Best Supplements for Slow-Wave Sleep

Are you tired of struggling to get some sleep? Tired of tossing and turning in your bed? Desperately trying to catch up on some sleep? Well, you’re not alone. Sleep issues are rather, unfortunately, common. 

Sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep paralysis, and sleepwalking are some of the most commonly reported cases of sleep problems. Morning grogginess, exhaustion, hair and skin issues are some of the common after-effects of a bad sleeping session. 

Slow-wave sleep or SWS is the 3rd and the deepest stage of the NREM sleep cycle. This stage is where you are deeply asleep and experience dreams. This phase is also very much important to solidify memories and help you consolidate them better. 

The problem starts when a lot of people are not getting to this stage of sleep, either due to some stress or medical condition. With the help of the best supplements for slow-wave sleep, you can get rid of all the above-mentioned issues very easily. 

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about slow-wave sleep and the best supplements for slow-wave sleep.

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Mind Lab Pro

  • Multi-ingredient blend
  • No side effects
  • Global nootropic

Slow Wave Sleep is the third stage of non-REM sleep, commonly known as deep sleep. Many clinical studies have highlighted the significance of SWS sleep as it plays a major role in memory consolidation. 

It has also been said to support declarative memory. Dreams and sleepwalking usually take place during this period of deep sleep. The constant stresses accompanied by the daily routines have made it difficult for people to experience SWS in today’s age.

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Best Supplements for Slow Wave Sleep – Product Review

We will tell you all you need to know about slow-wave sleep and the best supplements for slow-wave sleep.

Mind Lab Pro

Slow Wave Sleep is the third stage of non-REM sleep, commonly known as deep sleep. Many clinical studies have highlighted the significance of SWS sleep as it plays a major role in memory consolidation. 

It has also been said to support declarative memory. Dreams and sleepwalking usually take place during this period of deep sleep. The constant stresses accompanied by the daily routines have made it difficult for people to experience SWS in today’s age. 

Such people tend to look for supplements to aid them in their quest for achieving deep sleep.Mind Lab Pro forms the pivot of any discussion involving sleep supplements. Regarded as the World’s First Universal Nootropic, the product is an amalgam of eleven of the best nootropic ingredients. 

It makes the product pack a stronger punch as compared to its competitors. The premium blend of the product targets all 6 pathways of the brain for a multifaceted action. The combined action helps to bring about deep sleep and reactivate the brain’s hippocampus. 

Additional benefits include brain regeneration and mood enhancement. The product keeps users safe from side effects like drowsiness and nausea. This is because it works on the principle of gradually supplying small but effective doses.


  • Herbal supplement
  • Multi-ingredient blend
  • No side effects
  • Global nootropic 
  • Third-party graded
  • Toxin-free


  • None to be mentioned

Spruce Sleep ranger

Spruce Sleep ranger premium melatonin blend

Spruce ranks amongst one of the best and established brands in the supplements market. Their diverse product range facilitates a wide variety of people dealing with different multitudes of problems. Spruce has an answer for almost every problem, SWS sleep being one of them. 

Their marquee product in the sleep supplements range is Sleep Ranger, which has received positive feedback from many customers. The fundamental components of the product include 10mg of premium melatonin along with valerian root extracts. 

Both of these are regarded as important driving factors in case of the sleep-wake cycle of the human body. Sleep Ranger also packs several supporting enzymes that elevate the performance of the supplement. 

Usage of the supplement guarantees a pleasant experience of achieving much-needed deep sleep. People struggling with SWS sleep have found it to be very beneficial. Using Sleep Ranger regularly would help reorganize the sleep-wake pattern of the body. 

A proper sleeping pattern is crucial in getting deep sleep. The product also contains molecular magnesium that helps induce a calming effect on the brain.


  • Premium melatonin
  • Natural blend
  • Calming effect
  • Synthetic-free


  • None to be mentioned

Spruce 750 mg CBD Oil

In addition to the general supplements, Spruce has a dedicated product range that features CBD oils. These oils are based on cannabinoids and can prove very beneficial in easing the mind and helping induce deep sleep. 

The oils are available in different potencies according to the different likings of customers. The major ingredient of CBD oil is hemp extract. The finest quality hemp is sourced from Spruce’s very own farms ensuring the validity of ingredients. 

The carbon dioxide extraction process is used to obtain the best quality of the oil. This process ensures that the potency and freshness of the oils remain intact. The oil is full-spectrum, meaning it is extracted from the whole hemp plant and not just the leaves. 

The full-spectrum oil is laced with terpenes and flavonoids that facilitate the action of the oils.  The brand does not compromise on product quality. The product undergoes testing in independent and local labs to ensure purity and safety. 

