Mind Lab Pro Review

Do you have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep? Do you toss and turn, waking exhausted after battling the effects of  anxiety and the noise in your brain? It’s a known fact that as many as 30-35% of the population suffer from insomnia. Most of these include people under stress, women, those with certain mental health problems, and older adults.

One of the reasons sleep eludes us is a hectic, unavoidable routine and a fast-paced lifestyle. Attempts at changing your habits are pretty challenging, and the use of chemical-induced sleeping medications, while helpful, are not ideal in the long run, and the results never prove effective. Further, sleeplessness takes an unwanted toll on the functioning of your brain.

A good night’s sleep is an experience essential to your well-being and the only way to get a fresh start to the day. It’s also not easy to find a solution made with vegan-friendly ingredients that offer the same level of sound sleep and the brain-restorative rest you need to suit your way of life.

Let’s review one such sleeping aid that can bring in a ray of hope and help enhance your brain and mental functioning at the same time.

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Mind Lab Pro

  • Vegetarian 
  • Prevents insomnia and fatigue
  • Improves mental health

What is Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™?

Mind Lab Pro® is the world’s first Universal Nootropic™ dietary supplement formula from Opti-Nutra Limited. It improves all cognitive functions of the brain for long-term good health. Universal Nootropic consumption benefits people of all ages with active lifestyles in their routine functions, memory retention, and attention span.

It also assists with the creative processes, mental clarity, reduces stress, lowers anxiety and heightens motivation. It consists of various nutrients to ensure enhanced potency, improved mental activity, and increased bioavailability for nourishing and protecting your brain.

What is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro® is the world’s first Universal Nootropic™ dietary supplement formula from Opti-Nutra Limited. It improves all cognitive functions of the brain for long-term good health. Universal Nootropic consumption benefits people of all ages with active lifestyles in their routine functions, memory retention, and attention span. It also assists with the creative processes, mental clarity, reduces stress, lowers anxiety and heightens motivation. It consists of various nutrients to ensure enhanced potency, improved mental activity, and increased bioavailability for nourishing and protecting your brain.

For professionals, Universal Nootropic™ bolsters work performance and productivity. In other words, it enhances focus, creative problem-solving, and multitasking capabilities even under the most challenging circumstances. Mind Lab Pro® also provides a quality-of-life formula for active 55+ adults in need of better memory, positive mood, verbal communication, and clarity of thought.

Ideal for competitors, Mind Lab Pro® supports a calm mindset, explicit memory, and the strategic thinking necessary to win in sports. Athletes can boost their performance in gym and game situations. For instance, this dietary supplement promotes optimum brain chemistry, strong motivation, high willpower and greater intensity. Moreover, Universal Nootropic helps students counteract stress, boosts the ability to learn, recall, study, be attentive, and remember information for long periods.

Body care is more than just eating healthy food and exercising daily, especially where brain functionality is concerned. Using quality Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ is the best way to keep your brain in a state of peak mental performance. It is effortless to use regularly and will keep you feeling motivated and alert in terms of performing your day-to-day tasks.

This dietary supplement is one of the finest nootropics on the market and has the approval  of the USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.

How does Mind Lab Pro work?

Mind Lab Pro

The brain is one of the largest and most complex organs in the human body. As a result, it requires top-quality nutrients and regular activity for attaining the best performance in daily life. Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ is a dietary supplement that meets all the complex demands your brain requires. In other words, it has 11 nootropics working in six bio-pathways that help optimize the range of cognitive functions necessary to keep you in peak mental condition at all times. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any stimulants and additives, making it a safe and clean formula for regular use.

Universal Nootropics™ adapts to the ever-changing cognitive and memory requirements of your brain. In addition, it reduces the effects of ageing and unwanted toxins and works efficiently in immediate and long-term brain health and functioning.

Universal Nootropic™ unlocks 100% Brain Power™, a nootropic supplement based on a concept backed by a strict set of criteria to support better cognitive function. It contains only evidence-proven nootropics with no theoretical nootropic compounds.

Mind Lab Pro® is all about nootropics with only multiple brain-boosting activities and no single-taskers. As a result, there is no redundancy and it has a combined matrix, with each nootropic having its own unique value. Nootropics working in smaller amounts in one capsule is able to fit a broader assortment.

Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ optimizes six bio-pathways for cognitive brain functioning. They are as follows:

●    Brain energy

Eliminates brain fog and fatigue supporting quick thinking, increased mental energy, and the ability to focus on and accomplish the task at hand.

●    Brain chemistry

Optimizes memory and the processing speed of the brain for positive mood, sharp focus, and high motivation.

