst the top-notch manufacturers. The 2400 mg CBD Oil is formulated from safe, and vegan ingredients which are all obtained from reliable sources. 

    The modern-day routines can prove to be very distressing and can have bad effects on people. Such people require a safe harbor that would ensure them an adaptive and good brain function. The oil consists of ingredients that aid in recovering and replenishing the worn-out mind.

    The oil’s basic ingredient is pure hemp extract, which is obtained via carbon dioxide extraction. This process helps to safeguard the quality of the oil. The therapeutic blend of hemp along with pivotal vitamins guarantees a healthy brain force. 

     Laboratory tests, both independent and local level add to the validity and authenticity of the product. It is provided by the company about the oil being heavy metal-free. The test results are also kept transparent to verify that the product is safe to consume.

    The hemp extract mixed with cannabis provides quick results. The fast absorption rate of the oil aids in speeding up the process. The oil also enhances sleep patterns and cognition. Additional benefits include immune system support.  

    The oil contains non-GMO and dairy-free ingredients. No synthetic fillers, flavors, preservatives, pesticides, or any other fake additives are involved in producing the product. It guarantees 100% safety for consumption.


    • All-organic  CBD Oil
    • It is vegan-friendly
    • A dairy-free product
    • The ingredients are Non-GMO certified 
    • No preservatives are added 
    • Proper laboratory-tested 
    • The oil supports brain growth


    • Includes 0.3% THC; which might get picked up in drug tests.

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    The Spruce 750 mg CBD Oil is one of the effective oils. The company has been manufacturing efficient CBD Oils for brain energy. It contains safe, clean, and legal ingredients. As we age our brains are getting weak.

    The supplements that help with effective brain growth are essential. These will boost the brain’s immunity system. You will feel energetic and better. The oil will absorb into the bloodstream and act from the bottom. 

    It is full of vitamins, minerals, and supporting nutrients. The oil prevents anxiety, stress, and depression. Fatigue causes sleeplessness and makes you feel drained. The oil will prevent insomnia. The brain nerves get weak.

    Spruce CBD Oil restores and heals the nerves. The basic ingredient is hemp seed extract. It is extracted from organic farms. The hemp relaxes your body and promotes a sense of calmness in your body. 

    The ingredients of the oil are pure and safe. It is tested and certified in the lab. The small batches of the oil are also tested by a third party. 

    The CBD Oil helps to prevent brain fog, memory loss, and lack of concentration. It has non-GMO certified, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free ingredients. It is distilled properly and has no additives, heavy metals, and pollutants.


    • CBD Oil is organic
    • It promotes calmness 
    • It supports the nervous system
    • CBD Oil is safe and pure
    • It has a fast action
    • The oil improves brain growth


    • It is not a THC-free product

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    Spruce manufactures a high potency range of CBD Oil for people with severe issues. The 4800 mg CBD Oil is high in strength and works well. It has all of the essential nutrients for healthy brain growth. The oil has a unique formula that dissolves fast into the bloodstream.

    It is a lab-grade oil. The CBD oil is tested thoroughly in a lab. Small batches of the oil are tested for purity and safety. The third party also verifies the oil safe to consume. It causes no harm to the body and brain. The CBD oil is good for healthy brain growth. 

    It helps to restore and heal brain cells. The brain is a complex and delicate part of our bodies. It is better to take care of it before it’s too late. As we grow old our brain gets weak. It is hard to treat brain fog, memory loss, lack of focus and concentration at an old age. 

    Spruce CBD Oil is effective for preventing mental issues. The CBD oil is packed with healthy nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It prevents fatigue, pain, inflammation, and insomnia. It will help the brain feel less stressed. 

    The oil contains pure hemp seed extract. It is obtained from the organic farms of Colorado. The product is full-spectrum. That means it will provide additional benefits of cannabis. The hemp makes you feel calm and relaxed. 

    The oil is free of additives, heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals. It contains non-GMO certified, dairy-free, soy-free, and allergen-free ingredients. It is 100% natural. Lab reports are available online for customers. Make sure to consult the doctor before consuming the oil.


    • The oil is vegan
    • It is certified and tested 
    • The oil contains vitamins
    • It promotes healthy brain growth
    • It has a fast action
    • The oil is free of toxins 
    • It improves mental clarity


    • The oil is not completely THC-free

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    Spruce is a well-known CBD Oil manufacturer. The company launches its sample size oil for its customers. The oil is high potency and has a unique formula. Our brain controls most of our emotions and intelligence. 

