Zatural CBD Review

Are you searching for a natural way to relieve stress? Tired after a long day at work and looking for a natural, harmless way to unwind? At this point, everyone is very well aware of CBD and all the benefits it brings about. 

With time, CBD has really built its reputation for being a natural supplement that tackles almost all psychological and even some cognitive issues. Now, with the growing popularity of CBD, a lot of companies are having their own go at the natural product. 

There are so many options to choose from. And with all these options, comes a lot of stress. Which one to opt for? Well, no need to stress out further as we've found you a natural CBD manufacturer with products that are both safe and effective. 

That manufacturer is the Zatural CBD brand. Let's take a look at what the brand is and what it offers to its customers!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Good for inflammation
  • Improves sleep cycle
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances mental fitness
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Tested and verified

Want an insider tip? Although Zatural manufactures great CBD products, our personal recommendation is Spruce CBD products due to their excellent potency, the fact they have lab-grade quality and there are zero pesticides!

Quick Summary 

As of now, you may have heard of CBD oils but have you heard of all-natural CBD oils? Think about it, when we see CBD, we automatically assume it's natural. That's not always the case. What makes Zatural all that special and makes it stand out is their proven claim that everything that goes in their CBD oil is all-natural. 

Zatural has no additional additives, fillers, or any harsh or artificial chemicals. The CBD-based products are specially made all-natural and affordable to make sure they reach a wider audience and no one feels left out!

Want an insider tip? Although Zatural manufactures great CBD products, our personal recommendation is Spruce CBD products due to their excellent potency, the fact they have lab-grade quality and there are zero pesticides!

What is Zatural? 

Zatural is a CBD centered brand that offers a bunch of CBD-infused oils, creams, powders, salves, bath bombs, essential oils, pet care, and even hand sanitizers. Started in 2018, Zatural has built quite a reputation for itself by being an all-natural brand. 

Each of the products listed on their site comes with extensive detail and explanation about the product, what it has, and how all the ingredients were extracted.  This level of transparency is rarely seen and provides the buyer with a high level of comfort.

Since this brand was just launched not long ago, it doesn't have a lot of ratings. But as of now, the brand has not been involved in any scandal or false acclaims and FDA has not given any legal or warning notice to the brand. 

This further supports the fact the Zatural is not making any false claims and is not doing something illegal to achieve their product. The brand also has a BBB or Better Business Bureau rating of a solid A.

Not only that, Zatural has made an extra effort in making sure that the products are affordable for all. The prices of the Zatural products range from 12 to 200 dollars. This range is way more affordable than most CBD brands.

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    Zatural CBD Products – Comparison Table

    Zatural CBD Products

    Zatural CBD Tinctures are one of the effective and efficient CBD products. It supports the body functions from every possible aspect. CBD tinctures help to build a comfortable working environment for the organs in the body. 

    The tincture is expert in providing natural and organic benefits to the body. It helps to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. If your body is suffering from pain and inflammation, the CBD Tinctures from Zatural are the best to pick as a solution. 

    Zatural CBD tinctures also support the brain’s immune system and shield the brain from diseases and boost energy. Zatural CBD Tincture has a unique formula that will reduce fatigue and improve the natural sleeping cycle.


    • Good for inflammation: Zatural CBD Tincture is good for inflammation and other inflammatory ailments. The oil is easily absorbed and dissolves directly into the bloodstream. It treats from within and elevates the mood.
    • Improves sleep cycle: The tincture helps to improve your natural sleep cycle. It helps you to have a continuous 8-hour sleep. Brain performance is also enhanced with proper sleep.
    • Reduces stress: The tincture is also a good pick for relieving stress. It works efficiently to lower anxiety and depression. The tincture in return enhances the mood.
    • Enhances mental fitness: Zatural CBD tincture is also beneficial for your mental fitness. It supports the brain’s immune system and boosts energy.
    • Broad-spectrum: It is free of cannabinoids from hemp which contains THC. So, the tincture is THC-free and will not make you high.
    • Tested and verified: The tincture was tested two-times. It is verified safe to consume in the manufacturing lab and also by a third-party.


    • Not evaluated by FDA: The tincture is not checked by the Food and Drug Administration. So, this product is not intended to treat or cure any ailment.

    Zatural CBD Isolate Powder is a unique form of CBD. It is effective and efficient the same as other CBD products. The isolate powders are designed by keeping all of the needs of a customer in mind. 