The products are kept free from artificial additives and toxins. The test results are available for public viewing on the brand’s web page, for customer transparency.


  • Plant-derived
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Laboratory grade


  • The oil has minor amounts of THC

Spruce 2400 mg CBD Oil

Spruce – Extra Strength 2400 mg CBD Oil

The success of Spruce lies in its motive of formulating a versatile range of products. Their 2400mg CBD oil is a beneficial option for people that want their potency kicked up a notch. This organic oil guarantees a relaxed mind that aids in achieving the SWS.

All of Spruce’s oils are extracted from hemp. The hemp is obtained from the brand’s reliable farms. They employ the carbon dioxide process for extracting the oil, to trap the quality and freshness. 

The oil is laced with 2400mg of CBD and possesses a swift absorption rate that increases the efficacy of the product. The oil helps in soothing the brain ecosystem and provides a calming effect to induce deep SWS. 

Strict quality checks ensure that the product is free from gluten, additives, and toxins. Spruce is dedicated to providing users with the safest organic products.


  • Organic product
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Lab verified


  • The oil contains 0.3% of THC

Spruce 4800 mg CBD Oil


Another well-known product in the CBD oils range of Spruce is the maximum strength 4800mg variant. This oil is specifically designed for high-end users that prefer greater potency. The product is similar in composition to its counterparts but has the advantage of higher potency over them. 

The oil comes laced with Broad-Spectrum hemp extract, which means the complete plant is used in extraction to reap the maximum benefits. The CO2 extraction process is utilized to confine the authenticity and freshness of the product. 

4800mg of CBD is sure to provide a safe harbor against deep sleep problems of high intensity. People that have great difficulties in experiencing deep sleep can benefit from the product. Even though it has high strength, the product does not initiate any kind of hyperactive behavior. 

The THC content is well within the legal limits of 0.3%. Strict quality control ensures that the safest and top-quality products are delivered to the customers.


  • Maximum Strength
  • Broad-Spectrum
  • Toxin-free
  • Lab verified


  • 0.3% THC content, might pop up on drug tests

Spruce CBD Oil 400mg (Extra Strength)


This variant of Spruce’s CBD oil is similar and different from its counterparts at the same time. The similarity lies in the composition of the product. The difference is that this oil is marketed in small bottles that are of sample sizes. 

The product is specifically directed towards the newer users who usually hesitate in buying bigger bottles. The oil is based on the fundamental ingredient of cannabinoids, which are extracted from the finest-grade hemp grown in Spruce’s farms. Spruce makes sure to maintain the freshness of its products by employing CO2 processes for extraction. The oil is verified by local and third-party labs as safe for use. The oil comes packaged along with a small dropper that helps in measuring the perfect doses for intake.


  • Organic & safe
  • Plant-based
  • Chemical-free
  • Lab verified


  • 0.3% THC content, might pop up on drug tests 
  • Sample size translates to less content in the bottle.

Performance Lab Sleep

Performance Lab Sleep

There are a ton of options available when you go out looking for sleep supplements. However, none of them would be as effective and critically acclaimed as is Performance Lab’s Sleep. The product is based on melatonin and magnesium as its fundamental components. 

Usual supplements can cause drowsiness in users, as they supply one straight dosage of melatonin that can also cause issues in the long run. This product nullifies that principle and provides consecutive doses of melatonin in a smaller amount, which account for a streamlined action. 

The product is completely organic as the melatonin is sourced from Montmorency cherries. The second component is magnesium, which is present in three different molecular forms. It relaxes the muscles of the body helping to create a calming effect. 

The action of melatonin combines with this calming sensation to induce Slow Wave Sleep. The product is verified to be free from any chemicals or toxins. It does not exhibit the usual side effects like drowsiness and nausea.


  • Herbal amalgam
  • No drowsiness after waking up
  • Tested for toxins
  • Third-party graded
  • No allergens


  • None to be mentioned

Future Kind + Vegan Sleep

Future Kind + Vegan Sleep - Natural Sleep Aid Supplement

The increasing problem of sleeplessness due to cumbersome daily routines has elevated the demand for sleep supplements. This has led various brands to come up with their supplements. Only a few brands have enjoyed the reputation and success like Future Kind. 

Their marquee product that caters to sleep issues is Vegan Sleep. As the name suggests, the product is based on natural components. The product comes laced with an effective amalgam of chamomile plus melatonin, which aids in inducing Slow Wave Sleep. 

This type of sleep is necessary for the refreshing of the hippocampus and memory consolidation. Lemon balm and hop flower extracts are the additional components that play a supportive role in the overall action of the product. 