    Spruce CBD Oil supports the brain's immunity system. It helps with the healthy growth of the brain and prevents diseases. The oil prevents brain fog, memory loss, lack of focus, and concentration. The packaging is small, but it serves the same as other CBD Oils.

    The main ingredient of the oil is hemp seed extract. It is obtained from organic farms. The oil is tested for purity and safety in the lab. It is also certified safe by a third party. Lab reports are available online for the public.

    The oil is free of chemicals, additives, and toxins. It has a unique formula that supports the immunity system of the brain. The oil improves cognition, mental clarity, focus, and memory. It heals and repairs the brain cells.

    The oil is full-spectrum and contains additional benefits of cannabis. It is good for severe pain, inflammation, and fatigue. The oil also supports the digestive system. Hemp seed extract in the oil promotes calmness.


    • The oil is 100% organic
    • It is tested and certified
    • The oil is high in strength
    • It improves brain health
    • The oil supports mental clarity
    • The CBD Oil is full-spectrum


    • It is not completely THC-free

    Low levels of magnesium can trigger insomnia, stress, and tension. Most people are not getting enough magnesium through diet. So, it is a good way to incorporate magnesium through dietary supplements. This natural and powerful form of magnesium is easy on the digestive system and gets absorbed quickly.

    It supports the immunity system and boosts energy levels. The supplement starts to work within a week. Your personal experience with the supplement will be quite good. After consuming it for a week, you will start to observe results. 

    It lowers stress, anxiety, and tension. It makes the brain supper relaxed at night and energetic in the morning. The supplement is also eco-friendly. Magnesium is one of the essential minerals for our health. It is naturally found in the soil. 

    As we know that most of the world is becoming mineral-deprived and you are not getting enough healthy ingredients in your diet. Future Kind supplement fights your vitamin deficiencies. Deficiency can lead to frequent anxiety, lower sleep quality, and tension in muscles. 

    The supplement improves mental clarity, muscle health, and sleep cycle. Future Kind incorporates chelated magnesium glycinate which makes it unique from other supplements. Many supplements are not absorbed well and can act as a laxative effect. This product is in biodegradable form.


    • Supports quality sleep 
    • Lowers anxiety 
    • Biodegradable 
    • Eco-friendly 
    • Boosts energy 
    • Supports muscle health 
    • Relief headaches 
    • Supports heart health


    • None

    A formidable group of health experts came together to introduce Cheef Botanicals. It manufactures products having crude and unrefined ingredients retaining their natural essence. People combating depleted brain force due to stressful routines will find this product remedial. The oil is known to replenish the distressed condition of the brain. 

    The abaca-essence included in the product is formulated via the process of carbon-dioxide distillation. It guarantees uncompromised quality. The product is also certified in both local and independent laboratories to state the absence of heavy metals and harmful chemicals. 

    It is laced with fatty acids that target both neural functioning and enhance immunity. Consistent usage of the product guarantees healthy living. 

    It includes all the pivotal parts of the CBD Plant which are necessary to enhance the users’ brain condition to ensure a soothing remedy. The product is formulated according to organic and helpful ingredients extracted from reliable sources.  

    Any type of additional fillers, flavor-enhancers, or synthetics are absent in the product.  It is still best to consult with your physician before using such products.


    • All-organic
    • Vegetarian 
    • Laboratory certified
    • THC-free 
    • No additive fillers  
    • No stabilizing agents 
    • Non-GMO  
    • Free from gluten


    • None to be mentioned

    Best Brain Force Alternatives – Buying Guide

    Brain Force User Reviews

    The founder of both the parent company and the subsidiary, Alex Jones, has claimed that the product has been tested by numerous 3rd parties and all have concluded that the product is "over the top powerful". According to the website, several independent reviews have supported their claim.

    According to one of such reviews, the product will be a solid hit and miss for most consumers. According to the source, the ingredient list is indeed effective but is in no way impressive. Most of the ingredients are known to cause brain-boosting and improve brain health given that the person is suffering from some sort of vitamin deficiency. 

    Only then, these vitamins present in the supplements could be seen working in improving memory. Since the product is not FDA approved, there is no way of actually knowing if the supplements would 100% work or not. 

    The product might work for some but might not work for the others, as mentioned above, hit or miss. The ingredient list seems more like a thought out multivitamin supplement rather than a nootropic. There is no distinct additive that could work as an active brain booster. As mentioned above, only in the case of efficiency, Brain Force will be effective. 

    Brain Force - Ingredients

    Now, take a look at the ingredients a bit more in-depth. All these ingredients are listed on the official website of the product and can be seen on the packaging as well. Let's dissect the functioning and the contribution of these ingredients in brain-boosting. 