    The powder is very beneficial and contains all of the benefits of CBD. It is manufactured in a GMP-rated facility. The CBD Powder is free of THC. That is why it will not make you high. The CBD Isolate powder delivers a direct dose of CBD to the body. 

    It contains a decent amount of endocannabinoid. The ingredient is necessary for the health of the body and mind. The powder enhances mental fitness by supporting the central nervous system.

    Zatural CBD Isolate Powder contains high-quality ingredients that affect the body. It is a good pick for relieving stress. The fatigue and depression might trigger insomnia. The CBD Powder is effective in lowering insomnia and fatigue. 

    It is one of the premium quality products available on the internet. The CBD source is all-natural and is 99.5% pure. Zatural CBD Powder is a broad-spectrum product. The powder can be easily added to food, beverage, or any other recipe. 

    The mixture is ready to use and you do not have to prepare anything else. It can be mixed with water, juice, or tea. There will be no side effects of the mixture. Moreover, it can be consumed directly or even mixed with topicals.


    • Improves sleep: The powder is a good source of relaxation for the body and brain. It contains hemp which provides relaxation and elevates the mood.
    • Broad-spectrum: The powder is free of THC. That means it does not contain extra cannabinoids. It is not addictive and will not make you high.
    • Enhances brain activity: The CBD powder supports the central nervous system. It provides energy to the brain and protects it from diseases. The powder enhances cognition and focus.
    • Tested and verified: The CBD Powder is tested and verified safe to consume. It is also certified safe by third-party testing.
    • Supports digestion and immunity system: The CBD Powder supports immunity and digestion. It helps to shield the brain from ailments. It also lowers the risk of any digestive ailments.


    • Not FDA Evaluated: Zatural CBD Powder is not evaluated by the food and Drug Administration. It does not claim to cure any disease but can lower to effects of pain, inflammation, and stress.

    As we are discussing the most used and award-winning products of Zatural. The CBD Topical by Zatural is one of the effective and most purchased products. It is a hot cream that contains all-natural and vegan-based ingredients. 

    The hemp in the topical is organically grown in the farms in the U.S. the main focus of the topical is to deliver targeted results. The topical is good for stressed muscles and sore joints. All you need to do is to massage the affected area with the topical. 

    It dissolves into the skin and produces heat. The heat further relaxes the muscles and lowers the pain. It has no chemical-based ingredient and will not hurt the skin. The topical provides almost 250 -2000 mg of pure CBD.

    It provides temporary support to the affected areas. The topical promotes calmness and relaxation in the body. The cream can be used even for headaches. The cream might cause a slight tingling and discomfort while applying. 

    It provides support to the body and muscles in a positive way. The cream is a well-formulated cream manufactured under the keen observation of doctors. The cream contains hemp phytochemicals which provide support to the daily lifestyle.

    Zatural CBD Cream is designed especially including menthol. It is a special formula for athletes and active individuals. The cream lowers chronic pain and inflammation. It contains endocannabinoids which affect various muscles and provides relaxation.


    • Reduces pain and inflammation: The cream has a wide range of benefits for the athlete. Whether you are a rock climber, cyclist, or surfer. The topical reduces chronic pain and lowers the stress in muscles. The application is easy.
    • Light formula: The formula of the topical is very light and different from heavy butter-based cream. It is dissolved fast into the skin and acts from the deep. There are no chemicals that can cause allergy or skin-rash.
    • Pure: The topical contains all plant-based and pure ingredients. It has a high amount of pure CBD. The CBD is tested and verified safe to consume. It is free of additives and preservatives.
    • Broad-spectrum: Zatural CBD Topical is free of THC. That means it is not addictive and will not make you high.
    • Tested and verified: The CBD Topical is verified safe to use in testing. It is also certified pure by a third-party.


    • Not FDA evaluated: Zatural CBD Topical is not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The cream does not claim to cure, but it will lower the pain and inflammation.
    • Expensive: The product is quite costly.

    Zatural CBD Edibles are all-natural, organic, and delicious at the same time. The gummies are easy to swallow and digest easily. It contains high-quality 20 mg of CBD per dose. The mixings of the gummies are vegan-friendly and organically grown. 

    CBD Edibles are becoming popular among people over the last decade. These gummies are an extremely tasty, simple, and subtle way to match your daily CBD intake. Zatural produces one of the finest CBD gummies in the market. 