Future Kind employs teams of talented and skilled personnel, who put a lot of care and hard work into formulating top-quality products. The brand has never compromised on safety and quality. Strict quality control procedures are followed in Future Kind’s facilities.


  • Organic amalgam
  • No nauseous spells
  • No grogginess
  • Third-party lab-graded


  • None to be mentioned

Nature’s Bounty Sleep3

Nature’s Bounty is a renowned name in the dietary supplement market. Sleep3 is their marquee product, due to its triple-layered action. It has a triad of actions which include calming effect, accelerated sleep, and deep sleep experience. 

The first layer of action includes a calming effect. It is induced by the L-Theanine which is supported by an amalgam of lavender, chamomile, valerian root, and lemon balm extracts. All of these are called nighttime herbs which help in relaxing the mind and body. 

The second layer of action is characterized by quick sleep and is aided by the quick release of melatonin. The third layer of action induces the Sound Wave Sleep aided by the time-release action of melatonin. The combined effect of these actions accounts for an all-around action. 

Nature’s Bounty has maintained a trusted reputation of providing safe and reliable products for 50 years. The brand employs strict quality testing and proper safety protocols to keep its promise of top-quality products.


  • Nighttime herbs mix
  • Tri-layer action
  • Tested for unwanted substances


  • None to be mentioned

OLLY Melatonin Gummies

OLLY has been a dedicated manufacturer of various dietary supplements, with its products garnering positive acclaim amongst many users owing to its effective action. The product under discussion is OLLY’s flavored Melatonin Gummies. It is a refreshing and chewy alternative to an ordinary tablet or oil-based supplement. 

The gummies are laced with L-Theanine and a combination of supporting botanicals. The botanicals include renowned nighttime herbs like lemon balm and chamomile. This has proven to be an effective amalgam in helping to induce Slow Wave Sleep. 

The components combine calming and soothing effects to induce a night of peaceful deep sleep. The gummies are formulated organically and are completely free from chemicals and toxins. The company follows strict protocols in the contexts of safety and quality. 

OLLY has an advantage over its counterparts in the market due to its unique intake method. Gummies can be chewed easily without water. It also nullifies the fuss of measuring via droppers as in the case of oils. The gummies are available in an exciting blackberry flavor.


  • Nighttime herbs amalgam
  • Exciting flavor
  • Easy intake
  • Tested for toxins


  • None to be mentioned

Best Supplements for Slow-Wave Sleep – Buying Guide

Following is a guide designed to help you understand the needs and demands of a sleep-deprived body and mind and get you better equipped with relevant information so that you can make an informed decision when you are buying the best supplements for slow-wave sleep.

What is Slow Wave Sleep

Slow-wave sleep, also known as delta sleep, is the final stage of sleep. This is where you are at your mind and your body is at its most relaxed. The muscles are relaxed, so is your breathing. Once you have entered this stage, there are fewer chances of waking up disruptively and getting disturbed in your sleep. 

This is why this stage of sleep is so important. This stage has been studied to see what makes it the deepest sleep stage. Sleep specialists have highlighted the all-time slow-wave brain activity pattern known as the delta waves. 

What makes these waves so special are not just the slow waves, but slow waves with high altitude and low frequency. These sleeping patterns can be termed NREM or SWS patterns. Now, let’s dissect what these waves indicate is happening in your body when you are in the 3rd sleep stage. 

The first segment of the delta wave is termed the down wave or the inhibition state. In this stage, the neurons are slowly silencing themselves to let the body calm down and soothe so that you can get that deep sleep. The second segment of this delta is a small excitation period where neurons palpitate for a small period. 

Why is Slow Wave Sleep Important

What makes this stage so special is the purpose it plays in the overall brain health and memory power. Well, that’s true. Science has shown that this stage of sleep plays a crucial role in body recovery, cell regeneration, and growth. 

Though almost every healthy sleeper experiences the SWS, the duration of the cycle reduces with time. The regular and healthy duration of this slow-wave sleep cycle is around 20 to 40 minutes. With the right dietary routine and sleep supplements, you can increase the duration of slow-wave sleep.

Benefits of Slow Wave Supplements

The main purpose of sleep supplements is that they’ll help you fall asleep quicker and save you from the misery of tossing and turning all night. Sleep supplements not only help to relax your body and mind so that you can fall asleep but also help to manage your sleep routine and cycle. 

Another benefit of sleeping aids is that they help to improve the quality of sleep. A lot of the time when people with sleep issues do fall asleep, it is always a restless slumber which is why a lot of the time people wake up even more tired than they were before. 