●    Brain regeneration

Repairs, maintains and effectively nourishes brain cells regularly for plasticity and positive growth.

●    Brain waves

Alpha frequency helps promote calmness and alertness in the brain for creativity, productivity, and learning for a sustainable amount of time.

●    Brain circulation

Helps in oxygenating the brain, clearing toxins, and consistently enhances neuronutrient delivery to the brain.

●    Brain protection

Fights toxins and combats the not-so-healthy structural developments that cause the condition of the brain to deteriorate as the body ages over time.

Does Mind Lab Pro contain caffeine?

Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ doesn’t contain caffeine. This is one reason why Opti-Nutra Limited has labeled it the top nootropic product on the market. All its capsules consist of natural ingredients that can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Tap into your brain’s vast potential by using this dietary supplement  to perform all the tasks  your active lifestyle demands.


Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ uses a comprehensive range of ingredients to form a very efficient dietary supplement. As a result, you can achieve optimum brain functionality. The details of all 11 elements of Universal Nootropic™ are:

●    Citicoline

Citicoline 250 mg as Cognizin® is a patented citicoline form without any stimulants that, according to  research in clinical trials, bolsters brain cell membrane formation by 26% and brain energy by 13.6. It regenerates and repairs brain cells to maintain mood balance, attention, memory, concentration, recall, and focus.

●    Phosphatidylserine (PS)

Phosphatidylserine (PS) as Sharp PS® Green from sunflower lecithin, is soy-free, non-GMO, and eco-friendly. Clinical research shows that Phosphatidylserine (PS) 100 mg maintains fluidity in brain cell membranes, enhances glucose metabolism, and disposes of damaged brain cells to help in long-term memory, mental clarity, anxiety, and socialization.

●    Bacopa Monnieri

Bio Monnieri 150 mg is a full-spectrum extract standardized for 24% bacosides and calibrated to supply nine of the herb’s bioactive compounds to the brain. This ingredient performs chemical synthesis and improves blood flow to the brain to enhance memory recall, support the retention of new knowledge, and help with studying and focused thinking. Research suggests it promotes relaxation and increases cognition under stress.

●    Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom 

This full-spectrum organic extract is the only mushroom with nootropic properties and the active constituents that include brain-boosting hericenones and erinacines. Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom 500 mg (Yamabushitake) stimulates the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) synthesis that provides cognitive improvements such as brain plasticity and regeneration for better memory, new learning, recall, and mood balance

●    Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime pine trees have adapted to their salty and windswept environment by producing a protective antioxidant complex in their bark. Using Maritime Pine Bark Extract 75 mg in the strongest form delivers a minimum of 95% proanthocyanidins for optimum blood flow and the antioxidant activity in the brain that enhances mental ability and reverses cognitive decline related in later years.

●    L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine 175 mg as N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) is easy to absorb and more bioavailable in comparison to plain tyrosine. This ingredient supports the synthesis of stress-depleted neurotransmitters in the brain to improve mental performance progressively from more comfortable (1-BACK) to more challenging (2-BACK) for multitasking during times of extreme stress, high fatigue, and sleep deprivation.

●    L-Theanine

100% pure L-Theanine as Suntheanine® bolsters the alpha brainwaves to bring in a state of wakeful relaxation while reducing the jittery effects associated with caffeine. L-Theanine 100 mg settles excitable neurotransmitters while boosting calming neurotransmitters, including serotonin, dopamine, and GABA, to bring about a state of sharpened attention and focus while studying and resolving creative problems.

●    Rhodiola Rosea

Standardized for a minimum of 3% rosavins and 1% of salidroside, Rhodiola Rosea 50 mg provides active levels of nootropics in each capsule. Research indicates that its effects begin within 30 minutes and last up to about 6 hours. As a result, this dose-dependent ingredient helps to strengthen mental and physical stress resistance, while promoting clear and calm thinking under challenging conditions, better attention span, and greater work capacity.

●    B-Vitamins

B-Vitamins are vital for brain health and  Mind Lab Pro®’s NutriGenesis® unleashes the full nootropic potential contained in three – B6, B9 and B12 – in the form of natural-identical whole food vitamins and minerals. Lab-grown via dual organism cultivation NutriGenesis® produces a complex of absorption-enhancing cofactors. All three B-Vitamins play a role in balancing homocysteine metabolism, allowing brain chemical synthesis and improved blood flow, better mood balance and mental performance, high information storage, and reducing cognitive decline.

●    B6

B6 2.5 mg as NutriGenesis® helps in optimal synthesis, high-chemical conversions, and optimum utilization of all those chemicals in the brain for high performance. 