    • Bacopa Herb Extract

    The website justifies the addition of this ingredient as it has been used in ancient medicine as a cognitive enhancer and neurological tonic. Quite a few research pieces support this claim. The studies have shown that the use of Bacopa Herb Extract in smaller doses can actually help in improved cognitive functioning. 

    Bacopa Herb Extract has been known to reduce damage caused by oxidation and also with the recovery process of cognitive disorders. 

    • Alpha GPC

    Alpha GPC is naturally found in the body, in the brain to be exact. It helps in memory recollection and retention. What added alpha GPC will help boost the natural amount of acetylcholine within the brain. This increased acetylcholine has been linked with the treatment of Alzheimer's and dementia. Not only that, but research has seen improvement in learning and concentration as well. 

    One thing to note here is that all these alleged improvements are strictly theoretical as of now. There have been no clinical trials to show the extent of activity in humans. Citicoline has been seen to be a better source of acetylcholine than alpha GPC.

    • Yerba Mate Leaf Powder

    Extracted from Ilex paraguariensis, these leaves have been used for quite a bit. Like most tea leaves, yerba mate leaves also help you with wakefulness and focus. Yerba mate leaves are packed with caffeine which is what is contributing to its energizing outcome. 

    Just like coffee and other caffeine-infused products, there are side effects such as headaches and upset stomachs, anxiety, and anxiety. Using smaller amounts is usually preferred. 

    • Theobromine

    Theobromine is another caffeine-like ingredient that is extracted from the cocoa plant. Although it is similar to caffeine in terms of its actions but has significantly less harsh side effects. There has been less research work available on theobromine but some websites claim that it helps in wakefulness, cognitive functioning, and sleep. 

    Then again, nothing can be said with 100% surety due to lack of research.

    • L-Theanine

    L-Theanine is probably the most well-supported ingredient in the whole list. They have been seen to help with mood swings, stress, and anxiety.

    • Huperzine A

    Huperzine A is extracted from a Chinese moss plant. Despite its organic source, the product is not considered safe or even 100% organic. This is because to reach the stage of being an additive of a supplement, it has been processed thoroughly. 

    This is why most consider it a drug rather than a safe supplement. It has been used in the treatment of Alzheimer's according to several reliable types of research. 

    • Phosphatidylserine 

    Phosphatidylserine is more of a preventive ingredient rather than an active ingredient. Phosphatidylserine helps in protecting the brain and the spinal cord, this way it helps in memory retention and reduces memory decline due to age. 

    Phosphatidylserine is actually a fat layer that is present on the outside of the brain as a protective layer. 

    • Vitamins 

    Two of the vitamins used in this supplement are B6 and B12. Both of which help the body in performing its regular functioning. B12 Helps in regulating the nerve cells and B6 helps in serotonin boost to aid with mood swings and stress.

    Brain Force Potency

    The overall ingredient lists are good and therefore seem promising. It could work as a great nootropic in theory. All the additives that are seen in other supplements have brain-boosting qualities. But, most of the ingredients are not FDA approved and even lack strong backup evidence to support the claim. 

    There is not much left to say at this point. The product might not work for you as you may not have any deficiency or it might work for you where you can actually sense the difference in just a few days. Since each body is different, it is hard to tell if this product will work for all or not.

    The results are also seen to wear off after a few months of use. hence, this might not be the best nootropic if you already have a history of nootropics not working on you. 

    Brain Force Side Effects

    As of now, there have been no reported serious side effects of this particular supplement. All the ingredients listed in the product are also relatively safe for consumption. There are no severe side effects either. 

    The product does warn pregnant and/or nursing women to consult their doctors. The same is recommended for kids and people who are on daily meds. 

    Some of the common side effects noted included headaches, stomach aches, insomnia, nausea, and uneven heart rate. The supplement here is not as potent as you'd hope it would be. The ingredients are bound to cause effects later on due to prolonged use. 

    Best Brain Force Alternatives – Final Word

    Brain Force – Is it Worth it?

    The Brain Force supplement overall is not that bad. In fact, it is pretty average. The list of ingredients is good, additives like L-theanine are seen to be efficient in making the mind healthy. There are also a few random additives that have no use as a nootropic which really makes you think what was the motivation behind the product. 

    Overall, the product is not bad. It may not be the best in the market but it is up there. It may act as a great starter supplement to introduce you to the world of nootropics. One thing a lot of people fail to consider is the idea that these ingredients may not have an immediate effect, but could have an effect when consumed long term. 

    There are caffeine and theobromine in the supplement which could cause some sort of side effects. With the price point, the product definitely has room for improvement.