The added nutrients such as melatonin and valerian will help you stay asleep and enter the slow-wave sleep cycle for proper and undisturbed sleep. For a lot of individuals, sleeping issues stem from unchecked anxiety levels and added stress. 

These two components don’t let your brain rest at night and keep you up thinking about all sorts of stuff. This is why a lot of the sleeping aids you’ll see will have 1 or 2 anti-anxiety nutrients. 

Micronutrients to Look for In Slow Wave Sleep Supplements

Micronutrients are all the ingredients present in sleep supplements. General enhancers are found in almost all sleep supplements and are backed by scientific and trial studies as well. 

These nutrients improve the overall health of your brain so that you can fall asleep easily. Moreover, they are key enhancers that will directly affect and improve the slow-wave sleep phase for a deep slumber. 

  • Glycine

Glycine is a very important amino acid that mainly has functions in the nervous system. Glycine has been seen to improve the quality of sleep and reduce the after-effects of sleep disruption. Most of the scientific proof of glycine’s performance in aiding sleep routine comes from placebo-based trials. 

All of them have shown remarkable results that are affirmative regarding glycine’s contribution to good sleep. According to research, our body temperature drops when we are sleeping or when we are getting sleepy. 

This is why sleeping in a lower temperature setting is encouraged for people suffering from disrupted sleep. Glycine has been seen to help lower the body temperature to hint the body that it’s time to sleep.  

  • 5-HTP

5-HTP is an indirect supporter of a good sleep schedule and regime. 5-HTP is a by-product compound already found within the body. It is produced when amino acid tryptophan is broken down in the body. 

What this by-product does is that it gets utilized in the production of more and more serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that manages and controls the sleep-wake cycle. Serotonin helps in the making of melatonin, and this is where the magic begins. 

5-HTP helps the body to fall asleep quicker and reduces stress and anxiety symptoms. Lack of stress molecules helps the body relax which in turn helps the body to drift into quick slumber rather easily.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been seen to improve the sleeping conditions and problems of individuals suffering from severe sleep deprivation problems. For these cases, a full spectrum vitamin E is usually recommended.

  • Melatonin

By definition, melatonin is a sleep-regulating hormone that manages the sleep cycle and rings the alarm for your brain to switch off all other activities as it is time to sleep. The compromised production of this hormone can lead to several sleep issues and usually, melatonin deficiency is the main cause of sleep problems. 

This is also unarguably the most studied and the most used supplement ingredient of all time. A lot of companies have hopped on the trend and launched their own melatonin gummies for healthier sleep.

Contrary to popular belief, melatonin is not a sedative. Rather, it’s a strong functioning hormone that strictly regulates the sleep-wake cycle and keeps this cycle in sync. As it is triggered by darkness, melatonin tells the body when it should be tired and let the body rest, and when it should be active. 

Other than determining this cycle, melatonin also manages to add this cycle to the routine. So that you are sleeping at around the same time every day and also waking around the same time every day. 

This consistency will improve not only your productivity and sleep but also your overall health. Melatonin has an effect on the immune system, metabolism, and appetite as well. Quite a lot of reasons to keep your melatonin in check.

Dietary Habits 

Routine and daily diet cannot be ignored when sleeping issues are concerned. As we have discussed above, the causes of bad sleep can vary from person to person. It may be something medical but most of the time, they are directly linked to a messy daily routine.

Not giving yourself the right atmosphere to sleep, not giving your body enough nutrients to function optimally, not being agile enough, and not getting enough sun – the causes for lack of sleep are endless. 

However, improper sleep is directly linked with the lack of nutrients, this is why a proper and balanced diet is a must alongside supplements. Limiting the caffeine intake, cutting out the alcohol, and going easy on the carbs can make a massive difference in your sleep cycle. 

Other than the diet itself, what matters the most is the time during which you eat. A lot of doctors have recommended not eating anything sweet or full of carbs a few hours before going to bed. Giving your body rest by not eating before bed will stop the body from making excess glucose when you are trying to sleep. 

Best Supplements for Slow Wave Sleep – FAQs

Q. Are they safe for older adults?

Yes, sleep supplements are safe for adults. Make sure that none of the ingredients in the supplements is reactive towards any other medicine you may be taking. All the products that we have reviewed above are safe for use.

Q. Are sleep supplements safe for teenagers?

It is rather normal for teenagers to not feel sleepy until late at night. It is advised to not self-diagnose and if really needed make sure to consult your doctor beforehand. 

Best Supplements for Slow Wave Sleep – Final Word

With so much going on in our lives, we don’t get enough sleep which is not good for our health. However, with the help of the best sleep supplements for slow-wave sleep, you can easily build a regular sleep routine.

Here’s to a healthier, happier you!