●    B9

B9 B9 100 mcg NutriGenesis® is highly requisite for improving the cerebrovascular functionality and bolstering the brain chemicals for better mood-balancing.

●    B12

B12 7.5 mcg NutriGenesis® is vital in brain energy metabolism and the formation of myelin sheaths for surrounding and protecting nerve and brain cells.

Does Mind Lab Pro help with memory recall?

Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ contains many ingredients that help your memory at a certain level. Among these, Citicoline 250 mg as Cognizin®, Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom 500 mg, and Bacopa Monnieri 150 mg have been clinically proven to stimulate memory recall.

All these ingredients play a massive part in the manufacturing of the Universal Nootropic™. They also promote better attention, focus, mental clarity, and improved cognition under challenging circumstances.


Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ improves brain functionality, helping you excel at all types of cognitive processing. It’s safe for people of all ages to use regularly to perform their daily routines and tasks more efficiently. Universal Nootropic™ helps you achieve creative, abstract, and strategic thinking.

Taking this dietary supplement brings heightened attention span and focus, making it easier to perform  tasks over a more extended period while completing nearly double the workload, if necessary. With Mind Lab Pro® you’ll experience increased energy levels over a few hours as it boosts your mental processing speed and test-taking performance.

Universal Nootropic™ also helps with better memory retention and recall. For example, if you’re planning to study or undertake something new, you’ll have a positive mood, feel relaxed, and have the confidence to do anything you want. Mind Lab Pro® induces more motivation and instils the mental drive to pursue any event with passion and a renewed desire to succeed.

Plus, the brain regeneration and neuroprotection function of this dietary supplement reduces your brain’s natural cognitive decline. As a result, you’ll have increased concentration, more control over your ability to communicate and better verbal fluidity.

Quality is a top priority

You’ll find many qualitative benefits associated with the Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ that make it a go-to product. These are as follows:

●    Cleanest supplement

Mind Lab Pro® offers the purest supplement in each capsule with high-potency nootropic nutrients to unlock 100% Brain Power™ without stimulants and additives.

●    Premium ingredients

Universal Nootropic™ contains fresh botanically-sourced, premium-quality ingredients. Each ingredient is grown in a pristine environment and is obtained from leading suppliers from all over the globe.

●    Maximum nootropic activity

Universal Nootropic™ activity reaches its maximum with the loading of each NutriCap® to the fullest supplying more significant doses at a superior value.

●    Universally usable

As the name suggests, people of all ages can use Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™. It can be used to nourish and optimize the brain’s cognitive ability to maintain healthy functioning. The product offers vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, caffeine-free, and substance-tested ingredients.

●    Effective results

Mind Lab Pro® has an innovative and quality-driven design that supports brain function in a unique way. Consequently, you have a peak performing state that adapts to the ever-changing cognitive requirements in a rapid time.

●    Quality control

All batches of Mind Lab Pro® are re-tested for their potency and purity. The capsules undergo a process of disintegration and dissolution testing to ensure the best absorption and bioavailability for the efficient breakdown in the digestive tract.

●    Manufacturing assurances

Mind Lab Pro® quarantines and tests all ingredients before manufacturing. Therefore, the product contains active nootropics without any allergens, herbicides, microbes, GMOs, and pesticides.

●    NutriCaps® delivery

Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ ingredients are encapsulated in 100% natural vegan NutriCaps® made from tapioca for easy-to-absorb consumption rather than using semi-synthetic polymers in capsules.

●    Eco-friendly

Products are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes containing biodegradable packing peanuts. Sustainable and environmentally-conscious ingredients like Sharp-PS® Green and NutriGenesis™nature-identical B-vitamins are sourced where possible.

●    Safety matters

Universal Nootropic™ supplements are safe and secure with clean labels, premium ingredients, enhanced forms, and standardized herbs.

Side effects

With superior quality and evidence-based research in every formula detail and the manufacturing process of Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™, there are no side effects associated with it. If taken correctly and following the package instructions, there are no side effects.

Not only are all 11 components in Mind Lab Pro® well-tolerated and secure, but Mind Lab Pro® is also a nootropic supplement that comes with a ‘clean label’. This means it does not contain preservatives, artificial colors, gluten, GMO, additives, and caffeine. The capsules, Premium vegan Plantcaps®, also don’t contain harmful substances. Mind Lab Pro® can be described as brain-boosting nutrition that includes upgraded ingredients and improved effective forms that are simpler for the body to utilize and absorb. All steps are strictly followed for quality while bringing in the best Universal Nootropic™. This makes it safe for everyone and effective in any lifestyle.