    The technology used to manufacture and design the gummies are new and modern. These gummies are free of chemicals that can hurt your body. The gummies are filled with an endocannabinoid system. It provides a wide range of benefits.

    The gummies contain the finest quality hem. It is extracted from a large farm situated in the U.S. The product quality is higher as compared to other CBD products available in the market. Zatural manufactures the product that will fulfill all of the needs of customers.

    The gummies can be ordered online. It reduces pain, inflammation, and stress. The CBD edibles support the brain’s immune system and sharpen its focus. It also relaxes the muscles and joints. The edibles are free of THC. That means they are not addictive.


    • Pure: The ingredients of the gummies are all-natural and vegan. The edibles are free of chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals.
    • Tested and Verified: The gummies are tested and verified safe to use. It is tested in the lab and also checked by a third-party. Lab reports are transparent to the public.
    • Broad-spectrum: The THC is being removed from the edible. It is free of any addictive ingredients.
    • Organic ingredients: The hemp and other cannabinoids are extracted from organic farms in the U.S.
    • Lowers pain and inflammation: It is a good pick for lowering the pain and inflammation. The gummies digest and act from the inside. It reduces the stress on muscles and joints.
    • Supports cognition: It supports the brain's immunity system. It protects the brain and boosts its fitness. The gummies lower the chances of memory loss and depression.


    • Not FDA-evaluated: Zatural CBD Edibles are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The cream does not claim to cure any disease. However, it might lower the chances of the diseases.

    How Do Zatural CBD Products Work?

    Zatural does not have a huge list of ingredients. The brand has kept things pretty simple and straightforward. For instance, consumable CBD oils offer a natural flavor for all the consumers that prefer their CBD do not have any taste. 

    But there are few flavorful options for those that prefer a taste to the oils. Their natural flavor CBD oil has only extracted CBD and hemp seed oils. Pretty straightforward, right? The brand has also clarified what method of extraction of the method was used in the extraction of CBD making it easier for us to judge the competency of the product. 

    With only broad-spectrum CBD as the ingredient, there is not much left to think. There is tons of research done on the efficacy of CBD in dealing with anxiety, stress, epilepsy, sleep issues, brain fog, forgetfulness, and even ADHD.

    CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and there is a lot of research backing up that claim. For this purpose, it has been actively being used for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases by reducing the swellings. 

    A mix of CBD and THC has also been approved to be used in the UK as a sclerosis drug.

    Zatural CBD Products Ingredients 

    As mentioned above, Zatural has kept its ingredients list very to the point and straightforward. Some of the commonly used ingredients in most of their products are,

    • CBD

    Of course, CBD is the main ingredient here. Backed up by loads of research trials and studies and has to offer a lot of health benefits. According to the website, their CBD is extracted via carbon dioxide extraction which is a safe and FDA-approved solvent. 

    CBD, in proper doses, can show results in time as short as a week. CBD doesn't usually have any major health risks for the consumer. It combats depression, anxiety, stress, pain, forgetfulness, cognitive problems, acne, and according to some articles, cancer symptoms too. 

    • MCT

    Medium-chain triglyceride or commonly known as MCT. MCT is a medium chain fatty acid that is easily digestible and palatable by the body and is taken from coconut. This all-natural ingredient offers a wide variety of benefits including,

    1. Providing a great energy source
    2. Managing blood sugar
    3. Reduce heart disease risk factors
    4. Stuns bacterial growth
    5. Helps with epilepsy and autism
    6. Fat reduction

    All these benefits have led MCT to be permanently associated with keto diets and healthy weight loss as it has the potential to not only help you lose weight but also make sure that you are falling into any dire health issues. 

    3. Hemp seed oil 

    Hemp Seed oil or more commonly known as hemp oil is the extract of the hemp seed itself, not the plant-like CBD. CBD is not to be confused with hemp oil, as both bring their own benefits to the table. 

    Hemp seed oil is relatively used more on topical creams that are infused with CBD. This is because of the extensive benefits of hemp oil on the skin. These benefits include treatment of acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, fine lines, wrinkles, and rashes. Hemp oil was also made legal in the US. So, there is nothing to worry about.  

    Natural CBD Products Benefits 

    Moving on to what benefits you should be expecting after the use of Zatural products. The Zatural website lists a bunch of positive effects of their products. We'll take a look at these benefits one by one and validate their authenticity.

    Pain Relief

     A study conducted in 2012 showed that CBD stops inflammation and pain by going to glycine receptors. This way CBD can stop these molecules to bind with the glycine receptor. This stops the body from reacting to these molecules by causing pain or inflammation. 

    A few other research studies have supported this result, concluding that CBD in fact plays a big role in bringing down swelling and pain. 


    A study conducted in 2010 deduced that CBD oil, via the oral route, worked really well in suppressing the effects of anxiety and induced relaxation and calmness without creating an intoxicating sensation. 

    CBD was able to achieve this result by affecting the limbic and paralimbic areas of the brain. Not only anxiety, but CBD was also seen to combat a few other SAD symptoms. 

    Sleep Inducing 

    A detailed trial-based study showed the effects of CBD as an insomnia medication. For this purpose, willing participants who suffer from insomnia were called. As most trial studies go, the participants were divided into 2 groups, one on placebo and the other on CBD before going to bed. 

    Results showed that the CBD before bed helped the participants to go to bed quicker and even were able to have a good night's sleep, unlike the placebo participants. 

    Zatural Side Effects

    There are no reported cases of any severe side effects due to the consumption of Zatural. The overall survey has shown nothing but positive effects. CBD also does not have any cases of severe side effects. But, Zatural will have a few side effects and all these side effects are that of CBD. These include,


    Fatigue or tiredness are some of the common effects that come with CBD. Mostly afterward sudden motivation and energy, you will feel tired nonetheless.


    CBD is usually taken orally and will take a digestive route to get into the body. CBD does cause Diarrhea, it is a well-known side effect. But not to be worried, it is not a severe situation. In fact, CBD is also used in IBD treatment supplements.  

    Fluctuation in weight 

    CBD was thought to encourage weight loss but newer studies have shown that CBD also has a hand in weight gain. Some other studies have also shown that CBD might boost up the metabolism whilst reducing fat content in the body. 

    While other studies have shown that CBD only encourages weight gain. It all comes down to how it works for you. Although these side effects are not severe. They could lead to severe issues if you suffer from any illness that could deteriorate due to these effects. 

    CBD is generally safe, but if you are already on some type of regular medication, it is best to consult your doctor before buying any CBD product.  

    Zatural Customer (Reddit) Reviews 

    As of now, Zatural has a great review on both their official website and Reddit. Most of the consumers are fond of the product and it has helped them achieve what they were looking for. one of their most popular products is the CBD broad spectrum drops. 

    One of the consumers in the US writes that it has helped them ease their joint pain. Consumers have praised not only their quality and efficacy but also their timely customer service and fast delivery. Although the ratio of consumers that disliked the product is very low, still, negative feedback exists. 

    Most of the consumers that were subjected to a 1-star or 2-star rating were not unpleased with the product's quality or workability but with the flavor. People are not a fan of the coffee flavor. Which is fine because of each to their own taste. 

    This is why Zatural offers a bunch of other flavors such as spearmint, lemon-lime, cinnamon, peppermint, and of course the natural flavor.   

    How to Take Zatural CBD Products

    Clear instructions will be mentioned on the product that you buy. Zatural website and their customer care service is also there to help you know how to consume your CBD product. 

    For oral oils, you are supposed to use the provided dropper to drop some amount in your mouth. 1 to 2 ml is recommended for each dose and it is advised to hold the oil in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing.

    For topical creams, scoop out a generous amount of the product with clean hands and gently massage the affected area. 

    Where are Zatural CBD Products Manufactured?

    Zatural is now a GMP-compliant facility and one of the few CBD-based facilities to do so. What does it do? GMP offers guidelines to the facilities operating under it. These guidelines include the use of proper and safest practices and approaches to manufacturing the products.

    Zatural FAQs

    Q1. Is CBD marijuana?

    More like CBD is a marijuana extract. Don't worry, CBD and marijuana absolutely do not have the same effects. CBD has all the effective medicinal qualities without recreational properties.

    Q2. Is CBD addictive?

    No. Absolutely not. Rather, CBD is not addictive at all. Moreover, you don't have to worry at all since Zatural has made their products THC-free.

    Zatural CBD Products - Final Word

    With this detailed guide/review, hopefully, you’ll have a better idea of what the brand Zatural is all about. Although relatively new, Zatural has proven itself to be a great contender and also shown potential to be the best of its category. 

    Not only is the product affordable, but they are also safe, effective, and well-reviewed. One of the eye-catching points of this brand is that it is THC-free. At this point, you have to try it out. Nothing is holding you back!