However, there are always a few cautionary facts to consider before using this and any other dietary supplement. Similar to Universal Nootropic™, don’t take Mind Lab Pro® capsules with other cognitive enhancers. This can cause adverse reactions such as headaches, digestive discomfort, insomnia, and jitteriness, especially other cognitive enhancers that contain caffeine. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers must be particularly careful and consult a doctor for approval before using dietary supplements.

It’s important to follow Mind Lab Pro®’s Universal Nootropic™package directions carefully to ensure you take the correct dose.

Discount Codes

Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ works as a premier over-the-counter nootropic dietary supplement and is available worldwide. Opti-Nutra Limited provides all-year-round discount codes for Universal Nootropic™. You can accept this offer right now with a 10% discount available on each bottle containing 60 capsules.

This offer is available only while stocks last with no cash equivalent. Mind Lab Pro® is shipped worldwide by different shipping service providers. Within 24 hours of the order dispatch, an email will be sent to you with the tracking number. There are three other offerings of discount codes for Universal Nootropic™. These are:

  • 3-month supply of 3 bottles + 1 bottle free for just €148.50 with a discount of 10% from €165.00. Also, you get a free bottle of Performance Lab® MCT Oil.
  • 2-month supply of 2 bottles for just €99.00 with a discount of 10% from €110.00 along with the €1.65 standard serving.
  • 1-month supply of 1 bottle for €49.50 with a discount of 10% from €55.00 along with the €1.65 standard serving.

How to take Mind Lab Pro?

Our Pick

Mind Lab Pro

  • Vegetarian 
  • Prevents insomnia and fatigue
  • Improves mental health

Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™helps you improve your cognitive thinking and have better control over your daily performance. It is recommended for anyone who wants a mental boost and to maintain the brainpower necessary for an active lifestyle or to excel at anything. The capsules are straightforward to consume and easy to swallow, preferably with a glass of water.

After taking the initial dose, within hours, you’ll find a significant difference in your mental acuity. And, within 14-days, you should experience remarkable changes in your mental aptitude. To better develop your mental growth, you’ll need to continue taking the capsules regularly for at least a month.

●    What is the daily dosage of Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™?

The recommended Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ daily dosage is two capsules, once in the morning, or early afternoon. But should you face something particularly demanding such as a challenging day at work or an exam, you can take four capsules.

However, never take more than four capsules in a 24-hour period as this might result in a few side effects. Once you have taken the dosage for four months, it’s recommended that you take a week off from consuming the capsules.

●    What happens if I miss a dose of Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™?

There is no issue if you miss a dose of Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™. You can take one more dose the next time to maintain the capsules’ regular consumption count. In this situation, you can make up the deficit the next time and only take three doses in a day. Ensure that you don’t take more than four doses in a day. It’s also vitally important that you take the capsules regularly.

●    Can I take more Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ for faster results?

The maximum limit on daily doses for Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ is four to ensure effective brain activity for challenging tasks. However, four doses in a day must not be a regular practice because this can lead to complications in the long term.

Mind Lab Pro® recommends you to take only a maximum of four doses of capsules for faster results. Even though their ingredients are safe and secure, nootropics shouldn’t be taken excessively. They are specifically designed to work optimally at the given dosage.

It’s important to follow Mind Lab Pro®’s Universal Nootropic™ package directions carefully to ensure you take the correct dose.

Where is Mind Lab Pro manufactured?

Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility located in New Jersey, USA. The capsules produced at the facility are approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Moreover, they pass the certification tests of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Mind Lab Pro® officials perform regular testing of their product and follow strict guidelines set out by the competent authority for manufacturing Universal Nootropic™. It should be noted that Mind Lab Pro® was designed and patented originally in the United Kingdom. Its traditional manufacturing is carried out in the USA, meaning this dietary supplement is available to you anywhere in the world through fast shipping services.

Mind Lab Pro Review – Conclusion

Opti-Nutra Limited offers Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™as an innovative and patented product. It enhances the brain’s cognitive processes and includes top-notch ingredients that are safe and secure and backed by clinically-proven scientific research.

Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ is a dietary supplement that promotes optimum brain chemistry for long-term good health and functioning. It provides a quality-of-life formula that benefits people of all ages. These include professionals, active 55+ adults,  competitors, athletes and students. It helps counteract stress, lowers anxiety  and boosts the ability to learn and remember information for long periods. It also assists with creative processes and heightens motivation. Perfect for those with active routines, it consists of various nutrients that ensure enhanced potency, improved mental activity, and increased bioavailability for nourishing and protecting the brain.

Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ is the best way to keep your brain in a state of peak mental performance. It is effortless to use regularly and will keep you feeling motivated and alert when performing your day-to-day tasks.